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  • M O B I L E : A L L D AY, E V E R Y D AY

  • M O B I L E : A L L D AY, E V E R Y D AY

    In addition to the daily cast of characters on my iPhone home screen (Gmail, Facebook, weather)

  • D I A L 7 A P P

    Booked my trip to JFK using Dial 7

    app. Easy sign-up, and everything

    worked as planned. Started my

    travels on the right foot.

  • G O O G L E M A P S A P P

    Couldnt have gotten around

    Austin without it. Period. Used it

    multiple times per day.

  • S X S W G O A P P

    How I kept tabs on events I

    wanted to participate in.

    Helped keep me organized.

  • S X S W G O A P P

    Helpful reminder push

    notification about Daylight

    Savings Time. I didnt even realize

    until this message came.

  • LY F T A P P

    Ended up booking 4 different Lyft rides

    over the course of my 3 days in Austin.

    Super-smooth experience every time.

  • LY F T A P P

    Joy (Lyft driver) saved us. Drove me to a

    FedEx facility to pick up important

    boxes before they closed. Helped me

    load boxes in the car, and then unload

    into our Airbnb. She really went above

    and beyond. Very impressed.

  • LY F T A P P

    Heard amazing things about Lyft Weird

    (i.e., party car that looked like a disco

    ball). Wish I had the chance to try it!

  • LY F T A P P

    Promoting a SXSW partnership with

    Budweiser with an in-app message.

  • S P O T I F Y A P P

    With 30K+ followers of The

    Spotify House | SXSW 2016

    playlist, I was enticed to check it

    out and discover some new tunes.

  • C U P S A P P

    Found some great coffee shops

    in Austin to get work done, host

    meetings and drink coffee.

  • D O M I N O S A P P

    When hunger struck, we ordered

    pizza from the Dominos app.

    What a great mobile experience

    from start to finish.

  • M Y T S A A P P

    Tried My TSA on the way home.

    Love the Latest Security Checkpoint

    Wait Times section. I knew exactly

    when I should leave for the airport.

  • J E T B L U E A P P

    Seamless experience checking in

    ahead of time and accessing digital

    boarding passno more paper!

    Great experience all around.

  • B E S T O R G A N I C A P P M A R K E T I N G A W A R D : F L U T T E R A P P

    People with heart-shaped heads

    dancing down the street to

    Ginuwines Pony and handing out

    fun cards to download the app.

  • N I C E T O U C H A W A R D : A I R B N B A P P

    Apparently, everyone who booked an

    Airbnb at SXSW (we did via the app)

    received a special Welcome to

    Austin! package upon arrival. Solid.

  • B R E A K O U T A W A R D : V I R T U A L R E A L I T Y

    Last year it was the Meerkat app.

    This year, the clear breakout

    technology was virtual reality / VR

    headsets. They were everywhere,

    and everyone was buzzing about it.