tACOs MASA GUACAMOLE $4 S = Silver, R = ?· una / Chile morita / Avocado / Squid ink tostada ... Hanger…

Download tACOs MASA GUACAMOLE $4 S = Silver, R = ?· una / Chile morita / Avocado / Squid ink tostada ... Hanger…

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<ul><li><p>t e Q u i l amexicanstandards</p><p>RaicillA</p><p>MACHETE 12Cuervo Tradicional Reposado / Cointreau </p><p>Fresh lime / Agave</p><p>SKINNY 11 (w/ Casamigos Silver 13, Repo 16)Cuervo Tradicional Reposado / Fresh lime </p><p>Agave</p><p>COIN PURSE 11 (w/ Don Julio Silver 14, Repo 16)Cuervo Tradicional Reposado / Cointreau </p><p>Fresh lime / Rocks glass </p><p>CADILLAC* 15Our Machete margarita with a Grand </p><p>Marnier floater</p><p>LUCKY ONE 11 (W/ Suerte Repo 14, Anejo 16)Suerte Silver / Splash of fresh lime / Agave </p><p>Rocks glass with chile rim</p><p>MACHETE CON MEZCAL 14Espadin Mezcal / JC Traditional SilverCointreau / Fresh Lime / Agave</p><p>A DAY IN TULUM* 13Casamigos Silver / Muddled cucumber &amp; </p><p>mint / Fresh lime / Agave</p><p>MEXICAN JURY DUTY 13Espadin Mezcal /Fresh Orange JuiceOrganic Cashew Milk / Splash of AgaveRocks glass chile rim</p><p>SPICY RICO* 13Herradura silver / Cointreau / Hot mess </p><p>infusion / Fresh jalapeos / Cilantro &amp; lime </p><p>muddled and shaken / Agave</p><p>KONA 12House-infused pineapple &amp; coconut </p><p>tequila / Cointreau / Fresh lime / Agave </p><p>BLOOD ORANGE 11 </p><p>(pina colada-ish)</p><p>Cuervo Tradicional Plata / Blood orange </p><p>Fresh lime / Agave</p><p>SAYULITA* 13 Casamigos Silver / Minced habanero </p><p>Muddled cucumber &amp; orange / Fresh lime </p><p>Agave / Chili rim</p><p>RASPBERRY OR STRAWBERRY 12House-infused tequila / Cointreau </p><p>Muddled fruit / Fresh lime / Agave</p><p>OAXACAN* 12Fidencio Mezcal / Muddled pineapple &amp; </p><p>orange / Fresh lime / Agave / Chili rim</p><p>MACHETE IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE FINEST MARGARITAS IN COLORADO</p><p>CLEAN | PERFECTPINEAPPLE SHOT 8</p><p>Chilled house-infused pineapple tequila </p><p>PALOMA 8Cuervo Tradicional Plata / Fresh squeezed </p><p>grapefruit / Fresh lime</p><p>BLOODY MARIA 8Cuervo Tradicional Plata / House-made blackened </p><p>fresno bloody mix </p><p>MICHELADA 8Dos Equis lager / House-made blackened fresno </p><p>bloody mix / Carne seca</p><p>SANGRIA 8Spanish wine / House-infused cinnamon tequila </p><p>Orange juice / Agave / Fresh lime</p><p> B</p><p> YUU BAAL PECHUGA 19</p><p>LA VENENOSASIERRA OCCIDENTE 12COSTA DE JALISCO 16SUR DE JALISCO 17</p><p> S R A XA</p><p>123 11 13 15 381800 7 8 11 1921 CREMA DE TEQUILA 9 ASOMBROSO 17 19 CARMESSI 10 CASAMIGOS 11 14 16 CASA DRAGONES 72CASA NOBLE 11 13 18 27CAZADORES 7 9 11CHAMUCOS 11 14 16 CHINACO 13 15 17 58CLASE AZUL 20 24 128 CORRALEJO 9 11 12 DON FULANO FUERTE 12 DON JULIO 13 15 18DON JULIO 1942 31DON JULIO 70TH 19DON JULIO REAL 89EL JIMADOR 7 9 10EL TESORO 75TH 38ESPOLON 9 11 18 25FORTALEZA 14 16 23HERRADURA 8 9 14HERRADURA SUPREMA 83HUSSONGS 10JOSE CUERVO TRADICIONAL 7 8JOSE CUERVO PLATINO 13MAESTRO DOBEL 14 MILAGRO RESERVA 14 18 24PARTIDA 11 13 15PARTIDA ELEGANTE 111PATRON 11RESERVA DE LA FAMILIA 48SAN MATIAS GRAN RESERVA 15</p><p> ARTENOM 14 15 18</p><p>SIETE LEGUAS 11 13 15SUERTE 9 13 15 TEQUILA OCHO 12 </p><p> 18 </p><p>14 17 53 </p><p>m a r G a R i t a s</p><p>b e e R &amp; W I n E</p><p>M e z c a l</p><p>SOTOL</p><p>BACANORA</p><p>Tequila your feelings on it may vary depending on when and where you were introduced to this transforming agave distillate. It has been loved and hated since its introduction to the U.S. in the early 1950s. Apparently, some California bartender put it in a silly drink and called it a margarita. Then, in the 80s and 90s, some nimrod sold us that tequila gold crap which gave everyone those evil hangovers. Those mornings were so dark - that recurring memory of snorting chili salt off of your college roommates mini fridge. Oh tequila, you always seem to whisper adios, pantalones! Lucky for us, todays juice is made from 100 blue agave. Now we actually look forward to those mornings when the reposado we pounded last night pours out onto the yoga mat in down dog. It tastes about the same too, Im told. </p><p>Mezcal it has its own set of rules. Dreams seem more vivid, even abstract. Smoky and elemental, it gets right down to business. It whispers sexy sophistication. Raicilla (rye-see-ya) the little root. This ancient descendent of mezcal doesnt whisper a thing, it plays with your mind and demands more cowbell.</p><p>= Machete Favorites</p><p>Heavy 2 oz pour</p><p>HACIENDA DE CHIHUAHUASILVER 10REPO 11</p><p> ANEJO 12</p><p>1.5 oz pour | Served with sliced orange</p><p> = not included in happy hour</p><p>BOTTLES </p><p> CANS</p><p>VICTORIA / CORONAPACIFICO</p><p>GUINNESSTECATE / IMPERIAL</p><p>PBR</p><p>5</p><p>34</p><p>7</p><p> BUBBLES 10split </p><p>DRAFTS 6MODELO ESPECIAL NEGRA MODELOCORONA LIGHT COOR BANQUET</p><p>DOS EQUIS LAGER LOCAL ROTATION</p><p>CAN OF WINE 8Infinite Monkey </p><p>Theorem (Denver, CO) White, Red, Ros </p><p>1.5 oz pour | Served with sliced orange</p><p>*</p><p>S = Silver, R = Reposado, A = Anejo, XA = Extra Anejo</p><p>OZAL ESPADIN 9 CUIXE 13 TOBASICHE 13 PECHUGA 21BORREGO 21</p><p> D</p><p>I</p><p>EL MAGUEY VIDA 10Casamigos ESPADIN 16</p><p>Rancho Tepua Pacifica 11</p><p> CHICHICAPA 13 CREMA 9</p><p> EL JOLGORIO TOBALA 24 CUIXE </p><p> em and Bolt ESPADIN 11 25</p><p> FIDENCIO ESPADIN 8</p><p> I</p><p>LLEGAL SILVER 8REPO 11ANEJO 13</p><p> MARCA NEGRA ESPADIN 12DOBADAN 14TOBALA 18 ENSAMBLE 20</p><p> VAGO ESPADIN 10 ELOTE 13 ENSAMBLE EN BARRO</p><p> 13</p><p> MEXICANO 22</p><p> (Lamb)</p><p> (Turkey)</p><p> (Chicken)</p><p>G</p><p>CHILE RELLENO 13Poblano pepper / Oaxaca cheese / Tomato epazote / Achiote rice &amp; frijoles puerco on the side</p><p>CALMA BORRACHOS 16 (ADD HUEVOS +3) (HABANERO STYLE +1) Hanger steak / Al Pastor meat / Bacon / Mushrooms / Onions / Cheese Guacamole / Jalapeo &amp; fresno salsa / Tortillas on the side </p><p>DOS PISTOLAS 15Grilled shrimp / Hanger steak / Black beans / Avocado / Queso fresco Habanero salsa / Two handmade corn tortillas / Served with esquite</p><p>f U e R T e S</p><p>ARRACHERA 10Hanger steak / Habanero mojo / Crispy onions / Chile guajillo tortilla</p><p>POLLO ROSTIZADO 10Rotisserie chicken / Salsa verde / Blue corn tortilla</p><p>COLIFLOR ROSTIZADA 10Roasted cauliflower / Salsa macha / Chile guajillo tortilla</p><p>HUITLACOCHE 11Huitlacoche / Shitake mushrooms / Roasted corn / Salsa roja </p><p>Blue corn tortilla</p><p>Quesadillas</p><p>GUACAMOLE 11Classic guacamole, includes masa crisps &amp; salsas</p><p>SHISHITO PEPPERS 8 Flash fried seasoned peppers / Fresno aioli</p><p>QUESO FUNDIDO 10 (ADD CHORIZO +2) (ADD SHISHITOS +2)Asadero cheese / Onions / Jalapeo / Mezcal </p><p>CEVICHE TACOS DE CALLO Y CAMARON 10 Bay scallops / Shrimp / Jicama tortilla</p><p>TOSTADAS DE ATUN 11 Ahi t!!! These items may be served raw or undercooked based on your specification, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especiallyif you have a certain medical conditions !!! </p><p>una / Chile morita / Avocado / Squid ink tostada</p><p>!!!</p><p>!!!</p><p>All beef, pork &amp; chicken are sourced from CO farmsPlease notify your server of any allergies or aversions</p><p>SPECIALTY TACOS DENOTED WITH * </p><p>e n t R a D a sWILL HAVE AN UPCHARGE</p><p>ARRACHERA con CHILE RELLENO 4.95 *Hanger steak / Avocado salsa verde / Onions &amp; cilantroStuffed chile relleno </p><p>ARRACHERA 4.15 Hanger steak / Avocado salsa verde / Onions &amp; cilantro</p><p>TRIPA 3.95Crispy beef tripe / Salsa roja / Onions &amp; cilantro</p><p>CAMPECHANO* 4.95Hanger steak / Red chorizo / Oaxaca cheese / Avocado salsa verde </p><p>Onions &amp; cilantro</p><p>AL PASTOR 3.95Duroc roasted pig / Guajillo chile marinated pork / Pineapple </p><p>Onions &amp; cilantro</p><p>PESCADO 4.15Grilled Tilapia/ Lettuce/ Chili Fresno Mayo/ Squid ink tortilla</p><p>POC-CHUC 3.95Pork rib meat / Salsa negra / Onions / Avocado</p><p>CORDERO* 4.50Colorado braised lamb shank / Avocado pure / Panela cheese</p><p>POLLO ROSTIZADO 3.95Rotisserie chicken / Salsa verde / Crispy potatoes / Avocado salsa verde</p><p>LANGOSTA* 4.95Fried lobster tail / Smoked avocado / Corn / Chile morita aioli </p><p>CAMARON* 4.50Grilled shrimp / Lettuce / Poblano pesto / Avocado / Pickled radish</p><p>DE LA MILPA 3.85Mexican zucchini / Corn / Mushroom / Poblano pesto / Cotija cheese</p><p>COLIFLOR 3.85Oven roasted cauliflower / Chile arbol &amp; almond salsa macha </p><p>BETABEL (VEGAN) 3.85Roasted beets / Avocado-habanero pure / Garbanzo beans </p><p>Chile lime salt </p><p>tACOs</p><p>with Asadero cheese </p><p>Extras</p><p>*Allow a few extra minutes</p><p>S a l a d</p><p>MASACRISPS</p><p>&amp;SALSAS</p><p>$4</p><p>Tacos en tortillas de maiz orgnico hechas a mano</p><p>DE LA CASA 9Add Chicken +5 / Steak +6 / Shrimp +6Chopped mixed greens / Pickled red onions / Roasted pumpkin seeds Cotija cheese / Cilantro agave nectar vinaigrette</p><p>CREATE YOUR OWN TAQUIZAS | CHOOSE 12 TACOS FOR $44 </p><p>Machete reserves the right to place an automatic 18 gratuity on parties of 6 or more. Split checks are not available. Tables may use as many cards as they like.</p><p>Rice </p><p>Guacamole 6</p><p>3</p><p>Frijoles Puercos 3 </p><p>Grilled Nopales 3 Three Fresh Tortillas 1.50</p><p>Side of Salsa 1.25</p></li></ul>


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