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Mark Lieberwitz, Mobile Product Manager at Tagged, recently gave a presentation on UX Principles at a recent Designing & Developing for Mobile Workshop put on by AngelHack


  • 1. Mobile User Experience PrinciplesMark Lieberwitz Mobile Product Manager at Tagged, Inc.

2. 1024 x 768 320 x 480 3. Where are we using?Anywhere & Everywhere84% at home80% misc. times74% waiting in lines Mobile is Personal64% at work 4. Mobile UX Tips & TricksIts about trade-offs Focus on speed Reduce the amount of content Simple & focused UX / UI Minimize text entry The fat finger use case Create an experience (make navigation easy) 5. Responsive Web Design 6. Progressive EnhancementRather than hoping for gracefuldegradation, progressive enhancement buildsdocuments for the least capable or differentlycapable devices first, then moves on to enhancethose documents with separate logic forpresentation, in ways that dont place an undueburden on baseline devices but which allow aricher experience for those users with moderngraphical browser software. - Nick Finck & Steven Champeon coined the term in 2003 7. Mobile FirstIf you design mobile first, you create agreement onwhat matters most. You can then apply the samerationale to the desktop/laptop version of thewebsite. We agreed that these were the mostimportant features and content for our customersand business why should that change with morescreen space? - Luke Wroblewski