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Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping Package Services: The USPS Advantage Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping!

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Transfomration - Building our Future TodayPackage Services:
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping!
Good morning. Thank you for being U.S. Postal Service customers and for joining us at National PCC Day. Today we would like to fill you in on the latest innovations concerning our products and services.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
First-Class Mail
Shipping Services
Mailing Services
You might not know these
One of the most significant changes at the Postal Service in the past 30 years has been the implementation of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which led to the separation of our services into market-dominant and competitive products.
Simply put this means that the Postal Service is not only focused on mailing services, but now we can compete for your package business too.
So today, I ask for your valuable time to fill you in on why you should consider shipping your documents and packages with the USPS.
The recent changes to federal law have given us unprecedented flexibility opening the door for us to offer discounts, rebates and customized pricing all geared to benefit package shippers.
Whether you’re sending one package a day or 10,000, we now have the ability to offer a lot more to earn your business.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
USPS is a great value in price and service
Free tracking
Today’s Postal Service offers great value for great service
We offer:
Free tracking
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Reliability is always No. 1
Convenience = ease of doing business
Value added features:
Key Customer Decision Points
We also want you to know that we understand customers’ key decision points and have been working diligently to develop our services to meet these needs. The items listed in this slide are what you’ve told us you want from your shipper of choice. During this session we will show you that when you add up all the features and benefits of our services you will find that the US Postal Service gives you excellent value for your shipping dollar. We want your business and we are willing to work hard to earn it! It’s time to rethink your shipping.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Our competitors use surcharges to offset their costs.
Surcharges are added on to the published price to ship and are never discounted.
Some Surcharges like Fuel fluctuate and make it difficult to predict and maintain a balanced shipping budget.
Are you willing to wager your company’s shipping costs on something that changes monthly?
Surcharges Are Big Business
Besides reliability being #1 we realize that your bottom line is also a big decision factor. Our competitors use surcharges to increase their profits and offset costs. There is at least one surcharge imposed on every package shipped by our competitors. These surcharges are added on to the published price to ship and are never discounted even if you are told that you are receiving a discounted rate from the company.
One type of surcharge -- the fuel surcharge -- is based on the price of fuel 2 months prior to the surcharge being imposed. Fuel surcharges are recalculated monthly, which could drastically affect the price you pay for your shipping and can greatly affect whether or not you can effectively manage your shipping budget.
With everyone looking to control costs during a softened economy, are you willing to wager your company’s success on something that changes every month?
With the Postal Service, our prices are up-front with no add-on charges. What you see is what you pay.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
USPS Surcharge Summary
Saturday Delivery
Undeliverable Mail
Packaging Supplies
Package Pickup
Other carriers impose dozens of different surcharges on their customers. Here are some of the more common ones. So you can see how, depending on where and when your package is supposed to be delivered, you could incur multiple surcharges on many of your shipments… and they can really start to add up. Surcharges don’t usually appear on manifest statements but if you compare your invoice to the manifest, it may surprise you. Often times the surcharge cost alone may be more than the actual price of shipping the package. If you are curious to see just how much you could be saving by shipping surcharge free with the Postal Service, see your sales representative and they will do a free cost analysis for you on your latest invoice.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Easy Payment for USPS Shipping
Centralized Accounting and Payment System (CAPS)
Online postage payment
And when it comes to payment, we make it easy and efficient for small to large shippers.
Commercial customers can use our Centralized Accounting and Payment System (CAPS), an electronic funds transfer account used to pay from your bank account for multiple mailings. We also offer eVS, our Electronic Verification System, which allows for paperless manifesting and payment. 
Smaller shippers can use the convenience of our online shipping solutions by using Click-N-Ship, Shipping Assistant. Go to www.usps.com and use an approved PC Postage Vendor, such as endicia.com, stamps.com or Pitney Bowes.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Earned Cradle To Cradle certification
New packaging uses bio-friendly inks and cardboard
First and only firm to receive this endorsement for packaging
Packaging features Cradle To Cradle logo
Free Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies
Today, more than ever, customers are environmentally aware and trying to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint.
The Postal Service shares the same concern. Recently we re-designed all of our packaging supplies in order to earn a Cradle to Cradle Certification. This is an independent verification that meets the highest standards for recyclability. Our packaging is the greenest in the shipping business. And…we are the only shipper whose packaging carries this seal.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope*:
$17.50 US
$25.95 Canada
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope & New Small Flat Rate Box*:
$ 4.95 US
$10.95 Canada
$12.95 All other countries
* Prices Are For Retail. Shippers Using Click-N-Ship, PC Postage Or Express Mail Corporate Accounts Will Receive A Discounted Rate
Flat Rate Packaging
Convenient flat rates for domestic and international shipments
Flat rate shipping options provide the convenience of free eco-friendly packaging, and you never have to guess the correct postage amount – if it fits, it ships!
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Boxes*:
$10.35 US
$25.95 Canada
$13.95 US
$11.95 APO/FPO
$32.95 Canada
$53.95 All other countries
*Prices are for Retail. Shippers using Click-N-Ship, PC Postage or Express Mail Corporate Accounts will receive a discounted rate
Flat Rate Packaging (con’t)
Priority Mail offers three sizes of flat rate boxes with the following price points and the new large flat rate box holds 50 percent more than the medium flat rate box. Both are a great value for your shipping dollar and can be used for both domestic, international and APO/FPO shipments.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Free Package Pick Up
Carriers pick up the packages while on their routes.
Once your shipment is ready to go, no need to come to your local Post Office. Let us come to you! Request Free Package Pickup at usps.com.
With our online shipping solutions, free eco-friendly packaging, and Free Package Pickup, it’s never been easier or more convenient to use the Postal Service.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
State of the Art Shipping Technology
Automated Package Processing System can handle 9,500 packages per hour
Intelligent Mail package barcode allows for improved tracking and processing
Leveraging scanning technology for end-to-end package visibility
The investment we have made to upgrade our shipping technology to state-of-the-art allows us to provide you the product visibility you demand. Some of the enhancements made were the introduction of Intelligent Mail barcode, which allows for improved tracking and processing. Having a barcode on your package allows our automated Package handling equipment (Automated Package Processing System (APPS) parcel and mail-bundle sorting system), to handle as many as 9,500 packages per hour and provide increased visibility of your shipments as they go through our network.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
ONE barcode
Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice
For many customers knowing that their shipments are in the mail is just as important as knowing where they are during processing. If you use online solutions, you have the option to print out a shipment confirmation acceptance notice or SCAN form after you have completed your shipping activity. This form creates a single barcode which links to all of the packages in your shipment. The advantage of printing the SCAN form is that when you take your packages to the post office or request carrier pickup, you will receive an acceptance scan on your entire shipment.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Customer Support
Reduced claim-handling time
The Business Service Network is designed to meet commercial customer needs and provide shipment information and customer care.
The Business Mail Entry units are designed to assist customers with mail preparation and acceptance.
They along with Strategic Account Managers and Global Account Managers can assist you with growing your business. Providing consultative knowledge on domestic or international shipping and mailing.
All Domestic and International Inquiries and claims have been enhanced with new electronic processes to reduce claim handling time.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
USPS Expedited Shipping:
Let’s take a look at our Expedited Shipping options.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Overnight guaranteed delivery, free tracking, free insurance up to $100, free packaging, and flat-rate options
Express Mail is our fastest service and guarantees overnight delivery to most destinations.
When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight who do you call?
(Wait for an audience reaction or answer)
FedEx Right?
Well guess what? Our Express Mail is on that same plane as the FedEx packages and we charge a lot less.
And we’re the only overnight option for mailboxes and P.O. Boxes.
All this and it comes with Free Packaging, Free tracking, and Free $100.00 in insurance. Now that’s value!
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
2 to 3-day delivery, Delivery Confirmation, available insurance, free packaging, and flat-rate options
Priority Mail service scores are at an all time high. Priority Mail offers one of the best values in the shipping market and delivers across the country in 2-3 days. Your customers get their shipments fast…and at a great price. For online shipments you also get free delivery confirmation and something you can’t get from our competitors, Saturday delivery at no extra cost. Priority Mail is also the best value in expedited shipping for packages under 5 lbs. Bottom line – Priority Mail is just right for fast, affordable shipping.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Express Mail and Priority Mail have zone-based pricing
Express Mail and Priority Mail are priced on a zone-based system.
What does that mean to you?
In the past Express Mail customers would pay a flat-rate price based on weight to ship packages nation-wide. Shipments traveling shorter distances were paying the same price as those traveling across the country. Today, with new zoned based pricing for Express Mail, Shipments traveling shorter distances will pay less than those traveling further distances enabling shippers of Express Mail of shorter distances to also reap savings. This passes the savings associated with shorter transportation costs onto our customers.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
First-Class Mail Parcels
Use First-Class Mail for your small packages.
Ounce based rates for packages weighing less than 13 oz. One to three day delivery Low cost / reliable shipping starting at just $1.22 Visibility and Tracking available
For any size business getting optimal cost savings is important. So why pay for what you’re not sending. First-Class Mail Parcels allows shippers of smaller lightweight items to maximize their shipping dollar. On items weighing under 13 ounces shippers pay only for the ounces they ship rather than paying the full pound based rates. With prices starting at just $1.22 for a 1oz. package, First-Class Mail offers parcel shippers exceptional value with 1-3 day transit times, no surcharges, and access to P.O. Boxes and APO/FPO addresses.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Commercial Plus pricing took effect in January 2009
Ideal for customers with high shipping volumes
Pricing is available for domestic Express Mail and Priority Mail
Commercial Plus prices for Express Mail are 14.5 percent less than retail on average
Commercial Plus prices for Priority Mail are 7 percent less than retail on average
Commercial Plus – A New Pricing Tier
This new pricing tier is an extraordinary value for high-volume domestic Express Mail and Priority Mail users. Customers are rewarded with lower prices for shipping higher volumes with USPS.  
For more information on the pricing chart visit: http://pe.usps.com/PriceChange_Jan2009/PDF/PriceList/PriceList.pdf
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Must meet minimum volume requirements
6,000 pieces annually for Express Mail (25 pieces daily)
100,000 pieces annually for Priority Mail (420 pieces daily)
Must sign a Commercial Plus Customer Agreement
Must use an approved payment method
Qualifying for Commercial Plus Pricing
Approved payment methods:
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Online with usps.com’s
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Priority Mail Discounts
Pressed for time? For users of Click-N-Ship, PC Postage, Permit Imprint, or an approved Information Based Indicia (IBI) metering system – receive a discount by shipping online while avoiding lines at your local Post Office.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Online Shipping Solutions
USPS Approved Vendors
Online shipping solutions not only offer the convenience of working from your home or office, but also represent savings to your bottom line by featuring discounts off of postage purchased online.
If you are a small, medium or large shipper, we have online shipping solutions that feature single label print to 100+ batch print. There are address book features for manifesting large mailings: Click-N-Ship and Shipping Assistant are available through www.usps.com or other USPS approved vendors.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Co-Branding and Custom Packaging
Link your brand to the name of America’s most trusted federal agency
Probably one element of shipping costs most businesses forget about is the packaging. Packaging can add up to a dollar or more to the cost of each shipment.
With the Postal Service’s expedited products, the packaging is free and can be ordered online and delivered to your home or business at no charge.
For those who qualify, we can also work with you to design customized packaging. You can even have that packaging co-branded with your company’s logo, leveraging the name of the most trusted federal agency in America to enhance your company’s image every time you send out a package.
For example eBay is one of our biggest co-branding customers and offers its sellers our free co-branded packaging through its online integrated solution. To find out if you qualify for these packaging solutions contact your local sales representative or Postmaster.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
What else can Expedited Shipping offer?
For us, Saturday is a business day
We deliver everywhere in the U.S.
New Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
Express Mail #10 Envelope
New Technology Solutions
Probably one of the best features of the Postal Service’s shipping options is that we offer Saturday delivery at no extra cost. That’s an extra 52 delivery days per year that gets your packages to customers on the day when most of them are home. So what about Sundays and Holidays? Think it’s impossible? Think again.
Express Mail offers delivery on Sundays and holidays for a special price. Our overnight guaranteed product is delivered seven days a week, 365 days a year so when it has to get there, it will.
As mentioned earlier, for a quick, easy, and convenient way for you to ship Priority Mail packages – we offer a variety of Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and envelopes that feature predetermined rates regardless of weight or destination. This year we introduced a new Small Priority Mail Flat Rate Box that has become attractive to companies and consumers sending CDs and DVDs, computer games, software, jewelry and small electronics.
This year the Postal Service introduced a letter-sized adaptation of the Postal Service’s premier overnight product. The #10 Business Size Express Mail Envelope offers the same guaranteed overnight service as Express Mail — only in a standard letter size. It guarantees end-of-day delivery and offers a waiver-of-signature option. When the sender also uses the waiver-of-signature option, the Express Mail piece can be left in any receptacle or P.O. Box. This product is ideal for companies with high-speed insertion equipment who are looking to save labor costs and need reliable overnight delivery directly to residential addresses.
Priority Mail Open and Distribute has been enhanced to include a flat rate shipping container which provides more product visibility for your shipments. Priority Mail is used to expedite an early leg of transportation for lightweight parcels and advertising mail. That means you can speed larger quantities of items cross-country to achieve specific delivery dates or to replace more costly transportation methods. This service is ideal for fulfillment initiatives and shipping to targeted markets.
New technology solutions now makes it easier than ever to begin shipping through USPS. From the ability to print barcoded labels, enhanced electronic manifesting and expanded scanning visibility to paying postage and satisfying other payment requirements - Expedited Shipping is always finding new and innovative ways to work for you.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
USPS Ground Shipping:
Parcel Return Service
Merchandise Return Service
Think that’s it? Think again. USPS also offers exceptional service and savings with our ground shipping. No one has the extensive First and Last Mile reach of the Postal Service. When we say we go to every house/every day we mean it. This allows us to drop off or pick up packages not only from businesses but residential homes with the added benefit of not adding to our carbon footprint. Our competitors UPS & FedEx know the value of our unprecedented reach and last year gave us more then 250 Million packages to deliver for them. So let’s check out just what the benefits are to using the USPS for your ground shipments.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Parcel Select
Three levels of entry give you three price levels
DBMC, DSCF or DDU (offers the lowest rate)
Features high reliability, affordability and visibility
Select from a variety of national and regional third-party logistics providers listed at: usps.com/shipping/consolidators.htm
For large to medium-sized shippers Parcel Select is our best value in shipping. It gives you economical 3-5 day delivery combined with world class service. But don’t just take our word for it. Companies like LL Bean, Nordstrom and JC Penny known for their high service standards to use Parcel Select for their last mile delivery. Parcel volumes from these companies are consolidated, shipped and sorted closer to their ultimate destination. Consolidators save you money by merging your shipments with those of other companies to cut down on transportation costs. Then they give the packages to us to leverage our exceptional last mile delivery service. The closer the package is dropped to its destination the more money you can save. Parcel Select packages also feature full tracking for added value.
If you are currently shipping with one of our competitors and are looking to cut costs while maintaining high levels of service, ask your current provider about their Parcel Select shipping options. FedEx SmartPost or UPS Basic services.
A full list of consolidators is listed at usps.com/shipping/consolidators
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Parcel Post
Also sold at retail for single piece option for small & growing businesses
Delivery to every address in the United States-including PO Boxes and military addresses
Tracking & Visibility available
Small and large packages, thick envelopes and tubes containing gifts and merchandise can be sent using Parcel Post.
An affordable and reliable option for packages.
Our next product Parcel Post is also a good solution for large shippers. However, if your business isn’t quite so large or if you just want a reliable low cost ground service for you business’ shipping needs, then Parcel Post could be just what you are looking for.
Parcel Post offers all the benefits of our premium services including exceptional reliability and service, no surcharges and access to P.O. Boxes and military addresses with only a slight increase in transit time.
Media Mail
Media Mail® service is a cost efficient way to mail books, sound recordings, recorded video tapes, printed music, and recorded computer-readable media (such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes). Media Mail can not contain advertising except for incidental announcements of books. The maximum weight for Media Mail is 70 lbs.
Media Mail® service is a cost efficient way to mail books, sound recordings, recorded video tapes, printed music, and recorded computer-readable media (such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes).
There are presorted rates available for bulk quantities of Media Mail (minimum quantity is 300 pieces).
A barcode discount is available for Media Mail.
Rates are based on weight and size.
Send your printed or recorded material using this service
Send your printed or recorded material using this service.
Media Mail is a low cost shipping option designed for sending out recorded materials such as CDs or DVDs as well as books, printed music or video tapes.
Media Mail rates start at just $2.38 for single piece at retail and just $1.99 through commercial payment channels. For companies who are able to presort their mail, they can qualify for even lower rates if they meet the minimum volume qualifications. Prices are based on weight and size and extra services such as Delivery Confirmation and Insurance are available.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Reverse Logistics Opportunities
Upward trend in items that are:
One of the biggest growing markets today is the Reverse Logistics market. According to Forrester Research, the official research firm for the National Retail Federation, e-commerce in the United States is expected to climb back to last year’s levels by 2010 after experiencing slowing growth this year due to the recession. In its five-year forecast, Forrester says online sales could reach $177 billion in revenues next year – representing growth of 13 percent. E-commerce is predicted to pick up a greater piece of overall U.S. retail sales – from 6 percent this year to 8 percent by 2013.
Therefore its becoming even more important for merchants to provide an easy way for their customers to return items back to them.
What do you do when your shirt is the wrong color, or your new shoes don’t fit, your laptop breaks, an unsafe toy is recalled, or a cell phone needs to be recycled? You mail them back.
Everybody wants these items sent conveniently and economically. And that is where we can step in and solve the problem. Nobody can pick up merchandise better than we can. Offering your customers a simple and convenient return solution can also become a growth factor for your business.
Market research has shown that 89% of online shoppers don’t buy online due to returns difficulty (Juniper Research), and 95% of customer say they are likely to shop with an online or catalog merchant if the returns process is convenient (Harris Interactive). And with the average online spend of over $1200 these are not customers merchants want to lose. (Forrester Research)
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Key USPS advantages
Collection boxes
Retail access – over 32,000 Post Offices nationwide
Pickup at more than 146 million home and business addresses six days a week
Return Solutions
So how do you get these returns back without inconveniencing your customers and incurring extra charges? By giving them the most convenient options for returning an item. Like our access to every business and home in the nation. With free carrier pickup, over 32,000 Post Office locations, and blue collection cans, we’re by far the easiest and most convenient option for getting those packages from consumers back to you, the merchant.
With one in five items sold through catalogs or online needing to be returned, having a user friendly method for handling your returns can make or break how a customer feels about your business and decides whether or not to purchase from you again.
All USPS return options include end to end visibility giving your customers the peace of mind knowing that their item has been returned, reducing your customer service calls, and allowing you to more accurately track available inventory.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Parcel Return Service
Work-sharing earns discounts for you and offers an easy way for customers to return items
Two rate structures to retrieve returns by you or an agent
First-mile commercial service
Free Package Pickup
Our cost-friendly, work-share ground return option, Parcel Return Service, was specifically developed for merchants who want to provide their customers with the convenience of a return solution, and for shipping consolidators and reverse logistics providers.
Companies like Birkenstock, LL Bean, Habands, and Armani love Parcel Return Service because it comes with lower prices and built-in visibility. By using a third party logistics provider to handle the transportation and delivery of the return packages you combine the best solution in the marketplace; the reach and convenience of the Postal Service with the transportation expertise of the logistics provider. Parcel Return Service offers the lowest priced return option for high volume shippers in the marketplace.
Nobody can take returns out of the household better than we can. Even traditional competitors like UPS and FedEx have realized the value of having a convenient residential return solution and have recently been added to our list of providers for Parcel Return Service.
Additional information about our Parcel Return Solutions can be found on www.usps.com
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Premier end-to-end service, customized to fit your needs.
Available for:
Priority Mail
Parcel Post
Merchandise Return Service
If you currently don't need a high volume returns solution but still would like the same convenience featured by our Parcel Return Service, then we have other options for you.
Merchandise Return Service can be customized to fit your budget and speed of return needs. Multiple service options, such as Priority Mail, First-Class or Parcel Post give you and your small to large customers the flexibility of time in transit and cost choices.
Add the convenience of all the access points and Free Package pickup – MRS is a perfect solution for growing businesses.
For all USPS return solutions, PRS and MRS getting prepaid return labels to customers has never been easier. You can include one with the original shipment, have the customer download from your website, or send them one through email or regular mail. We also offer a variety of web tool solutions at: www.usps.com/webtools.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
What else can Ground Shipping offer?
For us, Saturday is a business day
We deliver everywhere in the U.S.
52 extra delivery days
Parcel Return Service
New volume-based rebates
And just like with Expedited Services: you can expect delivery everywhere six days a week including Saturdays. That is an extra 52 delivery days per year for you to get your packages to customers on the day they are more likely to be home, and to receive them at the regular shipping price without surcharges.
With new pricing incentives and world class service, nobody can beat our first and last mile pickup and delivery ground shipping services, nobody.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
USPS International Shipping:
Four Package Options
No Surcharges/Brokers Fees
For international packages, we offer four core services that serve a variety of shipping needs: From date-certain guaranteed delivery to economical volume shipping.
All services are available to over 190 countries and all offer the same free shipping supplies as domestic and have convenient flat rate options.
For time-critical shipments, we offer Global Express Guaranteed. This is our fastest date-certain service that offers a money-back delivery guarantee.
Our Express Mail International option features a 3-5 day delivery time with a date-certain guarantee - available to select destinations.
We also offer Priority Mail International with a 6-10 day delivery time, and our First-Class Mail International option caters to the cost-conscious consumer.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®)
Our fastest date-certain service with Global delivery by FedEx Express®
1–3 business days*
*Average number of days may depend on origin and destination.
Visit usps.com/international for more information
When timing is critical, Global Express Guaranteed is the most efficient and cost-effective solution available in the market.
With an average delivery time of 1 to 3 business days, Global Express Guaranteed gets your shipment to its destination as quickly as possible. Sold by the USPS, GXG global transportation and international delivery are provided by FedEx Express.
And with prices starting at $31.95, it offers substantial value for a guaranteed global delivery option.
What types of items do you need to send that timing would be critical and date certain international delivery is needed ?
(Let audience respond, maybe even throw answers up on a flip chart).
Common uses of the GXG service are for rush merchandise orders to new and existing customers, samples, parts for machinery or computers, legal and financial documents including passport and visa applications, tax forms, grants and financial applications and gifts.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Global Express Guaranteed® (cont.)
There are many benefits when using GXG.
For starters, GXG is your fastest date-certain product option, which also features a money-back guarantee.
In addition, all GXG shipments include $100 Insurance, with the option of purchasing additional Insurance.
Receive a 10% discount if you pay for your shipping online using Click-N-Ship or any approved PC Postage vendor. Additional online benefits include the convenience of labeling and online Tracking.
We also offer Free Package Pickup for all GXG shipments. This benefit means you can do all your international shipping without ever having to leave your home or office.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Express Mail International®
to select countries.
*Average number of days may depend on origin and destination.
Visit usps.com/international for more information.
When timing is important, Express Mail International provides fast, reliable service with date-certain delivery to select destinations.
It only takes 3 to 5 business days to ship to destinations in more than 190 countries.
And with pricing starting at $25.95, it is a cost-effective alternative to Global Express Guaranteed.
What type of items do you send that you would need fast reliable international delivery where timing is important but not critical ?
(Let audience respond, maybe even throw answers up on a flip chart).
EMI is used for all types of commercial communications, legal and financial documents, merchandise and samples. The maximum weight limit for Express Mail International shipments varies by country, ranging from 22 pounds to 70 pounds. You can go to usps.com for individual country listings in the International Mail Manual or the Rate Calculator or Pub 51 for prices and to learn maximum weights for each country.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Express Mail International® (cont.)
Benefits include:
Money-back guarantee to Australia, China, Great Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Spain
Flat Rate Envelope available
Free Package Pickup*
Not only is it cost-effective, but Express Mail International also offers a money-back delivery guarantee to select countries, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Great Britain and Spain. France and Singapore will soon be added to the guaranteed service list.
A Flat Rate Envelope option is available. With these envelopes, you can ship worldwide for a convenient flat rate, meaning the price is the same regardless of the weight, including Canada and Mexico for only $25.95 and all other countries for just $27.95. Flat rate shipping makes it easy to mail multiple shipments to destinations around the world. If it fits, it ships with no question about the price.
In addition, all Express Mail International packages are automatically insured up to $100. Senders can also purchase additional Insurance.
Receive an 8% postage discount if you pay for postage online.
Other benefits of online transactions include Click-N-Ship labeling, tracking to major destinations, and Free Package Pickup.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Priority Mail International™ Parcels
6–10 business days*
Medium Flat Rate Box starts at $25.95
Large Flat Rate Box $32.95
*Average number of days may depend on origin and destination.
Visit usps.com/international for more information.
Priority Mail International could be one of the best deals in
International shipping.
It carries an average shipping time of 6 to 10 business days to over 190 countries at the most economical prices.
The Medium and Large flat rate boxes can be used for merchandise which can weigh up to 20 pounds.
Prices start at $19 for a single piece package.
FR Box Canada and Mexico $25.95(medium) and $32.95 (large)
All Other Countries FR Box $41.95(medium) and $53.95 (large)
With Flat Rate Boxes and variable weight items, there is limited insurance included called indemnity coverage. Indemnity is based on weight or value, whichever is less. (an analogy is what the airlines reimburse for lost luggage – it is based on the weight of the suitcase and the content’ value does not count).
And you are able to purchase insurance if necessary.
You can also receive online tracking to major destinations and delivery confirmation to select destination countries for Priority Mail International Parcels, which includes the Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes as well as variable weight packages.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Priority Mail International™ (cont.)
Unbeatable rates on reliable delivery of documents and small merchandise.
Starting at $10.95 for a Flat Rate Envelope or Small Flat Rate Box
Registered Mail™ service (Flat Rate Envelope and Small Flat Rate Box)
Priority Mail International
As I mentioned earlier, Priority Mail International is one of our most aggressively priced options for International shipping.
With the Flat Rate Envelope and Small Flat Rate Box option, you can ship up to 4 pounds in an envelope or small box. The Flat Rate Envelope can be used for business documents or correspondence. In addition to the price point and availability of flat rate shipping options, there are a number of other benefits that come with PMI Flat Rate Envelope and Small Flat Rate Box service.
One benefit is Registered Mail service, which provides delivery confirmation for Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Boxes to select destinations. Refer to the International Mail Manual for those destinations.
If you pay for your postage online, you are eligible for a 5% postage discount.
You can print labels and postage online with Click-N-Ship or any PC Postage Vendor (i.e. endicia.com and Stamps.com).
And you can request Free Package Pickup with Priority Mail International.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
First-Class Mail International™
and items weighing up to 4 lbs.
Transit time varies by destination*
Starting at $0.75
*Visit usps.com/international for more information.
First-Class Mail International is our most economical option for letters, postcards, and items weighing up to four pounds.
The timing varies by destination, while pricing starts at just 75 cents.
Registered Mail service is also available with First-Class Mail International. This service allows you to confirm date and time of delivery or delivery attempts.
And you can purchase postage online with authorized PC Postage vendors.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Price Comparison
Express Mail International (5 Days)
Just like domestic shipping, it is important to understand the potential impact of international surcharges. In this example we are sending a 5 lb. package to Alice Springs, Australia which is far into the outback. The package contains an item valued at $100 with no special services. Here’s the cost with UPS: a $114.50 base charge and a $22.50 out of area charge for a total of $137. FedEx also has a base charge of $114.50 and an additional out of area charge for a total shipping cost of $136.50. DHL has a $110.95 base cost and a $22 out of area surcharge for a grand total of $132.95.
Compare these prices to USPS Express Mail International, $54 base charge, no surcharges. This is before the 8% online discount as well.
Important point of this slide is if you were to discount, it would only be on the base rate. Our competitors usually do not discount the surcharges. Currently there is no fuel surcharge, but when these competitors have added a fuel surcharge (and they will again) these charges have been as high as 30%. This would add another $33 dollars on average to the cost.
Another thing to note is that this is an apple to apple comparison. Express Mail International to Australia is a 3-5 business day service with money-back guaranteed date-certain delivery.
Make sure to mention competitor surcharges: customs brokerage fees, address corrections, fuel surcharges, etc.
Competitor Surcharges include but are not limited to:
Duty/Tax and shipping charges
Extended Area
Saturday Delivery
$12.50 - $15.00
Online Shipping Solutions
Online labels include the necessary customs forms with a tracking number for your shipment all on one label . You can print online labels using Click-N-Ship, Shipping Assistant, or any USPS approved vendor. Combine Free Package Pickup with our online shipping solutions and it’s never been easier to use Today’s Postal Service without having to leave your home or office.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Volume Letter Mail Options
International Priority Airmail (IPA)
3–7 business days to most locations
International Surface Air Lift (ISAL)
Affordable, reliable delivery for volume
global mailings.
7–14 business days to most locations
Volume letter mail options are for large to medium sized shippers and represent the most economical way to ship items weighing less than 4 pounds.
There are two options available
International Priority Airmail features 3-7 day delivery and International Surface Airlift flies to destination and is distributed on a ground network offering additional savings with delivery in 7-14 business days and features free return of undeliverable mail.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Customized Solutions
Customized agreements offer solutions tailored to meet your business needs.
Volume incentives and customized services from published IPA/ISAL prices and services
Incentive opportunities
If you meet certain criteria, you are eligible for competitive customized pricing through a customized agreement. These agreements include volume incentives and customized services from published IPA/ISAL rates and services. Postal Qualified Wholesalers often meet the volume requirements for these incentives and pass the savings on to you.
If you qualify, there are additional incentives for International package services for Express Mail International or Priority Mail International pieces. We also can provide Global Shipping Software to help you manage your shipments.
Other incentives also are available through an Express Mail Corporate Account. To find out if you qualify, contact your Global Account Manager, Local Postmaster, or Local Sales representative.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Continues to connect people and businesses since our nation’s founding
Our mission has remained the same for more than 230 years:
Provide trusted, affordable, and universal service
Today’s U.S. Postal Service
So whether you have a need to ship domestically or internationally we’ve got you covered. Many companies have already seen the value of the Postal Service for their package shipping needs. We handle more than 3 billion packages annually. We handle 25% of the Domestic Packages and we are the shipper of choice for 2-3 day shipping.
Our infrastructure of more than 400 processing plants nationwide works 24 hours a day, every day, to ensure that your packages move quickly through our network. We’re leveraging new technologies to provide you with more product visibility because we understand that reliability is a key decision point in who you choose as your shipper.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
149 million delivery points within the U.S.
Over 32,000 Post Office locations
Over 200,000 delivery and collection vehicles
Service in over 190 countries
Billions of delivery
More locations than any other shipper. Period.
With tens of thousands of locations covering every community in America, the Postal Service is close to your business and to your customers.
So hopefully we’ve convinced you to take another look at using the Postal Service to provide you with your shipping needs. Our extensive network can reach you everyday, everywhere reliably, securely, and more cost efficiently then any other shipper and we can do it all without any surcharges.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
We are the only shipping company to earn the Cradle-To-Cradle certification
We recycle 1 million tons of material a year
We operate the largest alternative-fuel vehicle
fleet in the country
USPS commitment to the
No other shipper is committed to the environment as much as the Postal Service.
As we mentioned earlier, we are the only shipping company that has earned the cradle-to-cradle certification for the environmentally friendly design and manufacturing of our Express and Priority Mail packaging. In addition, we recycle 1 million tons of material a year and we operate the largest alternative-fuel vehicle fleet in the country.
You too can demonstrate your commitment to the environment by using our packaging and linking your brand to ours. It will show your customers that you care about your impact on the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by having our carriers pick up your packages - this way they can “carpool” with other mail because we are already at every door, every day.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Value For Your Shipping Dollar…
You receive high reliability with competitive pricing on our expedited services
Our ground solutions offer you economical shipping and full tracking
Our international rates average 40-60% lower then our competitors
Regardless of your shipping budget, we have a solution for you. Expedited offers high reliability with competitive pricing. If you’re looking for economical solutions, our ground shipping would be right for you. And if you ship around the globe our international rates are on average 40-60% lower then our competitors. We offer you value for your shipping dollar whether you ship across the street or across the globe.
Take The Guesswork Out Of Shipping
Maximize Your Savings!
Reduced Service Calls
Easy Returns Solutions
No Residential Surcharge
No Fuel Surcharge
Let me ask you this: How hard is your current shipping company working to keep your business?
With a challenging economy, industry upheaval, and ever fluctuating fuel costs, shipping solutions that worked yesterday don’t necessarily make sense today. Getting shipments to their destination whether it be to a business, residential or even rural address shouldn’t cost you extra. Why worry if surcharges will go up or if you’re getting your full discount. The USPS offers up-front pricing with no surcharges or net minimums. It’s time to take the guesswork out of shipping.
The U.S. Postal Service is all about bringing value to your shipping. On top of up-front pricing with no surcharges the USPS offers easy payment and shipping options, packaging at no cost, security, and even an extra day of delivery per week.
When you add up all of the services and benefits, you’ll find that the U.S. Postal Service gives you excellent value for your shipping dollar. We want your business, and we’re working hard to earn it. We’re ready to accommodate you and offer you solutions to meet your shipping needs.
I encourage you to see your Sales Rep or postmaster.
Thanks for joining us today. I will be taking questions but If you leave here today and think of a question later you can send them to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you right away.
So…does anyone have any questions?