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Talking about the iOS Game That I have created


  • 1. Talk About your AppsVol. 2PresenterEr. Rajan MaharjanApp : iOS Game (Scooba Maze)Project Description : Freelanced Project inoDesk

2. Introduction About MeBeen in iOS development Platform frompast two yearsCurrent Position: iOS Senior Developer@ dZidea LLC based in USA, Alabama Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 2 3. Introduction (Scooba Maze)Isomeric Game : iPhone / iPadCompatibleDescription : You try to navigate througha maze of underwater caves to get to theend before the time runs out! Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 3 4. Introduction (Scooba Maze)Three Levels, Hard Level Has villains :PGameCenter integrated for mulitplayergameTalk About your Apps : Vol 2 4 5. Introduction (Scooba Maze)Open GL ES 2.0 Game Engine UsedProvided:Game EngineGraphics Assets by Frances Yeh(Freelancer 3D Graphics Designer)Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 5 6. Tools Used to Create GameIDE : Xcode 4.3.1Programming Language : Objective C2.0SDK : iOS SDK 5.1 + Some Third partyLibraries for Integrating Ads and PushNotification Feature Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 6 7. Tools Used to Create GameTesting EnvironmentSimulators : iPhone and iPad with iOS5.1, 4.0, 4.2Devices: iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPadwith iOS 5.1, 5.0, 4.1Tested Using TestflightTalk About your Apps : Vol 2 7 8. Tools Used to Create GameFor creating Spritesheet : A python scriptis used mkatlas.pyGame Center API used provided byApple for mulitplayer integrationTalk About your Apps : Vol 2 8 9. Tools Used to Create GameRevenue ModelIn App Purchase Model by AppleChartBoost, Adcolony, MoPub API forserving AdsTalk About your Apps : Vol 2 9 10. Purpose of Scooba MazeFun & EntertainmentWow EffectObjective in GameCollect gems and treasures from insideCave Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 10 11. Purpose of Scooba MazeTurn them into Coins by Coinizer andbuy new Suits and Tools like DPV, Knife,Flash Light etcBuying Via earned Coins, needs morecoin go for IAP Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 11 12. Welcome to Gaming WorldEach iOS App / Game has aMainWindowIt is starting point for showing viewswhen Application loads.In Apps, we use built in UIViews,UITableViews etc components viewsTalk About your Apps : Vol 2 12 13. Welcome to Gaming WorldComponents are provided by iOS SDKWe design our app and make theminteract to achieve goal.Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 13 14. Welcome to Gaming WorldFor Game, we use EAGLViewIt is special type of view for drawinggraphical objectsAll graphical objects are rendered inEAGLViewTalk About your Apps : Vol 2 14 15. Welcome to Gaming WorldCode written Open GL ES for eachgraphical interaction in EAGLViewThese are taken care by Game Engines.And we code staying on top layer ofGame Engine (Its easy) Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 15 16. Working Of Scooba MazeDifferent Screen Objects are Createdwhen game is initialized.Such as : MainMenu Screen, GameOverScreen, GetCoins Screen, etc. Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 16 17. Working Of Scooba MazeAll these screens are inherited fromNSObject, base class of iOS sdk.These screen renders and updates eachcomponents on EAGLView plane toshow its graphical and animation effect. Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 17 18. Working Of Scooba MazeScreens are shown at one timeaccording to navigation buttons action.Screen objects Stays on memory forapps lifetime Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 18 19. Working Of Scooba MazeOnly creation of Map Object is doneaccording to new level played afterrandomizing.2D Array representation for MappositionsCollision detection done according to Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 19these co-ordinate representation 20. Scooba MazeLets See short Demo Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 20 21. Thank You Questions ?ContactEmail : thamelstreet@gmail.comTwitter : mysticboy59Phone : +977 9818864281 Talk About your Apps : Vol 2 21