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It's important to create dialogue with prospects and customers. Good dialogue is when the sales person talks less and ask value creating questions.


<ul><li> 1. There is a rule to self-improvement that tells us that the quickest way to get better is to focus your improvement efforts on the answer to this question: What one skill, if significantly improved, would have the greatest impact on my ability to sell? Here is a fact backed by extensive research; Sales people talk too much! An anecdotal problem created from talking too much means the sales person is not listening enough. So here is a suggested opening meeting technique to help you help your prospective customer when you open a sales meeting. Typically salespeople open a meeting with everything centered around their product, service, literature or self-centered manipulative Your customers/prospects dont like it when you talk at them. questions. One way to be Sales Distinctive and create a competitive advantage is to conduct the sales conversation different than your competitors would. Remember the prospective customer is in charge, they granted you the meeting and they determine how long its going to last. When meeting with prospects dont fall into the show me your magic or ok do your dog &amp; pony show trap. Regardless of which type of sales youre doing - -B2B/B2G here is a great opening meeting statement; Mr. Smith, Im prepared to talk about ____________________________. which we discussed on the phone last week. If you could give me your thoughts we can focus this meeting on what most interest you. Lets look at how this simple change in language can create a positive prospective customer focused conversation; Says youre prepared It invited the customer to speak There is an immediate benefit [saves time and focus is on the business challenge]. Here is another example; One time I was called into a meeting of purchasing, manufacturing and maintenance managers at a large pharmaceutical company to discuss their requirements. Heres how I opened that meeting: Gentlemen, Im ready to discuss the requirements youve outlined for expanding supplies to your other plants. If you could share your vision as you see it, we can keep the meeting on whats most important to you. When using this approach the prospect is encouraged to talk and will often give you all the time you need because youre focusing the conversation on them. Now you try it! Vue Coaching &amp; Sales Training, LLC | 704-841-1036 | </li> </ul>