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1. What is unique about Improve your communicationTalking and Listening Together? Over 600,000 couples have participated in Develop confidence that youcancommunicate together effectively Talking and Listening Together since its Expand understanding of yourself and beginning at the University of Minnesotayour partner Family Study Center. Increase satisfaction in your relationshipPractical Frameworks areinstruction Create faster and better resolutionsto conflicttheoretically grounded relevant to the Talking and Listening Together needs of todayA Couples Communication Class Reduce disagreements and tension and well researched. Experience greater caring and respect forself and partner More than 70 independent studies, many at major universities throughout the United States, document the effectiveness of the program in helping partners learn skills and increase relationship satisfaction.We learned skills we can use the rest ofAwards affirming the program have beenour lives to deal with any kind of issue. received from the Association of Couples for Marriage Enrichment, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Contact Living Water Counseling and the National Council on Family Relations. toregister & for more information Special Kinesthetic Methodology acceleratesLiving Water CounselingA ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church skill learning 541-840-19241332 Mt. Pitt Street Medford, OR 541-840-1924 Living Water Counseling 2. Learn New SkillsIMPROVE THE QUALITY OFYOUR COMMUNICATIONTalking and Listening Together integrates anexcellent set of communication concepts andspecific skills that are user-friendly It was the best investment in ourmarriage that weve ever made. Take the classwith a friend, relativeMap- An-Issue The Listening The AwarenessStyles of or spouseProcessCycle WheelCommunication An eight-step discussionTune in accurately Organize your Recognize ineffective that combines 11 talkingto your partners awarenessand effective ways for and listening skillsconcerns talking and listening UnderstandCreate best-fitUse 5 productiveyourself andsolutions to listening skillssituations bettercomplicatedsituations Strengthen your Apply 6 talking relationshipskills to be clearDeal with and constructivepersonal andrelationalconcerns moreproductively


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