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Get great ideas and top Tips on how to help your business grow to success in Australia, and learn how to prepare your waredrobe for spring, as well as plenty more great ideas for spring.



  • All lasting business is built on friendship.

  • You never Know how Strong you are,until being strong is the only choice you have.

    With the first day of Spring comes an expectation of new things, milder weather brings more outdoor time and migration back to the beach.

    I personally love the spring BBQs and the social atmosphere of spring, it is truely a wonderful time of the year.

    Its September already, I cant believe it! so as we go into the tail end of the year lets work together to make this season profitable and exciting.Lets Go Girls!Spring into Spring

    - Creative Director


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  • CONTENTS43 SpringStyleStyling ideas to keep stylish throughout spring.

    Cover - Sam Shazzam

    7 HowtoSucceedinBusiness Sam shares some great tips on small business success in Australia.

    17 HowToStartA MerchandisingBusinessLearn how to start your very ownmerchandising business and get some great ideas.

    24 WhyAreWomenAttracted ToACertainTypeOfMan?A fun article about the rules of attaction

    25 TheChangingRoleOfFathersHow society has changed the roles fathers play in our childrens lives

    33 SpringBBQLearn how to entertain in style with these tasty dishes.

    39 FitForBirthHow to keep your body in the best shape throughout your pregnancy.

    Be yourself; everyone else

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  • By Sam ShazzamBusiness is a tough gig. Aside from all of the challenges normal businesses face, in Australia we are also dealing with a small population spread over a large area. This makes running a business just that little bit more difficult. A high density of population in close proximity means a better chance of making sales e.g. the U.S., Europe and Asia. The internet has helped overcome some of this disadvantage and has been the main facilitator of the stay at home mum small business boom. With websites like Etsy and blogging templates and other resources, mums at home have

    been starting up micro businesses on shoe string budgets. The reality though is competition is high and standing out in that crowd is a big challenge. This may sound like a lot of doom and gloom but its not. You just have to be realistic and make a plan. Here are some tips you can use to set yourself up and have a better chance of business success. Firstly ask yourself some questions: 1. Why am I doing this?

    2. How much time per week do I have available to work on my idea? and 3. How much money do I need to earn for my family?

    Once you can answer these questions you are in a way better position to make a plan. You could call it a business plan or whatever you like but you need one if you are going to have any chance of making it work. *One of the key things you need to do when creating your


    For Small Business Success

    Sometimes it can be a simple thing. For example when I buy a coffee and I get a surprise biscuit or little treat I am so delighted I want to go back and tell everyone about this great coffee place that goes that one step further than the rest. You want to be that coffee place. Another essential tip for financial success in business is to create multiple streams of income for your business, this is particularly important in Australia because of our small market. If you make a product from home you may

    start off by selling at local markets. This is a good place to begin however what if that market shuts down, or trend shifts and markets lose popularity, or a better market opens up in the next suburb, or it becomes too expensive for you as a stallholder? Using your skills and business concept you need to think up different ways of streaming income into your business. You could do a number of things a) sell your product at markets and online b) sell a DIY kit for people to make your product themselves

    Identify how you stand out from the crowd!

    c) run workshops with people on how to make your products d) run a blog with tutorials for people to do and sell advertising to brands on your page once you have created a significant following. There are many possibilities. You can make income through all of these different strategies and create security through diversity.This is just one example of a multiple streams of income approach. My name is Sam Shazzam, I have 2 young daughters

    with my partner and I have set myself up with multiple businesses and streams of income that enable me to earn a fulltime wage. That would not be possible from just one stream of income. Here are some of the things I do: free to follow me on any of

    my facebook pages to get more

    updates & tips for success.

    plan is to identify how you stand out from the crowd. This is called your Unique Selling Proposition or USP. If what you are offering is the same thing as everybody else then why should I buy it from you? You need to be one step better, more interesting, unique and visible than the rest. If you can do this then you will have created a story worth telling within your business. You need to give people a reason to talk about you and be excited.

    in Australia



    Talking Mums 8


  • Melissa Toye Author of EnticeMe

    You can purchase Entice Me from Amazon for only $2.99

    1) Where are you from? I live in Brisbane in Australia.

    2) When and why did you begin writing? From an early age, I wrote letters to all my friends and have always enjoyed English through school. I wrote play scripts throughout high school and when on holidays

    I would always enjoy sitting on the balcony overlooking the beach and write. When I began writing Entice Me, I did not just want to write an entertaining story but I wanted to impart a message to the reader. My message is to inspire and motivate my readers to find a more fulfilling life that they want instead of accepting the every day grind. And thats what I hope to continue to pass on through my writing, inspiring messages through entertaining stories.

    3) When did you first consider yourself a writer? I feel it was really only at the start of this year, even though I have been writing all my life. My dream was to publish my book, but I had no confidence in my ability. At the beginning of this year I created a blog ( ) of my emotional rollercoaster ride to chase my dreams to become an International Best Selling Author. I received supportive comments from people who were experiencing a divorce and cancer that I had touched their lives by sharing my own journey. It was incredibly encouraging. I then started receiving paid freelance writing work to write content for businesses. With the blog and regular featured articles I could see I was touching peoples lives and that people enjoyed my writing style and thats when I

    really believed that my dream in becoming a paid writer and author started to turn to reality.

    4) What inspired you to write your first book? I had just left a job that left me feeling lost. I am a positive person, yet working for this company had really tested my values and work/life balance. I just started creating characters. What they looked like, their personality, where they lived. Then scenes started to emerge. Soon I had chapters all over the place and meshed it together to create a novel. Then my computer crashed and I could only recover three chapters. After four months of not writing anything, I started again. Entice Me is completely different from the original, but I believe it offers so much more to the readers.

    5) How did you come up with the title?The title was the hardest part to write out of the entire book. Originally I came up with Desired Life because the women all go on a journey to seek a more desired life. However I thought this was not attention grabbing enough. Then I decided on Secrets Unravelled. As there are many secrets that become uncovered. Finally, I was just relaxing in bed when Entice Me popped into my mind. It fit the book perfectly.

    An Interview with

  • 11) Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? That I can do it! Writing a novel is a long journey. Writing a novel twice is even longer. Then finding a pub-lisher can take one to two years. In the end I self published, I really wanted to get my message out there and Amazon was able to al-low me to do that efficiently. I also have grown a lot of self confidence in myself and my abilities. This is my dream and is now becoming a reality.

    12) Do you have any advice for other writers?Create a blog, get out there, people want to hear from you and what you are doing. Do not give up, believe in your dream and that you can achieve it. Find what motivates you and then remind yourself every day the reason why you want to achieve your goal. 13)Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your read-ers?You can change your life at any moment in time. There is abso-lutely nothing that is holding you back. Do not let fear get in the way o