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  • 1. Adding video and narration to your slideshow Talking PowerPoints

2. A Picture is Worth1,000 Words

  • Inserting Clip Art
  • Inserting Photos
  • Inserting Graphics
  • Photo Backgrounds

3. Using Clip Art

  • Mac : Insert menu-- Picture-- Clip Art
          • OR: Use Formatting Palette
    • (View-- Formatting Palette)
  • Windows : Insert-- Picture-- Clip Art
  • (use task manager on right side
  • of screen)

4. Using Photos

  • Mac : Insert-- Picture-- From File
  • Browse for photo (Desktop, folder, etc.)
  • Windows : Insert-- Picture-- From File
    • OR- use button from toolbar
    • * remember to resize/rotate pictures first!


  • Add Symbols, Objects, Lines, Tables, Charts, and WordArt
  • Windows Drawing Toolbar:

Using Graphics 6. Backgrounds

  • Format-- Slide Background-- use drop-down menu to fill with solid color or use fill effects
  • * Tip : Use a photo editor to crop and lighten pictures

7. So is Sound!

  • Insert sound effects
  • (Insert menu-- Movies and Sounds-- Sound from File)
  • Record your voice
  • Ideas:
    • Narrate a book
    • Voice your opinion
    • Record a message
  • *Note : Change General Preferences to link sounds with file sizegreater than [50000 kb] or make sure file is in same folder with.ppt presentation

8. Pictures that Move!

  • Use camera to record movie
  • Save to desktop(.avi file in DCIM folder)
  • Insert into presentation
  • (Insert-- Movies and Sounds--
  • Movie from File)