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Category : Telecom

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Introduction to Report Launch Date: January 13, 2014

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Geography Coverage: France

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About the ReportThe TCL Tariff Trend SnapShot No. 26 French Mobile Trends - provides an update on the changes in pricing & the impact on subscriber numbers, ARPU and revenues since the launch of the 4th French MNO Free Mobile in January 2012. The SnapShot shows how Free Mobile has grown from a standing start to take 11 per cent of the French Mobile market by subscribers in less than 2 years with over 7.4 million users reported as of Q3-13. Free provides two simple low cost offers a Euro 19.99 per month plan (including 3GB mobile data & unlimited calls & SMS) and a Euro 2 per month plan (including 50MB mobile data & 2 hours of calls a day & unlimited SMS).


Research FindingsTariff Trends SnapShot No 1: Developments in EU roamingTariff Trends SnapShot No 2: The impact of the launch of Free Mobile in FranceTariff Trends SnapShot No 3: Developments in the Spanish mobile market (the unbundling of subsidised handsets)Tariff Trends SnapShot No 4: Pricing for new LTE services launched to dateTariff Trends SnapShot No 5: Pricing for the Youth SegmentTariff Trends SnapShot No 6: Latest trends in Mobile Data PricingTariff Trends SnapShot No 7: The key mobile pricing trends into 2013Tariff Trends SnapShot No 8: MVNO in EuropeTariff Trends SnapShot No. 9: MNOs and the challenge of Over The Top (OTT) servicesTariff Trends SnapShot No. 10: MessagingTariff Trends SnapShot No. 11: MNO new entrantTariff Trends SnapShot No. 12: MNO strategies in times of recession


Research Findings Continues..Tariff Trends SnapShot No. 13: Mobile Banking TrendsTariff Trends SnapShot No. 14: Competition TV/Broadband in the UK (Sky&BT)Tariff Trends SnapShot No. 15: New moves in FMC servicesTariff Trends SnapShot No. 16: FTTH PricingTariff Trends SnapShot No. 17: M2MTariff Trends SnapShot No. 18: LTE Pricing TrendsTariff Trends SnapShot No. 19: RoamingTariff Trends SnapShot No. 20: Handset Finance ModelsTariff Trends SnapShot No. 21: Mobile in AfricaTariff Trends SnapShot No. 22: Mobile Voice PricingTariff Trends SnapShot No. 23: Latest trends in Pre Pay servicesTariff Trends SnapShot No. 24: The introduction of Pre Pay 4G LTE services Tariff Trends SnapShot No. 25: Ten trends to watch for 2014


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