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Unit G321

Unit G321.

Task 4- Research into music industries and institutions.

Task 4A.1. What types of magazine and target audiences has IPC been associated with over the years?IPC have adjusted their magazine to many different target audiences over the years associating with the recent and current occurrences in society, which may appeal to the readers. Over the last 150 years, IPC have altered their magazine to many alternative and diverse genres appropriately according to the times.

In 1853, The Field was launched by IPC, and quickly became one of the most popular reads in Europe. It is the worlds oldest country and field sports magazines. It was appealing to society due to it having its own correspondent for the Crimean War, of which was occurring at that time, and so provided sufficient information and news to the people concerned. In the 1800s, other magazines such as Country Life, Horse & Hound, Shooting Times, Yachting World, Amateur Gardening, Cycling Weekly, Amateur Photographer and The Railway Magazine, most of which would be aimed mostly at the male audience.

With IPC mainly focusing on their male audience, in the early 1900s, it was pleasing when they launched their first traditional womens magazine; Womens Weekly. The magazine focuses on the family, home and life in general. Providing them with health advice. Featuring age-relevant beauty and fashion advice, also hinting the latest trends to suit them at any age.

In the 1926, Woman & Home was introduced to the market, obviously aimed and appealing to their female audience. Again in 1932, and other womens magazine was being sold; Womens Own, this magazine came with free wool with every copy; encouraging the readers to buy the magazine itself. In the 1930s, other magazines such as Caravan, Stamp Magazine and Prediction were publish, evidentially providing a magazine for every genre, appealing to anyone and everyone as their target audience in society.

Over the next few decades IPC released various other magazines that may fall under numerous genres appealing to a variety of target audiences. A music magazine named New Musical Express (1952) NME was one of the first major music magazines, providing the music lovers with the latest and greatest music news, etc. A television magazine also came out; TV Times, obtaining television listings for those willing to catch up with the latest shows on television. In 1969, the first ever football magazine was introduced to the shops; Shoot! magazine, appealing to those interested in Englands world cup. Other sports magazines were

discovered in the 60s and 70s, such as Rugby World, World Soccer, Yachting Monthly, Sporting Gun and Superbike, which stereotypically may appeal more to the male audience. In the 1980s, IPC announced the launch of Marie Claire, which is traditionally a magazine for women, which is published monthly. The magazine concentrates on health, beauty and fashion, of which stereotypically is thought to interest the female audience more than the male audience.

The 1980s also had many more magazines to offer, such as 4x4, Chat, Mizz, Motor Caravan Magazine, Model Collector, Motor Boats Monthly, Practical Parenting, Volks World and Bird Keeper, this large array of magazine titles may near enough appeal to anyone and everyone.

In the 90s, IPC started to publish more magazines such as Now, of which is a weekly magazine, filled with celebrity news, gossip, fashion, music and movie reviews, real life stories, shopping and style tips, mainly aimed at women as its target audience.

From the year 2000 to present, IPC has released magazines such as Nuts, of which is a mens weekly magazine. IPC also released another womens weekly magazine; Pick Me Up, mainly focusing on real life stories of which members of the public send in. 2. Why might IPC be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine? What sorts of genres of music/ types of magazines might be likely to publish? Why might alternative publishers like Bauer be appropriate?

IPC may be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine due to it being the name of many other genres of magazine, and so any other type will be suitable and accepted by IPC, as they are the holders of New Musical Express (NME). Whereas an alternative publisher such as Bauer may be somewhat more appropriate, due to it being a publisher mainly based on the media genres, such as TV, radio and online occurrences. As they specialise more on this type of thing, they may be more fitting than IPC, of which is a publisher that focuses on any and every genre of magazine in the industry.


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