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• Established in 2008.

• We are known as an ‘Experience Marketing’ agency.

• Our work contributes to adding value to brands.

• We are a bridge to facilitate communication and interaction and to foster loyalty between brands and their audiences.

• We design and produce ideas to strengthen the emotional and functional bonds of individuals to brands.

• We implement these ideas to reinforce the mutual bonds through experiences that stimulate participants to desiredaction.

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In the new world culture,

brands are much closer to

consumers, and so are

consumers to brands with

technology and social media.

Consumer decision journey

*HBR Magazine

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One-way brand communication is

a thing of the past.

We now live in a culture of

interaction and participation that

take place inside a fluid “web of


Today’s all-important “word of

mouth” needs to be market-

managed. Consumer decision journey

*HBR Magazine

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• Our job and priority is to deliver “a unique brand experience.”

• You are at a “One-stop Shop’” agency.– We design, produce and implement.

• We listen not only to our clients to understand their needs, but also to their stakeholders and value their needs.– And we build the compelling idea, and its details on this fundamental

appreciation of all parties’ view points.

• We create and develop the concepts around a 360-degree vista– That combine the perspectives of the client, our team and the stakeholders.

• Success breeds sustainable relationships. – An enduring client-agency bond enables a finer understanding of clients’

changing needs, facilitates brand stewardship and expedites operationalagility.

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• Flexibility defines our business style.

• Our clients trust us equally with tasks of diverse nature for expedient solutions:

Sizewise: From a discreet meeting entertaining several corporate guests to festivals with massive participation.

Timewise: From a half-hour press meeting to year-long consumer programs.

Locationwise: From an employee event at a multinational’s headquarter abroad to product launches in remote towns.

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• Effective implementation, focused on results – “Performance”

– Expertise, meticulous solution partners, cost discipline

• Proactive counsel – “Diligent brand stewardship”

• Attention to time limits – “Sense of responsibility”

• Speed– “In decision making, production and implementation”

• Experience – “With domestic and international brands from diverse industries”

• Adjustability– “Guerilla agility”

– Negotiating the corporate structure with action on the field

• Easy to work with – “Empathy”

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• Marketing and perception research

• Stakeholder behavior/attitude change and engagement level

• Social media coverage and returns

• Brand ambassador recruitment

• Secret shopper programs

• Satisfaction surveys

• Sales impact and effectiveness

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Design Production

Customer Relations

Customer Relation


Event Management

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• Ramsey Zero Weight

“First Vertical Fashion Show of Turkey”

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• Multi Development Press Meeting

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• Bahçeşehir University 2011 Spring Fest

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• Mey Group Kayra Wines „6. Year Press Meeting‟

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• Brisa 20. Year Celebration

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Bağdat Cad. Şerafettin Sk. Yıldız Apt. No:5 D:6 Erenköy, İstanbul, Turkey

P : +90 216 478 30 70/80F : +90 216 478 31 30

[email protected]

You may also reach us at or