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Taz Stereo Nation Filmography


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LATEST HOT NEWS !!!!! TAZ BECOMES BRITAINS FIRST 'BOLLYWOOD MUSIC DIRECTOR‘ MUSIC DIRECTING HIS FIRST BOLLYWOOD FILM 'DIARY OF A BUTTERFLY' and TAZ also features in the movie, due for release 2011. TAZ is signed up for another Bollywood Movie 'DIL DIYAN CHITIYAN' as LEAD ACTOR & MUSIC DIRECTOR. TAZ has been in-undated with offers for music direction and is signing a further 5 movies for next year. Watch Out for the biggest collaboration in the history of Indian Music 2011. Four Mega Stars of Indian Music - TAZ, DALER MEHNDI, MIKA SINGH & HANS RAJ HANS all feature together on the ONE SONG. This is the lead promotional song of a movie called 'DESI'S & BLONDES' Directed By GIRESH MALIK.

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TAZ has just had HUGE SUCCESS with 3 major songs featuring in Gurinder Chada's SUPER HIT Movie – „It's A Wonderful Afterlife‟ songs in the movie include the brand new single 'DO THE NACH','CRAZEE' & 'LARL LARL BOLIYAN' ft MUMZY remixed by Rishi Rich. If Larl Larl Buleya sounds familiar, it's because you may have heard it in another incarnation: the track is a remix of a song better known as 'Don't Break My Heart' by Stereo Nation. This remixed version , performed by Taz from Stereo Nation and featuring Mumzy, is very much in line with the Brit-Asian/hip-hop/reggae/bhangra vibes pervading the rest of the IAWA soundtrack album. 'Larl Larl Buleya' is one of two tracks from Taz on the album: the second, Crazee, is a sweet, tinkling, reggae inspired ballad. One of the standout tracks: Do The Nach is a fantastic Sixties-inspired hip-hop/reggae infused twist from Chilltown, featuring 10shoot. If you can resist the urge to naach during this one, you really have an iron will.

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RACE will be the buzz word of Bollywood. It features a star-cast comprising of the biggest and the best in Bollywood, Director Duo Abbas Mustan whose name defines the thriller genre in India wield the directorial baton for RACE. The movie is set against the beautiful locales of Durban and promises to be an edge of the seat excitement!, The film stars Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Sameera Reddy and Akshaye Khanna. Produced by Kumar Taurani & Ramesh Taurani, the film has music by Pritam and lyrics by Sameer. With more hits to his name than hair on his head, the man has already set India on fire again with his recent offering - the lead track to the film 'RACE' titled 'Mujpe Tho Jadoo', a collaboration with Music Maestro Pritam Singh. The demand for the song has been crazy to say the least and a worldwide super smash with his fans. The Lead Song of the Movie has been Written by TAZ & Pritam, Produced by Pritam and sung by TAZ ,Apace Indian & Sunidhi Chauhan (Mujpe Toh Jadoo)

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In 2006 Taz featured in and recorded the title song to the British Cross Over Movie „SAMBER SALSA‟ alongside RISHI KAPOOR with the super smash Hit song – „GULEH LAGJA‟ A tale with ingredients of humour, romance, emotion and drama, telling the story of a Spanish girl, an Indian boy and disapproving parents, some who need little convincing and others who need a whole lot more

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An eclectic mix of musicians and producers come together to create musical magic. From stalwarts like Stereo Nation‟s Taz and Apache Indian to a diverse set of musicians like So Solid‟s Mr Shabz, Music Kids, Sharifah, BV‟s Sonia Panesar, Swiss, Sace & Cassius Henry, Adam Deacon, Andy Jones, Sharky and Evah, here come a mix never before seen in British music, delightfully fusing R&B, Hip Hop, Bhangra & Pop. The film features big names like Bollywood royalty, Rishi Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, UK‟s Richard Blackwood, Michelle Collins, Junior Simpson, Ronny Jhutti and musical superstar Taz who presents his acting debut while co-producing the film. Munir Ahmad is the passionate producer and Aditya Raj Kapoor (son of Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali) directs this intriguing venture, while Eastern Eye‟s Showbiz Editor Asjad Nazir took care of the script and plot. An unusual storyline comes together, of a biracial girl (newcomer Sigga) who wants to follow the dream her father left behind in his teens, following her personal and professional trials and tribulations, with a strong pinch of Bollywood style „Masti and Masala‟. The locales of Birmingham lend to the visuals, alongside vibrant styling and wardrobe, to make for feel good viewing. A multicultural cast of newcomers and veterans show how mixing it up is not only important in this day and age, but that a certain harmony is created when cultures clash, coincide and coexist! the best friend of all.

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Taz‟s music has also been featured in a „Hollywood‟ production. The track „Mehbooba‟ featured in the Movie „New York Minute‟ featuring: Ashley & Mary Kate Olson. Top student Jane Ryan (Ashley) heads to Manhattan for a college-scholarship competition. Her rebellious twin Roxy Ryan (Mary-Kate) goes along to crash a video shoot. But anything can happen - and does - in a romp involving a pursuing truant officer (Eugene Levy), a smuggler (Andy Richter), hunkalacious guys (Jared Padalecki, Riley Smith) and the girls' realization that when the chips are down, a sister can be the best friend of all.

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After the stupendous success of Bollywood Hit "Kaho Na Pyaar Hai", Bollywood Director Rakesh Roshan wanted to make something a little different from the standard fare for his Superstar Actor son Hrithik. So - Rakesh Roshan thought to venture into the science fiction genre. And just to make sure that his son doesn´t get overshadowed by some 3-foot alien, he has Hrithik playing a mentally-challenged boy for the first time. Taz (Stereo Nation) guest stars on the album singing the Super Hit number "I‟ts Magic". The film went on to sweep the awards at the Bollywood Oscars 2003, Mumbai India, and the song became a firm favourite with Bollywood Fans…….

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New Bollywood Director, Anubhav Sinha‟s directorial debut, Tum Bin…Tum Bin… is definitely worth your time, your rental, your ticket, especially if you are looking for a nice romantic movie after the past releases of thrillers and intense dramas. Tum Bin… is predominantly a tale of Pia‟s (Sandali Sinha) tangled love life. Tangled is the best word to describe her relationships as they are filled with predictable yet twisted turns. Pia lives in Canada, where the film is partially shot, with her intended husband‟s family, Amar Shah ( Rakesh Bapat ). The Shah‟s are high a class family who run their own industry. Their industry however, is going down hill, and Shekhar Malhotra (Priyanshu Chatterjee) is the only one who manages to save it. Well, not before doing some damage first, see Shekhar is involved in an accident, but it is Amar who gets hurt. Witholding the information on his bad deeds, that were a mistake, Shekhar manages to weasel his way into the family‟s heart (Amar‟s) and Pia‟s heart (that was heartbroken). Enter the next twist, Abhigyan (Himanshu Malik) who falls head over heel for Pia (you‟d think he‟d fall in love with every other heartbroken business tycoon‟s daughter in law to be, after all there are so many)! Ultimately, there are a number of twists, turns, (some that may not seem as all believable or logic) and Pia falling in love with more than one-person, then of course, the climax. The soundtrack doesn‟t only benefit the film; it is definitely worth your attention. Being an expertise in music videos, Sinha makes the visualization of his good songs even better. The highlight in terms of soundtrack is “Daru Virch Pyar” making his debut into Bollywood, Taz from Stereo Nation has recorded and visualised the song to perfection, adding the Punjabi Funk element into the film……foot tapping stuff.

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TAZ BECOMES BRITAINS FIRST 'BOLLYWOOD MUSIC DIRECTOR‘ His First Bollywood Film as composer is 'DIARY OF A BUTTERFLY' 2 songs 'Boys To Hell With Boys' & 'Hor Pila De'which in the first week of release went straight into Nos 1 position in the Bollywood Charts, (Trade Magazine) TAZ also features in the movie. TAZ is signed up for another Bollywood Movie 'DIL DIYAN CHITIYAN' as Music Director.TAZ has been in-undated with offers for music direction and is signing a further 5 movies this year.

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TAZ has also Music Directed a song for the Movie 'MR BHATTI ON CHOTTI' staring Anupam Kher & Mr Amitabh Bachchan. Taz is featured in the promotional song, and shakes a leg with legends on screen. TAZ makes his acting debut in Bollywood, signing his first film 'BAND OF MAHARAJA'S' directed by Girish Malik, Clapstem Films. He has Music Directed one ITEM number in the film. (Going to floor in May/June 2012) Watch Out for the biggest colaboration in the history of Indian Music 2012. Four Mega Stars of Indian Music - TAZ, DALER MEHNDI, MIKA SINGH, HANS RAJ HANS & NAVRAJ HANS all feature together on the ONE SONG. This is the lead promotional song of a movie called 'BAND OF MAHARAJA'S'.