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The Winter Special of Trekkie Central Magazine


  • Im so glad you decided to accept our... ...offer. Not that you had much of a choice anyway. Your career with Starfleet in tatters, your closest friends turning their back on you - and every security officer within the quadrant looking to put a rather large hole in your favorite shirt (as well as the rest of your torso). Yes, yes, we know youre innocent - of course you are. But your services to us are too valuable for us to let you continue ignoring our calls, and it required special attention to get you to change your mind. To start, youll learn more about the secret agency for you when you dont know you need one, outlining just what we do and how we do it. Next, youll find out about some of our more creative efforts to distribute misinformation about 31 and how its made our little organization more popular than ever in the intelligence community - and how its continued our mission more than we couldve possibly imagined. Some of the best operations involving this information campaign is actually telling people the truth - youd be surprised about how often that works when you want to conceal what youre doing.... Once youre done absorbing those nuggets of info, youll find a series of briefings about some of our more infamous operatives - Commander Mak (Mark Kalita), Captain Laura Dalonna (Laura Post), and Lieutenant Tom Backus (Elie Hircshman) - including some of their personal commentary. Weve also included some data about Lieutenant Cole, an operative aboard USS Intrepid. Read up quickly - your first assignment starts very soon. And dont forget... ...31 watches over all of the Federations citizens. ALL of them. Best Regards, Director - Section 31

  • Section 31

    Steve Pasqua Interview 6

    Elie Hirschman Interview 9

    Section 31: A History

    By Alex Matthews 13

    Section 31: A History

    The Secret Agency you have when you dont have

    a secret agency, by Gerri and Eugenia 28

    Section 31: A History

    Star Trek Fan Fiction on Section 31 by Gerri and Eugenia 29

    Laura Post Interview 32

    Mark Kalita Interview 36

    Secret Mission Briefing 45

  • Publisher: TC Productions

    Production Company: TC Magazines

    Editor: Richard Miles

    Assistant Editors: Heather Ashleigh, Alex Matthews.

    Head Writers: Gerri Donaldson, Alex Matthews, Richard Miles, Eugenia Stopyra.

    Writers This Issue: Jonathon Connor, Gerri Donaldson, Elie Hirschman, Eugenia Stopyra, John Whiting.

    Special Thanks To:

    Interviewees: Elie Hirschman, Mark Kalita, Steve Pasqua and Laura Post.

    Production Companies:

    Darker Projects, Hidden Frontier Productions and Intrepid Productions.

    The Doctors

    Briefing Room 17

    Henglaar by John Whiting 18

    McCoy Biography 20

    Crusher Biography 21

    Bashir Biography 22

    The Doctor Biography 23

    Phlox Biography 24

    Pulaski Biography 25

    Henglaar Biography 26


    Coming Soon 44

    TCM Staff 46

  • TCM: Can you give us some background on your


    SP: Cole is the Strategic Operations Officer,

    although most of the time hes just

    muddling along doing whatever needs done. His

    speciality is acquisition. If you need something,

    hes your man. Or he at least knows someone

    that can help.

    TCM: How does your character fit in to the

    Section 31 world?

    SP: So far Cole hasnt had any direct dealings

    with Section 31, at least not to his (or for that

    matter my)knowledge. But who knows where

    future storylines may take Cole. I dont, theyre

    still in the writers head!!!

    TCM: In the last episode, your character resigned

    his commission what do you think will happen to

    your character now?

    SP: Shhhh Spoilers!?!? I think a spin off series is

    in order(note hint of sarcasm). Ive an idea what

    Nick plans to do with Cole, but Im revealing

    nothing. Lets just say weve not heard the last of

    him. Whether you like it or not.

    TCM: Section 31 is featuring heavily in a lot of

    Star Trek Fan Films recently, do you think that

    this is a good or a bad thing, and why?

    SP: I think its a good thing to have an element

    that the fan films can take up as their own little

    pocket creation. Gives all the various

    productions a certain chumminess (if thats the


    TCM: Section 31 is the darker side of the

    Federation, its underbelly if you will, what is it

    like being able to play a character associated

    with that organisation, that has all those

    mysteries and secrets?

    SP: As I said, Cole hasnt had a direct association

    with Section 31. However having faced his dark

    side in the past and having to suppress it to a

    degree in the present. I think he could possibly

    empathise or even support the way that they

    work. Cole has one or two mysteries and secrets

    of his own, Im sure.

    He seemed to have found a grounding once

    again on the Intrepid. However the events of

    TCM: What would you like to see your character doing in the


    SP: Health, security and a chance to put his feet up. Or is that

    me? He seemed to have found a grounding once again on the

    Intrepid. However the events of Turning Point have thrown him

    a bit of a curveball. How he deals with that will determine

    where his future lies. Personally I cant wait to see what the

    writers come up with. Just dont kill me off just yet.~

  • TCM: How do you see Tom Backus as a person?

    EH: I think of Tom the way Eric Busby described him to

    me when he first sought me out for the part: He's a hard-

    core engineer, willing and able to cobble together unique

    solutions with what he has at hand.

    Follows in the fine tradition of Scotty and O'Brien, always

    being asked to break the laws of physics and squeeze

    more power out of the engines when it seems impossible.

    I played Tom as straight as I could off the bat - honest,

    innocent, and as it turned out, easily shocked at the way

    his world get flipped upside down when he was brought

    into Section 31.

    TCM: How much involvement did you have over your

    character's evolution?

    EH: Eric defined the initial parameters, but after that, he

    let me take the character where I wanted. I generally

    stuck to basics, but the chance to expand Tom a little

    came when we did a "flash-forward" in one of our

    episodes. We get a glimpse of Tom in the future, where

    world after world has been decimated by the "Great

    Destroyer." Tom is a more grim, sarcastic fellow in the

    future, no doubt jaded by his experiences. After that, I

    started to introduce a little sarcasm, a little bit of cynicism

    into the role, but he's still essentially an earnest, hard-

    working guy with a mostly optimistic outlook on life.

    TCM: How do you try to individualise your various


    EH: When I first started out in voice acting, I used to

    spend time coming up with unique aspects and

    backstories for my characters, but these days, I find the

    time it takes is not really worth the results it yields. Now I

    basically read though the lines, take note of any speech

    patterns, slang, or distinctive phrases, and try to fit that

    into an overall greater picture of the character. If the

    character is hesitant in speech, I may introduce a small

    stutter, pause or stumble on one of the lines, to make it

    even more tentative. And of course, accents and voice

    tones are the most fun part of all.

    TCM: What would you do to prepare for a Section 31 scene?

    EH: For a scene with Tom in it, I would converse with myself in

    his accent - and after a while, it was like slipping on an old

    comfy shoe. Doing Tom's voice takes me right into the

    mindset I need. If it's a scene where I'm playing a Ferengi, I'll

    usually contort my face into something hideous to make sure

    it sounds like I have the proper amount of teeth. In any case,

    starting out with a bunch of technobabble gets the mouth


    TCM: Do you focus just on the series you work on, or do you

    keep updated with the other shows on the site?

    EH: I am a big Darker Projects fan. I've listened to all the

    episodes of Byron, Night Terrors, and now Lost Frontier as

    well. I'm not into Doctor Who but I do enjoy David Ault (our

    current doctor), so I'll listen to some of the new episodes.

    Plus, I'm in them as well, so there's added incentive for me to


    TCM: What is it that drew you to the character you have


    EH: Really, Tom was once of my earliest roles, so I just took

    what was handed to me. Now that I've gotten many roles

    under my belt and have had a chance to reprise the role of

    Tom in Lost Frontier, it's a very comfortable experience to go

    back and play Tom again. I guess Tom has an accent that's not

    hard for me to do or maintain, and his voice has kind of a high

    lilt to it, which is easy on the throat. Tom is also a crucial

    member of the Nosferatu crew, so I guess it was good to feel


  • TCM: How did you get involved in voice acting in


    EH: I took a local neighborhood night course on

    How To Make Money in Voiceovers, given by John

    Gallogly of Cre