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Teacher Leadership Ladder of success. Dr. Kevin Lordon Hebei University China PLC lordon@calu.edu. Leadership. Finish this sentence. Leadership is……. Leadership is Influence. Everyone influences someone. We never know who or how much we influence. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Dr. Kevin LordonHebei University China PLClordon@calu.edu

  • LeadershipFinish this sentence.

    Leadership is.

  • Leadership is InfluenceEveryone influences someone.We never know who or how much we influence.The best investment in the future is a proper influence today.Influence is a skill that can be developed.

    What does this look like as a teacher?

  • Ladder of LeadershipLevel 1: PositionLevel 2: PermissionLevel 3: ProductionLevel 4: People DevelopmentLevel 5: Personhood

  • Level 1 Position-RightsTo be successful:Know the job description.Know the history of the organizationAccept responsibilityPerform with consistent excellenceDo more that expectedOffer ideas for change and improvement

  • Level 2 Permission RelationshipsTo be successfulLove the peopleSee through other peoples eyesLove people more than proceduresDo win-win or dont do itInclude others in the journeyDeal wisely with difficult people

  • Level 3 Production-ResultsTo be successful:Initiate and be responsible for improvementDevelop and follow a purpose statementDevelop accountability for resultsKnow and do things that bring high returnCommunicate the purpose statement to allMake difficult decisions that have impactBecome a change agent

  • Level 4 People Development-ReproductionTo be successful:Realize people are your most valuable itemPrioritize people developmentModel expected actionsFocus on 20%Expose key leaders to growth opportunitiesSurround yourself with a core group

  • Level 5 Personhood-RespectTo be successful:Followers are loyal and sacrificialYou continue to mold leadersJoy comes from others success

  • Climbing the Steps of LeadershipThe higher you go, the longer it takes.The higher you go, the higher the level of commitment.The higher you go, the easier it is to lead.The higher you go, the greater the growth.

  • Leadership Key IntegrityIntegrity:- is not what we do as much as who we are.builds trust.has high influence value.facilitates high standards.

    results in a solid reputation, not just image. Means living it myself before leading others. is a hard-won achievement.

  • Leadership Key PrioritiesThe Pareto Principle: 20% of your priorities will give you 80% of your production IF you spend your time, energy, money, and personnel on the top 20% of your priorities.*Its not how hard your work; its how smart you work.*

  • Leadership Key Problem-SolvingIdentify the ProblemPrioritize the ProblemDefine the Problem- Ask the right questions.- Talk to the right people.- Get the hard facts. - Get involved in the process.