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1. Badges: Special GuestAmy McQuiggeMEETING APRIL 3RD 2012POD 10NANCY DON CHRIS 2. Tonights meeting is aboutearning badges for learning 3. Badges can be used for motivatingstudents and recognizing achievements that we may not be able to grade 4. Students can achieve badges when they are able to learnwith or without high achievement. Badges can be given forlearning that goes above and beyond the assignment or forachieving a small level of success on their way to higherlevel. 5. How do you get credit for things you have done thathave no way of measurement? 6. A badge can be adapted to any level and skill that a student is working on achieving. 7. Assessment by peers can be eyeopening and beneficial to students 8. Badges are different from prior level achievement and can be a way to reward and motivate students when they are on their way to higher achievement but have not gotten there yet. 9. Students can earn and collect badges once a badge site for minors is created. For now they are for 18 and over. 10. The slide was blurry but the websites arep2pu.org and openbadges.org 11. Nancy and Don met in Pod 10 to discuss our questions. (We dont know whathappened to Chris, hope he wasnt lost) 12. We talked about getting badges for workthat we have both done. Don has already gotten his first badge. 13. @amymcquiggeFollow her on Twitter 14. Learning happens everywhere 15. Badges can be awarded to learnersfor different knowledge and skills 16. Don and I earned Badges 101 and the Hackasauras Navigator Badge. PS: This can get addicting