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Examples of how a faculty member can teach with Google Earth. The slides towards the end were combined with showing that place in Google Earth.


  • 1. Meg Stewart January 23, 2013

2. Virtual globesMarsVenusMoonArcGISExplorerCelestia World Wind 3. Advantages of Google Earth Easy to use Cross-platform Making place marks (points, lines, polygons) Image overlays Easy to share files (KML or KMZ) No cost (its free!) 4. Disadvantages of Google EarthCant query, buffer, or clip data as in GISCant do quantitative analysisCant do cartographyThere is no stated accuracy 5. Google Earth for TeachingLoaded with geographically contextual informationAppropriate for educational use on a wide range of topics and disciplinesUseful for inquiry-based activitiesHas a large and active user communityCan easily be incorporated into lecture discussion 6. What is KML or KMZ?KML is like DOC, XLS, or PPT. It is the file extension for a Google Earth project fileKML stands for Keyhole Markup LanguageKMZ stands for Keyhole Markup Language Zipped 7. Scholarly uses of Google Earth 8. Art History Literature - Science http://edweb.tusd.k12.az.us/dherring/ge/googleearth.htm 9. Trinidad and Water Issues 10. Lois Gibbs andher children Love Canal 11. Kyaukpyu, 9 March 2012Burma Kyaukpyu, 25 October, 2012http://ogleearth.com/2012/10/imagery-of-sectarian-destruction-in-burmas-rakhine-state-now-on-google-earth/ 12. The Grenadines 13. The Grenadines 14. The Grenadines 15. Network links to real-time data 16. Rome Then and Now 17. Mississippi River tour 18. Earth ScienceSource--Steve Whitmeyer:http://csmres.jmu.edu/Geollab/Whitmeyer/web/visuals/visualizations.html 19. Algeriahttp://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/01/18/world/africa/site-of-kidnapping-in-algeria.html 20. Ocean 21. Moon 22. Contact:meg.stewart@fulbrightmail.org