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  • 1. Improving Education with TechnologyProposal by: LaKisha Devoe-Washington

2. 20 Cyber Tablets Handwriting recognitiontechnology calibrated foreach student. (good forattendance and submittingassignments and test) Student can controlpressure and level of pento naturally draw andwrite Interact with Smart Boardallows for instant sharing,group correction, reducepaper usage. Useful in allsubject areas 3. 78 Eno Interactive Whiteboard Transition from traditional tointeractive classroom Environmentally-certifiedsurface and no wires orcables (classroom is safe reduce risk of falls, and eliminates allergic reactions to chalk dust or markers) 4. 2 sets 4-Person Spirit Listening Will enhance classroomlibrary promote groupstudy Students will work in twosmall groups of 4 doingstory time activities,literacy groupsreinforcement of topic inall subject area(Especially for ELD and ESL language application reinforcement) Language labs, Listeningcomprehension, Fluencyreading practice 5. 2 Geo-Safari Wonder World An Educational Insight map Promotes a hands on way to explore the world (reinforces lesson topic) 2 Interactive learning stations student fill in details with felt animals, landmarks, and vehicles plus continent, countries, and geographic labels. Tactile experience of placing animals in their natural habitats 6. 2 USB Digital Microscope During Science block theuse of this will allow forinteractive real-timedisplay on the smartboard Enables multiple studentviewing in the classroomsetting of the details all atonce enhancing fullparticipation (making it ideal for facilitating student understanding of the 6 goals within the National Educational Technology Standards, or NETS.)