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Team Bubblegum present 'Friends In?', the app which shows you if your friends are in school that day!


  • 1. Friends in ? By Nikkita Natasha Olivia

2. When: term times and mainly in the morning Who: 11-16 What: a social network app to keep in contact with friends Where: on their phone /tablet Why: to see what friends are coming in to school 3. The problem with this app is that there is social networking out there like Whatsapp and BBM but this is mainly just for in the mornings to see if you friends are coming in or have a doctors or dentist appointment. 4. We came up with the idea when one of our friends was not in school and we couldnt get through to her to see if she was coming in. We thought it would be good if the was an app we could use to see if our friends were coming in. 5. People who have a problem knowing if their friends are coming to school or not are currently using Facebook, Whatsapp or texts, but they do not always work because people dont reply. Our key insight is that people need a new app that will help people with this problem. 6. Friends in? Is an app where you login to a personal account and it will show your friends when you'll be in school. If you dont login in it will show your contacts that you wont be in school, this would be the same for your friends. You can just click on and it will show the people that will come in and who will be absent from the contacts you have added. This would defeat the problem of turning up at school and seeing your friends aren't in. 7. Schoolgirl. Lives in Walton with her Mum, Dad and 2 brothers Wants to save time seeing if her friends are in school. Hates texting to see if friends are in incase she gets ignored due to the fact they mightn't be able to reply. 8. There are no apps exactly like ours but we would have competitors like WhatsApp and BBM and text but we think that if we marketed our product and enough people heard about it we could make it into the app industry. 9. We asked a selection of people at our school and most people said that they would use our app. 10. Our first page in our app Is when you sign up or sign in or reset your password. This is an important page because it takes you to the actual app. 11. Our next important page is the one which shows you if your friends are coming in today. For example, the picture shows that Tasha1 is coming in today. 12. Our final important app is the profile page. It has a picture of the person and then if they are coming into school and finally it shows your unique username that people can add you with. 13. Our data is user generated so we would only need a few off and on switches 14. We would market the app on Facebook or other social networks.