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  1. 1. Parachute Advanced #ArtOfOiling Campaign-Group 6 Amateur by Group 6, Amateurs
  2. 2. Introduction In November, 2014 Marico brand Parachute Advanced came up with a new campaign #ArtOfOiling Targeting Females, Through In their own microsite where they taught people the art of oil massaging with the help of famous massage artist Moses Chundi and Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhiri.
  3. 3. Cont. Also presence of 30 make up and beauty bloggers in the launch programme made the campaign more engaging with their follow up blog posts and do-it-yourself videos
  4. 4. Results: The #ArtOfOiling was a successful campaign They generated 700K+ followers on Facebook 30 beauty bloggers Twitter and YouTube traffic
  5. 5. Cont. The DIY videos and live contests made the campaign participative and brand image of Parachute Advansed was repositioned.
  6. 6. Learnings: After analysing the impacts, we came up with the following key learnings from the #ArtOfOiling campaign which makes a digital campaign successful
  7. 7. Use of Microsite Part of digital campaign User friendly Generating traffic by engaging audience for longer time. Role of Bloggers: Very effective tool other than social networks, creating DYI videos and demonstrate massing techniques.
  8. 8. Live Contests Help Building Traffic: Make people to participate in online contest and reward them with Flipkart vouchers and maintaining the traffic. Unique DIY Videos Engage Customers: Engaging audience by Do It Yourself videos and attracting female consumers and make them learn various massaging techniques.
  9. 9. Importance of Relevant Concept Parachute Advansed chose the very famous concept of Champi and incorporated it in their campaign Easy to learn and practice daily They take part
  10. 10. Specialized Concepts Make a Campaign More Successful Specialized DYI videos #ArtOfFacialGlow or #ArtOfDestressing For attracting niche customers segments such as office-goers and brides-to-be Creating new customer base.