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A presentation on June 1, 2010 at the Pennsylvania Adult and Continuing Education Conference at Penn State University by David J. Rosen


  • 1. Technology Tools for Teachers David J. Rosen, Ed.D Newsome Associates Jamaica Plain, MA [email_address] PAACE Annual Conference State College, PA 2010

2. Objectives

  • Help teachers, tutors, and others become familiar with electronic technology for:
      • Enhancing teacher professional development -- in technology and other areas
      • Making online, narrated, screen capture presentations for students and for others
      • Encouraging student writing online
      • Capturing and organizing web sites using screen captures.

3. Professional Development 4. Media Library of Teaching Skills 5. Adult Literacy Education Wiki 6. AALPD Resources Wiki 7. Adult Ed Online 8. Encouraging StudentWriting and Reading 9. WikiHow 10. WinkSite

  • WinkSite is a free website that can be used for making short reading assignments available from web-accessible smart phones

11. Web 2.0 Applications 12. Slide Share 13. Jing Project 14. 15. Thanks!David J. Rosen, Ed.D Newsome Associates [email_address]