technical deconstruction

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Technical Deconstruction

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Technical Deconstruction

Technical Deconstruction

Front Cover

Clear masthead to show the name of the magazine. Obvious and stands out to the reader. Well known celebrity, idol for a lot of girls which supports the colours that have been used throughout, pinks and purples. Shopping- something that a lot of girls enjoy to do. Most girls are big fans of One Direction. Would appeal to them. SkylineMain image. Sell lines

Front Cover

Masthead- making it clear what the name of the magazine is. Makes it look as though Justin is looking directly at the reader, more appealing for the fans of him. Not a lot of facial expression. Looks casual. The colours used are blues and yellows which are mainly linked with boys. This suggests that this magazine could be more likely to be aimed at boys rather than girls. Casual clothes, doesnt look too smart. Sell lines. Use of a bold colour, might be something important or interesting.Pull quotes, might make the reader want to read more about that section.

Contents Page

Name of magazineUsed as though it is a present to the reader. Main Heading, used to grab the readers attention and make them aware that whatever is inside will be loved. Main Image, a well known celebrity and pull quotes from what has been said by him. Making it clear to the reader that this section is about what is inside of the magazine. Splits up the section into featured parts of the magazine. Clear references to the page number, makes it easier for the reader to locate that page.

Double Page Spread

Extra images to support text Main image Masthead of page Text which is used to inform the reader. Banner across page- draws readers attention. White background used so the text will stand out. Small labels to describe the images.

How I will use these findings in my work.Firstly, I will place my masthead in the top left of my magazine and make sure the font size is bigger than all the other text I will be using on the front cover. I will have a main image and that will be placed in the centre of my cover and it will be a medium close up shot. This person I use will fit in with the genre of the magazine I am creating. Also, on my front cover I will use sell lines and probably a pull quote from an article inside. I will also use bright colours that will attract the reader.

In the contents page I will use a main heading, I will clearly layout this page by using sections and I will make sure that the pages are clearly numbered to make it easier for the reader to locate a certain page. I will use images linked with what's inside my magazine to inform the reader a little bit more about who's going to be featuring in my magazine.

Throughout my double page spread I will use 2 pull quotes and make them stand out, I will use a clear heading to make it obvious to the reader what that page is going to be about. I will also use images to support the text.