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    Koovappally p.o., Kottayam Dt., Kerala, InDIa. pIn – 686518 mob: 9516666000, 8547888365 9496094661, e-mail : [email protected]


    n AbiAm Cloud SolutionS, SV, AJCE n AiESyS, StARtuPS VAllEy, AJCE n AwESomE dAddiES, CoChin n bRAinCubE, CoChin n CRAzydES, CoChin. n CREACE n CREyo homES n Emi PRoduCtS n FilAnzA n GREEn liFE SolutionS, SV, AJCE n i-ERA tEChniCAl SolutionS n inSPiREin tEChnoloGiES, CoChin n nAlAKAth ConStRuCtionS n nAwoPo, CoChin n RESnoVA tEChnoloGiES, CoChin n SiGmoS n SynERGEn n zhooyi + many more...

    K A N J I R A P P A L L Y

    Add-on CouRSES

    Gate CoaCHInG

    enGlISH FlUenCy CoUrSe, IeltS & beC

    DrIvInG aCaDemy

    CaD traInInG

    labvIeW aCaDemy

    CnC vertICal maCHInInG Centre

    aSnt level 2 CertIFICatIon

    ForeIGn lanGUaGe CoUrSeS

    Heavy DUty aUtomobIle teCHnoloGy

    Karate anD yoGa

    inStitution CodE AJC

    SALIENT FEATURES n the first new generation engineering

    college in Kerala accredited with ‘a’ Grade by naaC under the UGC, Govt. of India

    n First new-gen engg. college in the State to obtain nba accreditation for prime depts.—re-accredited in 2017.

    n eligible to offer b tech (Hons) program in Ce, CS, eCe, eee & me under apJ abdul Kalam technological University.

    n top-class Central library in 30,000 Sq.ft. n research & technology collaboration

    with IIt, bombay, and C-DaC, trivandrum.

    n Industrial collaboration with volvo - eicher Commercial vehicles ltd (automobile technology), neSt (optical Fiber technology) and KemppI (Welding), royal enfield (bikes), boSCH (automotive Systems), yamaHa (bikes) etc as part of Skill Development and Institutional Social responsibility programmes.

    n Startups valley technology business Incubator, a multi-crore project of the Govt. of India to create student entrepreneurs, promote small / medium scale industries, and to enhance value- added jobs and services-- 25 Start-up companies on the campus.

    n a dynamic Innovation & entrepreneurship Development Centre (IeDC) of the DSt, Govt. of India.

    n Collaboration with malayala manorama as technical partner in the prestigious yuva mastermind project contest, since 2011

    n Selected to host the first teCHFeSt of the KtU, and KetCon (Kerala technological Congress) of the KSCSte.

    n 780 seats for b. tech across nine branches, besides 330 seats for 11 master’s programs-- the second highest intake in the State

    n two campus hostels, managed by Catholic priests and sisters, accommodating 2500 students--Smart eating habits using silverware.

    n a built-up area of 16.5 lakh sq.ft on a 65- acre campus.

    n 200 kW Solar power plant. n Five-star rated remote Centre of e-outreach

    program ‘ekalavya’ of IIt, bombay n amal Jyothi institute for Civil Services,

    mentored by top-rated civil servants, past and present.

    n 500-metre Skywalk connecting the College with the hostels

    n Winner, techtop 2017 at IIt Delhi, and Shaastra 2016 & 2017 at IIt, madras.

    n Kerala State akshaya oorja award - 2017 for initiatives in solar power generation.

    n ‘best environment friendly Campus’ adjudged by Kerala State pollution Control board-2016.

    OTHER HIGHLIGHTS n Foreign students on ICCr Scholarship n annual international conferences -

    aICera n Food Court and Guest House of global

    standards with automated modern kitchen

    n exclusive aptitude training and personality development programmes

    n regular classes in Communicative english up to S6 with 67- console language lab

    n Five-day orientation course for freshers n membership in professional bodies

    like Ieee, ISte, ISba, CSI, eCS, IIpe, ICI, IIChe, Sae, IIm, Kma, nIQr and IeI

    n Unique courses on CaD, CatIa, StaaD, prImavera, Heavy Duty automobile technology, CnC vertical machine, non-Destructive testing, nI labview academy, red Hat Certifications.

    n amal Jyothi Driving academy to impart quality driving skills

    n power plant of 1120 Kva n Fully Wi-Fi campus with 650 mbps

    internet connectivity

    n State-of-the-art computer network of 1500 systems

    n Consistent academic track record n excellent placements: placement Cell

    in each department n High- profile and experienced Faculty n Six professional counsellors, besides

    faculty mentors for every 20 students n two nSS units besides 10 technical

    and General Clubs. n vibrant physical edn. Dept. with multi-

    winning track records n authorised exam centre for Gate,

    Jee, ICe(I), CmC vellore, and nSe n Intensive Gate coaching by in-house

    trainers-- Classes for Cat/mat and bank tests

    n aptitude training with a question bank of 1.5 lakh questions accessible through automated random choices.

    n amal Jyothi Centre for Continuing education.

    n personal accident Insurance for the entire students and one parent each.


    SKIll Development proGrammeS

    amal JyotHI teCHnoloGy bUSIneSS InCUbator

  • b tech SeatS-120

    b tech SeatS-120

    b tech SeatS-120

    b tech SeatS-60

    m tech SeatS-24 Structural engg. & Const. mgt.

    m tech SeatS-18 Communication engg.

    m tech SeatS-18 machine Design

    m tech SeatS-18 Computer-aided Structural engg. & Const. mgt.

    b tech SeatS-60

    b tech SeatS-120

    b tech SeatS-60

    mCA regular SeatS-60 3 years

    m tech SeatS-18 nano- technology

    m tech SeatS-18 environmental engg.*

    m tech SeatS-18 Computer Science & engg.

    m tech SeatS-18 power electronics & power Systems

    mCA lateral entry SeatS-60 2 years

    m tech SeatS-18 energy Systems

    mCA Integrated SeatS-60 5 years after 10 +2

    CAREER PRoSPECtS Opportunities like design and construction of structures, soil dynamics, surveying, disaster management, and in infrastructure development projects like roads, bridges, canals, water and sewage treatment plants.

    hiGhliGhtS n Take up socially relevant projects for development of nearby panchayats n Conduct conferences, exhibitions, workshops, seminars open to the public n mou with industries enabling training for graduates n Consultancy to various civil engineering agencies n Software training to make graduates industry-ready n GATE coaching to prepare students for higher studies and employment

    CAREER PRoSPECtS Opportunities in Chip Design, Software development and deployment, Networks, Telecom, Real-Time Embedded System Design, Automotive Electronics, Fiber Optics Communication.

    hiGhliGhtS n Accreditation - The Department has been reaccredited for 3 years by NBA n Incessant research promoting atmosphere and sophisticated training facilities for

    research in Embedded Systems, Wireless Communications, Speech/Audio/Video/ Image processing, Antenna Technology, Optical Fibre Technology.

    n patents, publications, awards at various technical contests and fairs, sponsored industry projects are regular features of the department.

    n Tie-ups with corporates to align the academics with the demands of the industry

    CAREER PRoSPECtS Opportunities as Information research scientists, computer network architects, computer programmers, system analysts, database administrators, information security analysts, network and system administrators, software engineers, web developers, data experts, business intelligence designers, game developers.

    hiGhliGhtS n Outcome-based Teaching-Learning process n Curriculum aligned with industry trends n hands-on industry experience through internship on live projects n Excellent placement record with an average placement of 87%

    CAREER PRoSPECtS One among core engineering fields, mechanical Engineering offers stupendous job prospects. The broadness offered throughout the course helps to widen the field of work along with increased skill sets which include designing, testing, choosing the right manufacturing methods and tools, operate and maintain operations & maintenance of machines and mechanical systems of the industry standards. hiGhliGhtS n Funded projects of several lakhs under Govt. agencies such as ISRO, DRDO, DST, &

    KSCSTE. n Cryogenic Treatment Lab sponsored by VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram. n Industrial collaboration with Asian Institute of petroleum and Construction

    Technology (AIpCT), Kelachandra machines, Kondody Autocraft, hiTech Engineering works.

    CAREER PRoSPECtS Employment in industries such as petroleum and petrochemicals, detergents, pharmaceuticals, paper, adhesives, cement, leather, fertilizers, textiles, polymers, food and agro-based industries, thermal and nuclear power generating plants, coal mining and metal industries, defence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and environmental engg. hiGhliGhtS n Excellent undergraduate laboratories n “Grade C” Water and Wastewater Testing Laboratory approved by Kerala State

    pollution Control Board n Software Training in ANSYS, ASpEN, petro-Sim and mATLAB n Good placements in core companies n Excellent opportunities for developing skills through the IIChE-AJCE Students


    CAREER PRoSPECtS hardware & Networking, Software Engineering & Development, Business Development & Customer Relationship mgmt., Research &