technical magazine deconstruction

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Technical Magazine Deconstruction

Technical Magazine Deconstruction

MastheadDateline, Price & Issue NumberMain Sell lineSell linesMain Image

Terminology broken down Typography: font

A Masthead: Magazine title

Main Image: Typically showing the person(s) or object directly associated with the main feature/article usually a medium close up

Tag: The word or phrase is used to engage a readers interest in a story by categorising it e.g. Exclusive

Sell lines: The essential articles inside the magazine are stated through sell lines, these are regularly seen at the right hand side of the cover.

Terminology Inside the magazineTypography:Serif- Fonts with fancy feetSans Serif- Fonts without fancy feet

Drop- Cap: The first letter of the article tends to be in a larger/different/elaborate font.

Pull Quotes: Enlarged quotes

Your TaskSelect 2 front covers, 2 contents pages and 2 double page spreads from your chosen genre (appropriate imagery and article content) from 2015.

Technically deconstruct each page suggesting how they exhibit technical features of magazines and how use forms and conventions of your chosen genre.

Write a paragraph saying how your work will be influenced by your findings.