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  • Technical Support & Management (TSM)

    RGB is well known for its turnkey slots operation services since 1999. With more than 26 years of gaming supplier experience, our TSM division is involved in long-term partnership with investors and gaming license holders in operating slot halls and casinos throughout the Asian Region. RGB has various partnership models such as, leasetoownwithrecurringfees



    that cater the needs of any business establishment regardless of its size.


  • VietnamLao PDR Cambodia

    Macau SAR

    Lao PDR



    The Philippines


    RGB has more than 6,000 units of machines in operation across the Philippines, Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam.

    the Philippines

  • VietnamRGB has a full TSM team which comprises of operations staff, technical services and maintenance staff, treasurers, accountants, interior designers and game developers who provides total gaming solution for electronic gaming machine setup and operations in Asia. The core functions of RGB TSM team are:









    localregulatoryandcultural managing advisory


  • RGB adopts the principles of purchasing the best performing electronic gaming machines and technology for tomorrow (T4T) for its slot operations in order to optimise the return of investment for RGB and its partners. With the vast experience in the Asian gaming industry, RGB is capable to provide to its customers the best mixture of machines and electronic version of live casino games such as roulette, baccarat, poker, sicbo and etc. RGB also implements the following performance improvement methodology for all of its operations:

    PeriodicElectronicGamingMachinesUpgradeProgramtoreplacethe low performance machines.


    Utilisingprovenfinanceandscientificcalculationtogainthehighest return of investment.

    Besides RGBs in-house product RGBGames, RGB has established strategic alliances with the worlds leading electronic gaming machines manufacturers and suppliers whichbringhighlyinnovativeandprofitableproductstothegamingfloormanagedbyRGBforthebenefitofallparties.


    RGBs Proprietary Brand:

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    Key Manufacturer Partners:

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    TSMHeaded By:

    Mr. Chuah Kim Chiew

    KimChiewisagraduatefromUniversityofWaseda,Japanwith a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and has more than 25 years of experience in gaming industry. Currently, Kim Chiew oversees the SSM and TSM activities in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Philippines.

    Country Director SSM & TSM

  • TSM Lao PDR

    Mr. Karl Ong Chee Seang

    Karl is an engineer by profession. He holds a BachelorDegree in Electrical Engineering

    specialises inControl& Instrumentation.Karlhasmore than8yearsof slotsexperience.

    Before assuming his current position in 2014, Karl was a technical support engineer

    for several years. With his strong technical background, Karl was promoted to Operation Manager in 2007. Karl is

    experiencedinnewoutletssetup,slotfloormanagement,strategiesandsystemsimplementation. 7

    Assisted By:

    Assisted By:TSM Cambodia

    Country Manager TSM (Lao PDR)

    Mr. Tony Lim Chin Teong

    Tony Lim has more than 19 years of experience in gaming

    industry. He implements strategic policies and nurture the

    Groups existing business along with development of new

    business in Cambodia.

    Territory Manager TSM (Cambodia)

    TSM Philippines

    Mr. Steve Ang Yih Sheng


    the Group as Slot Manager in 2007 before assuming his current position in 2014. He has

    7 years of slots experience including setting up of new slot operations especially those with slot accounting systems.

    Steve is familiar with Atronic Systems, Dacom, SiP and RGB SmartLink systems.

    Country Manager TSM (The Philippines)

    Assisted By:

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    Treasury is an independent department which works closely with TSM and Technical Support Services divisions throughout the planning and operational stages to maximise machine yield and returns for each concession venue.

    Treasury consists of a team of experienced, capable and dedicated staff who provides games analysis to enhance incremental returns and net win from each of theelectronicgamingmachinesonoperationfloor.

    Functions of Treasury division include the following:

    - preparationofstatementofprofitsdistribution

    - preparationofmachinescollectionandprofitabilityreports

    - profitsdistributionandremittance

    - slot accounting and audits

    - systemsverificationandreconciliation

    - games popularity and yield analysis


    Treasury Key Personnel

    Malaysia (Penang)Head OfficeMr. Vincent Lee, FCCAE-mail :

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    Technical Support ServicesRGB Technical Support Services team has more than 25 years of experience in rendering technical services, system maintenance services and consultation to over 10 countries in Asia. This valued experience has ultimately equipped us with vast and in-depth knowledge in every technical aspect of product maintenance, software and new game technology.

    The team is dedicated to meet our customer needs and market requirements in a timely, reliable and cost-effective manner and provide Technical Assistance and After Sales Service to our customers by applying the latest technological methodologies and tools.


    RGB Technical Support Services team offers:






  • 10

    The team also supports all brands of gaming machines including:






    RGB Technical Support Services teams is deployed at all our TSM sites across the Asian Region.

    The contact of our Technical Support Services key regions are as follows:

    Technical Support Services

    Contact Number:

    Malaysia-HeadOffice +6042631111

    Macau +85328755533

    ThePhilippines +6325671560

    Singapore +6567440089

    Cambodia-Poipet +85554967438

    Cambodia-Bavet +85544715155

    Technical Support Key Personnel

    Malaysia (Perai)TechnologyCentre/Factory1. Mr. Khoo Boo Leong(EngineeringManager)

    2. Mr. Bernard Ling (Technical Support Manager)

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    Parts & ServicesBesides providing engineering, technical support services and system maintenance services to customers, we are also supplying low cost and high quality parts and components to our customers by tagging along our existing established global network, which brings cost savings to our customers.

    Machine Parts Repairing SolutionRGB Technical Support Services team provides repairing solution for the machine parts of PCBs and LCDs and offers high quality parts and components at competitive price.

    We offer parts order services with support from our Product Support Department. For any enquir ies, please contact our Product Suppor t Depar tment

    Available Spare Parts:

    Assy Button Trilobe(PN: 6416-431524)

    FAN HTSK MK6 MAIN PCB (PN: 431983)

    Xcite Bash Button(PN: 6501-573615)


    PCBA INTL BACKPLANE (PN: 2501-410548)

    Mk6 Main Board(PN: 410557)

    Comms Config PCB(P:N 2501-410217)

    PCBA - MECH METERS (PN: 4503-572072_1)

    Remarks: Majority of the spare parts shown are for machines usage; RGB also supplies and provides solution and parts replacement for parts which are not listed here.

  • 12

    PCB ASY Bluebird (PN: A-006672-03)

    PCBA SPN Lamp Matrix(PN: A-011697-02-00)

    Asy PDU Box (PN: A-015309-01-00)

    15V 300W PSU (PN: 15V300-PFC)

    Push Button (PN: 20-007389-16)

    Lap Controller (PN: A-LAP-SYS-13)

    Assy Diverter Solenoid (PN: A-0007873-01)

    Inverter 19 PN: AP72449-5B)

    Power Supply (PN YP-400A-AA)

    Ballast(PN: X-PE-PT-DC03-R2)

    LCD 17 (PN LCM170M)

    Transformer (PN: R 230100)

    Main board (PN: CR01-C001-1R)

    IO board (PN: CRO1-C004R)

    Push Button (PN: SS-37UKK-W-LED5-W-12V)

    Counter (PN: 720-0002-6-B)

    Remarks: Majority of the spare parts


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