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2. To understand what TPACK is we must firstunderstand the basis of:Technological Knowledge;Pedagogical Knowledge; andContent Knowledge. 3. Pedagogy is the art, strategies or ways ofteaching; Teachers want their students to engage andultimately learn. It is only with the use of goodpedagogical techniques that this occurs. 4. Content Knowledge is the knowledge that theteacher has the content that they are teaching. Ie.The subject matter. Before a teacher can teach content to a studentthe teacher must have an understanding of thecontent being taught. The better the teachers content knowledge themore likely it is that such knowledge can bepassed to the students. 5. Technological Knowledge is the knowledge of howto use technologies. Is it enough to just know how to use thetechnologies? How will this assist your class? 6. Just as it was important to know whatpedagogies to use to teach the content it isjust as important to know the ways to usetechnology to teach and the knowledge of theaffects that using those technologies willhave on the students. What are some affects that may result fromstudents using technology at school? 7. So if we add Technological Knowledge,Pedagogical Knowledge and Content Knowledgetogether what will we get?


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