Technological strategies for engaging your community

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<ul><li> 1. Technological Strategies for Engaging Your Community<br />Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, Communications Director<br />SC State Library<br />County Clerks to Council Training Program October 12, 2011<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. agenda<br />Overview (interactive vs. talking head)<br />Video<br />Questions &amp; Answers<br />No scheduled break well break when everyone wants to<br />Examples &amp; Resources - show and tell<br />Group Exercises with Review<br /> 3. Blooms Taxonomy<br />What youre actually going to be doing today when you learn about new ways of communicating with your communities.<br /> 4. 5. What are your <br />first thoughts?<br /> 6. How is local government changing?<br /> 7. 8. What are your <br />first thoughts?<br /> 9. 10. Review of SC County Government Web Sites for Social Media Logos (August 2011)<br /> 11. But how do you find the time?<br /> 12. Easy answer/difficult to do<br />STOP DOING WHAT NO LONGER IS EFFECTIVE OR WORKS AND CHANGE HOW YOU DO THINGS! <br /> 13. 14. 15.<br /> 16. Social Media Resources Exercise<br />Take a few moments to brainstorm on what resources you use on a daily basis and write down the web site addresses<br />Well review each web site and explore how it is useful to what you do and how you can engage your community<br />Discuss why its important to keep up with new technology and social media<br /> 17. Profile vs. page vs. group<br />How is it working for you?<br />Examples of use (show &amp; tell)<br />Keeping up with questions/comments/responding<br />Q&amp;A<br /> 18. #hashtags &amp; @signs<br />How is it working for you?<br />Examples of use (show &amp; tell)<br />Keeping up with questions/comments/responding<br />Q&amp;A<br /> 19. Hootsuite social media management tool<br />Manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets and posts.<br />Tweetdeck (another management tool)<br /> 20. Channels, creating videos, uploading, playlists, insights, friends, subscribing <br />How is it working for you?<br />Examples of use (show &amp; tell)<br />Keeping up with questions/comments/responding<br />Q&amp;A<br /> 21. Learning exercise<br />Think about Social Media, the communities you serve, and your office workflow.<br />Take ____ minutes to discuss:<br />How to get more involved.<br />How to make social media more effective.<br />What are your next steps?<br />Take notes on what was discussed.<br />Report on the discussion/group discussion. <br /> 22. Your homework assignment:<br /> 23. Resources<br />How to Embrace Social Networking in Local Government by Pamela Weaver Antil. ICMA press.<br />5 Objections to Social Media in Government and their Responses by Kieran Harrop.<br />DISCUS South Carolinas Virtual Library <br />Use your local public library!<br /> 24. Be flexible<br />Flickr:Ingorrr<br /> 25. Dont be hostile to new technology<br />Flickr:Lara604<br /> 26. Flickr:woodleywonderworks<br />Treat new technology like they would.<br /> 27. Keep up!<br />Flickr:whiteafrican<br /> 28. Play &amp; Experiment<br />Flickr:TheLightworks<br /> 29. Flickr:lovelypetal<br /> 30. Thank you!<br />Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, <br />Communications Director<br />803-734-8928<br /> <br /></p>