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Technology Assisted Learning. Jeanna Johnson. Remember that technology is a tool….just like a pencil. Using the tool effectively… will promote learning in a 21 st century global economy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Technology Assisted Learning Jeanna Johnson

Remember that technology is a tool.just like a pencil.Using the tool effectively will promote learning in a 21st century global economy

If students use technology to complete lower level tasks, the technology is ineffective. Technology is not the means to the end.Students must learn to create and use other higher level thinking skills.

Other examples:

I asked students to type the definitions of vocabulary words on the computer.I asked students to explain several topics by completing a brochure template that I had created and saved on the student drive.I asked students to express what a network means to them by using AutoShapes in WORD after a mini field trip and notes that relate to networks and how they work.After students learn basic computer devices and components, I give them a scenario of something that has gone wrong with the computer. They must play a technicians role to diagnose possible causes and solutions. Their product will be a computer created quote from their computer company. I ask the students to use the internet to justify why they would make certain decisions when buying a personal computer. (Purchase bundled software or not? Which is better for you? Why?I ask student to use the internet to research equipment, software, and office furniture, then use a program to create a floorplan, to ulitmately design a Desktop Publishing business based on a scenerio.

Investigating Technology Assisted LearningStudents, Teachers and Technology

My 11 year old was invited to a webcam party a couple of days ago, is constantly texting and using the computer and internet on a daily basis. Is she ready for an online learning community? How about other forms of technology assisted learning?Are teachers trained to integrate technology into their classroom or curriculum? Are teachers ready to lead online learning communities for public education students?Monitor the results of assisting softwares for effectiveness. Have a plan to purchase effective softwares and devices. Make sure to remember that technology is a tool, teaching needs to continue to be inspirational and well planned.

Investigating Technology Assisted LearningPros

Entertaining.Can offer interactive experiences that may not be available otherwise.Can produce an increase in individualized learning and academic growth.

ConsCan be expensiveRequires innovative teachers that are properly trainedCan be used improperly

Assisting Learning with TechnologyWhat is out there now

Online learning communities for public education students.

Software designed to assist learners with reading and math.

Devices such as SmartBoards, Responders, Interwrite Pads.

How do we reach our goals?What to do now?

Remember that teachers will remain the key, even in the future.

A balance of technology with teachers acting as facilitators may be the answer.



Conclusion-Technology Assisted LearningNot a new way to learn and teach, just new tools to enhance both!

Based on some of the same theories that have been around for a very long time

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