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  • 7/31/2019 Technology for Classroom Management


    Sarah Sell BED 309- Supervised Study in Technology August 9, 2012

    Technology for Classroom Management: Research and Application

    Tech4CM or Technology for Classroom management was created for teachers looking to

    improve their classroom management plans with the assistance of technology. Created from an

    interest in technology and a desire to learn more about classroom management, Tech4CM is

    designed as a wikispace composed of countless technological applications based on nineimportant elements of classroom management. Classroom management is one of the most

    significant elements in the classroom, establishing the effectiveness of a teachers instruction

    and students performance. Likewise, the use of technology is being strongly encouraged and

    embraced by schools so as to cultivate twenty-first century learners prepared to be successful

    in the digital age. Therefore, technology should be seriously considered by teachers when

    creating and enforcing their classroom management plans to assure highly productive,

    engaging and meaningful classes. Tech4CM is to be used as inspirational guide for teacher

    wishing to embrace more technology and/ or looking to better manage their classroom. They

    will find a variety of media tools that can function for specific purposes in classroom

    management or for cross curricular activities. Educators will also understand the importance or

    technology and classroom management and will be surprised how the two can complement

    one another effectively. However teachers wish to use Tech4CM, the possibilities of how you

    can use its contents are endless and meaningful for cultivating a love of learning among


    Tech4CM is the unique blend of multimedia tools enhancing classroom management

    techniques in primarily elementary classrooms. Initially challenged with a former idea that

    classroom management was usually directed by the teacher in whole class meetings, the

    introduction of twenty-first century applications to this matter changed all that. Through

    research, reading and a wealth of knowledge from my technology courses thus far, I was able to

    craft a classroom management plan based entirely around technology. The design for the

    classroom management plan was based off of Elementary Classroom Management, Lessons

    from Research and Practice by Carol Simon Weinstein, Molly Romano, and Andrew Mignano Jr.

    This read was critical in outlining my plan because each chapter focused on a different element

    of classroom management, from building a caring community to managing individual and group

    work. It was from the content in these chapters I based the pages of my wiki and conducted my

    research around it. After reading each chapter and learning more about how to implement

    these management systems, I sought the best technology applications relevant to the content

    by contacting colleagues, peers, and teachers. What I uncovered was web based resources that

    can be used for any variety of purposes in classroom management and even core curricular

    subjects. For this project however, I focused on what application would best compliment each

    classroom management area. Many times I asked myself, how would I use this to implementclassroom management in my classroom? From there I would assign a tool to the most

    appropriate area of classroom management, and thus the wikispace grew to a collection of

    interactive websites and pages. The tools that I selected range from those that organize

    classrooms to those that can run them. All are engaging to students and teachers and most are

    free as they are accessible through the World Wide Web. Many if not all of these applications

    are also educationally certified and are well known among teachers and administration for

  • 7/31/2019 Technology for Classroom Management