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Technology Helps for TeachersPowerPointiPadsVideosPicturesInternetProjectorsOrganization

ContentsPhilosophy of using TechnologySigns of Being a 21st Century TeacherObstacles of Using TechnologyTools for using Technology in Every ClassIdeas for adapting technology to specific subjectsResources for Developing supplementsResources for developing skills

Philosophy of Using TechnologyTechnology is not greater than the teacher Technology < Teacher

Technology is a supplement, not a replacement

Technology is always changing

Signs of a 21st Century Teacher

You encourage students to use a variety of sources for their research project and they cite blogs, podcasts, and interviews theyve conducted via SkypeYour students work on collaborative projects (including from other countries)You give weekly updates to parents via your blogYou ask your students to study and create reports on controversial topics and then great their video submissionsYou prepare substitutes with detailed directions via podcastsYour students and you develop digital portfolio of original artifacts and resources for research.

Signs of a 21st Century TeacherYour students create a study guide working together on a group wiki.You share lesson plans with colleagues from around the globe.Your classroom budget is tight, but it doesnt matter because there are many free resources that you can use - join learning groups, go to conferences, collaborate, etc.You realize the importance of professional development: read blogs, join online communities, and use Twitter for professional development.Take your students on virtual field trips (Great Wall of China) but never leave the roomYour students share stories of their summer vacation through an online repository.Visit the Louvre online and dont spend a dime.You teach your students not to be cyber bullies.

Signs of a 21st Century Teacher

You require your students to summarize a chapter and submit it electronically (webpage, e-mail, etc.).You showcase your students work to the class or the world.You have morning coffee while checking RSS or Twitter feed.You help students learn to locate information on the Internet and to practice discernment with what they encounter.You and your students add to the world wide web, not just viewing it.

Obstacles of Using TechnologyFinding TimeFinding ResourcesLearning and Implementing toolsTechnology doesnt always work right

Obstacles solutions for Using TechnologyNetwork with other teachers and colleaguesUse social media to follow expertsVisit discussion panelsTake/audit development classesVisit web sitesStreamline what works for you

Tools for Using TechnologyImportant Choose which tools work best for you. You dont have to use every tool others recommend.Select a method to save links, articles, and various information.Dont be greedy! Share with others!

Tools for Using Technology Saving informationOnline data hosting gives accessibility, backs up data, and makes sharing easy.DropboxGoogle DriveOne DrivePocketsymbaloo

Tools for Using Technology collaborationMultiple users can work on the same document and share it instantly.Dropbox, Google Drive, One DriveGoogle DocsLinoit ( Pad *Color codes what each person does so you know who changed it.

Tools for Using Technology every teacher


Tools for Using Technology every teacherGoogleSearch engineGoogle ChromeGoogle DocsGoogle MapsGoogle Earth

Google VoiceGoogle TranslateGoogle ScholarGoogle Art ProjectsGoogle Sky

Search engine can be modified:Inside Search gives details how to modify your searchesSearch tools helps you narrow your search to reading levels, location, date of publicationCan search pictures or videos

Google MapsStreet view allows for virtual field trips

Google VoiceCan create a virtual phone number and tie it to your cell number. Any voicemails left can be converted into text for reading.



Google ScholarGives access to articles and publications

Google Art ProjectsVirtual field trips. Shows relics or pictures which can be used for history, English, science, etc.

Google Sky- Physics or astronomy


Tools for Using Technology every teacherGoogle (cont.)Google MoonGoogle MarsGoogle URL shortenerGoogle DriveGoogle Projects

Google Projects- Art projects, historic moments, world wonders14

Tools for Using Technology every teacherProductivity Evernote (to-do lists)Wunderlist (can create tasks and share)Personal Pro Planner (IOS only)*Synchronizes with all other calendars*Allows for varying tasks: planned, unplanned, scheduled, recurring.

Choose the methods that work best for you. Pen and paper do work. Electronic planning helps to prevent clutter.15

Tools for Using TechnologyDesign a word cloud


Tools for Using TechnologyDesign a brain storm or graph

Tools for Using TechnologyDesign a brain storm or graphInstagrok (can search for ones already made photosynthesis)

Tools for Using TechnologyPrint articles (without the extras)Print-Friendly ( what you like (

Can remove all ads, pictures, videos, and links. Enter the URL and click the items you want removed. The article can then be printed, e-mailed, or saved as a PDF file. (Great tool for student handouts)

Tools for Using Technology - PicturesiConfinder (*Great for PPTFree Resources *Unsplash,, Death to the Stock, Life of Pix, Compfight, Lightstock, Gratisography, Pexels, Pixaby, Public Domain Archive.Paid Resources*Dollar Photo Club, iStock Photo, Shutter StockOnline image hosting (

With copyright laws, you cannot use just any digital image (ex. Google images). If you are using pictures for PPT presentations, blog posts, e-mail, etc. you must follow copyright laws. Keyword: Creative Commons20

Tools for Using Technology - videos

View pure (*Removes all adds, commercials, and links from Youtube.Tubchop (*Allows you to edit video beginning and ending.- Teacher can better control the time (shortening longer videos to key points)- Teachers can better control content by removing inappropriate parts.Kideos (videos for kids)Youtube & youtube education

Tools for Using Technology - media

Zamzar (* Converts file types (documents, images, music, video, e-book) into different formats.Vocaroo (* Can record audio and send file via e-mail, FB, or other electronic medium.- Teachers can record student reading to show progress between semesters.- Teachers can record themselves for correct foreign language pronunciation.- Teachers can record play linesAudioboo (similar to Vocaroo)Panaptop (similar to Vacaroo and Audioboo but records video also)

Tools for Using Technology - media

Prtscn (keyboard) and Microsoft paint *Allows for screen shots and editing.- Great tool for computer classes (how to) - Great visuals for PowerPoint (instructional)

Jing (* Requires software download.Screencasto-matic (similar to Jing)Panaptop (similar to Vacaroo and Audioboo but records video also)

Tools for Using Technology - Presentation

SlideShare*Already-created PPTs that can usually be downloaded and edited.Templates* Smile Templates, Free PPT, Templates Wise, Free PPT Templates, Presentation Magazine, Slide Rocket, PreziFonts (

Tools for Using Technology - games

GeoGuessr (*Geography game.*GeoSettr teacher can custom his own geography pointsSpelling City (* Free version and Paid version.Nitrotyper (*Racing game with typing.Grammar Ninja

Tools for Using Technology - Computer

Computer Programming * teaches children basic computer programmingOnline writing *, Poplr, Wordpress, Weebly, eduBlog

It is not wise to ignore online writing. It is very common and needs to be address. Key word: discernmentNeed to speak to children about cyber bullying26

Resources for Developing supplements

Khan Academy (biology, chemistry, math)Sophia*Teacher version of Wikipedia. Any user can upload data. If used, search for higher-rated videos.Learn Zillion* Provides online lessons and resources for Math and Language Arts. Provides standards for lessons and shows video demonstrations and projects to assign students.

Resources for developing skillsMethods of development vary depending on software platform (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.)Zite (Apple)iTunes U (Apple)Flipboard Edutopia and educlipperIssuu (digital magazines)

Resources for developing skillsAmazon KindleTwitterYoutubeVodio Pinterest (great resource for ideas)brainscape

Twitter Development:Twitter chats with Edutopia (great resources for math, music, and ELL (English Language Learners): #mathchat #musedchat #ellchat #kinderchat #edchat #scichat - Can find tags for resources and ideas you are researching: #edtech, #elearning, #edchat#BYOD, #iPaded #EdApps #k12 #cpchat (connected principals), @EdTech_K12 @MimioTechnology - Christian Ed: @Edu_Christian, @ChristianEdProject, @AACS_DC, @jdharmon73- Christian: @WORLD_mag, @ACSIUS, @KingdomEd- Follow but use discretion: Eric Sheninger, Ken Blanchard, Larry Ferlazzo, - Location/Politics: local news, local politics


Resources for developing skills(cont.)duolingo (foreign languages)Any you use?????



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