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Presented at IWM seminar on digital learning on 15 October 2012.


  • 1.Technology in learningprogrammes {Shelley Mannion (@smannion)Digital Learning Programmes ManagerSamsung Digital Discovery CentreThe British Museum

2. Schools3 days per week30-90 kids per day9 sessions Families Teens45 min. 4 hours50 weekends per year 13-18 years Saturday, Sunday 1 event per month Drop-in and workshop Full day workshops Half-term events 3. Obligation to use Samsung devicesAnnual refresh of equipmentStaff budget reliefSamsung sponsorship 4. Core programme Innovation 5. Putting thepieces together 6. Audiences 7. Equipment 8. SpacesFurnitureStorageEquipment charging 9. Dilemmas Balance between Cultural learning ICT skills 10. Depth of engagementversus numbers reached 11. How object focued?How to leverage the collection? 12. Do teachers = facilitators?What is the role of the facilitator?Do you need facilitators at all? 13. What happens to the outcome? 14. Is there such a thing as digital learning?