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As technology becomes almost invisibly integrated into our daily lives — in our hands, our clothes, and even our eyes — tracking insane amounts of data and creating nearly infinite customer touch points, great storytelling is still the most powerful influencer of behavior. Learn how current and future technology trends are powering successful storytelling.


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2. Marketing Manager of an advertising innovation lab Big fan of using social media to meet new people Proud to call Columbus, O home 3. TREND #1: THE ONLINE / OFFLINE DIVIDE HAS CLOSED 4. Howpastgenera-onsshapeourpresent 5. TREND #2: THE NEW NORM IS NOT SO NORMAL 6. The new normal is up to the individual. From buying a house to getting married, to starting a career, there is no normal anymore. One could say the new normal is whatever the individual says it is. 7. TREND #3: NICHE COMMUNITIES PROVING BENEFICIAL FOR MARKETERS 8. Niches offer deeper, focused experience. Humans are turning to new and smaller sites and communities to interact with others on a hyper- specic level 9. Activating your community FOCUS Map your audience INSIGHT Identify inuencers PERCEPTION Use analysis to identify target areas AUDIENCE Distribute content through advocates 10. TREND #4: ALL COMPANIES ARE NOW MEDIA COMPANIES 11. Todays customer journey is very dynamic. Humans are constantly checking text messages, Facebook notications, @replies, bank transactions, emails, and calendars. 12. Tell your story on your own. It's more authentic that way. Engage in the dialogue that is occurring around your niche. Produce compelling, contextually relevant content. Delight. 13. Wabi Sabi [noun] A comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Be human. What we dont realize is that all the traits we like in humans is also attractive in a brand. 14. Video is the most powerful way to connect. 15. How you can be a media company 1) Produce massive amounts of content 2) Provide content that is relevant to their audience at a particular moment of time 3) Deliver content that is fresh, recent, and breaking 4) Are present everywhere and leverage multiple channels 5) Move quickly and arent held back by approvals and lawyers 16. The people behind the logo come forward. The top 5% of executives in the next few years will have full-time content people around them. 17. TREND #5: GROWING IMPACT OF COMMUNITY MANAGERS 18. Big brands are leveraging niche communities. Big brands are going small. And small business is perfectly positioned to succeed in this world. 19. Understand the role of a community manager. Identify the need, dene the role, and set expectations. 20. Personable. Friendly and can talk to anyone. Organized. Not overwhelmed by a constant stream of customer inquiries and issues. Naturally curious. Innovative, extremely creative and constantly looking for ways to improve upon tactics. Word savvy. Exceptional writing skills and can craft everything from emails and blog posts to policies and summaries, easily adjusting your tone/voice accordingly. 21. CRM strategy Very few in the organization have a better pulse on the consumer than a community manager. Provide them the opportunity to recommend CRM strategies. 22. Product development & road mapping Community managers are interacting with the consumer every day. They hear the highs and lows of every voiced experience. 23. Media buying Interacting with the consumer across channels gives community managers a glimpse into how their consumers are nding and sharing information. 24. Messaging The community manager knows how the consumer talks. Let them use that knowledge to inform messaging. 25. TREND #6: SOCIAL GOOD = GOOD MARKETING 26. THE DRAGONFLY EFFECT 27. THE DRAGONFLY EFFECTFocus A single concrete measurable goal. 28. THE DRAGONFLY EFFECTFocus A single concrete measurable goal. Attention Authentic & memorable. Cuts through the noise. 29. THE DRAGONFLY EFFECTFocus A single concrete measurable goal. Attention Authentic & memorable. Cuts through the noise. Engage Creates a personal connection to the focus. Accesses higher emotions, compassion, empathy. 30. THE DRAGONFLY EFFECTFocus A single concrete measurable goal. Attention Authentic & memorable. Cuts through the noise. Engage Creates a personal connection to the focus. Accesses higher emotions, compassion, empathy. Take Action Enables and empowers others to take action 31. THE DRAGONFLY EFFECTFocus Concentrated all resources & attention on achieving a single outcome. Attention Got people to pay attention and set the foundation for engaging them. Engage Told a story, mixed media, made it personal. Take Action Made it easy, established relationships, provided immediate feedback. 32. TREND #2: CROWD > INDIVIDUALTREND #7: CROWDSOURCING BREAKS DOWN ALL THE BARRIERS 33. May the crowd be with you. From simple, task oriented projects to full out creative execution, the crowd has broke down nearly every barrier for brands to connect directly with consumers. 34. TRENDS AFFECTING ADVERTISING AGENCIES 35. Connection doesnt happen here. Using social media, McDonalds created a campaign called Mein Burger to reach customers to create new menu items. 36. und der seiger war Translation: and the winner was 37. Blah. When SmartCar realized their cars just didnt have the are to get people excited. They created a crowd-sourced design studio. 38. Test in the wild. Krafts FirstTaste gives their most loyal customers a chance to test products 39. TheOnline/OineDivideHas Closed TheNewNormIsNotSoNormal BrandsAsMediaCompanies GrowingImpactOfCommunity Managers SocialGood=GoodMarke-ng CrowdsourcingBreaksDown AllTheBarriers Rethinkyourtaglines.Makethem repeatable&searchable Mapyouraudience,iden-fyinuencers, distributethroughadvocates. NicheCommuni-esProving BenecialForMarketers Understandopportunityareas,thensee#3. Behuman.Usevideototellyourstory. Haveacommunitymanager. Createacausethatalignswithyour brand,thenylikeadragony Crowdsourcethelowprot,higheort. Involveyourcustomers TREND STRATEGY 40. How I Can Help: Build a foundation to execute new media strategies Develop & execute a social good campaign Kickstart your crowdsourcing efforts 41. @TylerDurbin Tylerj.Durbin[at]


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