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Ted Rollins - If you are using the Grove Brand in any application, here are the requisite Brand Standards we recommend that you follow.



2. THE GROVE BRANDConsistent use of logos, tagline, color palettes and typefaces reinforces The Groves brandstandards. This leads to easy identification of the brand that represents our apartments byour residents and external audiences.Best efforts should be made to ensure that the following style guidelines are followed andthat brand standards are met.ADVERTISING ELEMENTSPrimary Color Palette1797u379uSecondary Color Palette1665u137u 109u 382u 639u 631ucool grey 11uTypefacesBody copy: Auto 3, 10 pt.Headline: Auto 3 Bold, 22pt. (Auto 3 bold)orKNOCKOUT BANTAWEIGHT, 22PT (KnockoutBantaweight) orKNOCKOUT FULLHEVIWEIGHT,22PT (Knockout Fullheviweight)Four Color Logo Two Color Logo One Color Logo 3. General Logo GuidelinesMaintain the original proportions of the logos. Do not change the proportions by stretchingor squeezing them to fit a space.Do not incorporate other elements into the logos, apply patterns or textures to them, or inany other way modify the appearance of the logos.Do not try to redraw or recreate the logos using other fonts.Do not change the color of the logo.Please consult the The Grove Marketing Department for assistance with logos.IMPROPER USE OF THE GROVE LOGOUnapproved colorsResize or reconfigure elementsDistort logo Redraw or RecreateFULLY LOADED COLLEGE LIVINGReposition place elements without proper space 4. Logo NO FLY ZONEThe logo should always be used in a clear space away from other information, other logosor distractions. Shown below are the recommended absolute minimum areas which shouldsurround the logo. The tagline fully loaded college living are an exception to this prin-ciple.A system for precise measurement is provided by using The Grove O in logotype as a mea-surement unit. These are only a guide and should never be reproduced.TAGLINEWhenever possible, the tagline fully loaded college living should always be placed underthe logo.FULLY LOADED COLLEGE LIVINGFULLY LOADED COLLEGE LIVINGCorrectIncorrect