teen culture: food

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Teen Culture: Food . By: Cole and Emily Division: 8. F ood Definition . Food is a item of edible indulgent that can be customized to needs or wants, like clothing. Something to fill a bottomless pit . W hy Is F ood D estructive? . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Teen Culture: Food

Teen Culture:Food By: Cole and Emily Division: 8

Food Definition Food is a item of edible indulgent that can be customized to needs or wants, like clothing.Something to fill a bottomless pit

Why Is Food Destructive? Food is a item of problems you eat when you are stressed You can eat bad things like fast food If you have to much of bad food you can become obese If you ear the wrong things you could get diabetes

Why Is Food Constructive? It could be someone's passion become a cook It could help you be healthy with the right food It could make you better (chicken noodle soup)It can help keep you alive Nutritious FoodFruit and vegetables best things to eat:Whole grain Macaroni Bread

Fast Food Fast food companies like McDonalds and Burger King Etc. Get to kids early by bribing families all over the world with good deals and great bargains.With happy meals etc. What some families dont know is that fast food companies want to get the most money out of there buck.With processed meat and unhealthy choices for the consumer.

Food Groups Fruit and vegetables Grain producesMilk and alternatives Meat and alternatives

Food Servings

Food Serve In 2004 35,000 people where asked if they had fast food in past 24 hoursOne-quarter of people had fast foodIn our class 2 had fast food in the past 24 hours had fast food

Examples Foods Teens Eat: Pizza French fries Junk food Bubble tea Chips

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