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The Library as a Safe Space for Teens Deb Hoadley, Advisor MA Library System Teen Summit Oct 25, 2012

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Presentation made at the Teen Summit at Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.


  • 1.The Library as aSafe Space for TeensDeb Hoadley, AdvisorMA Library System Teen Summit Oct 25, 2012

2. 2Creating Teen Spaces Philosophy History Twolibraries One Process Strategic Planning Mission Statement Advocacy (Staff & Public Awareness) Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 3. 3Two Libraries One ProcessPlaistow Public Library, Langley-Adams Library,NH Groveland, MADeb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 4. 4How did it Solicit teenhappen? feedback and input in the design and creation of the teen space.Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 5. 5Provide a library environment thatencourages emotional, social andintellectual development of teens. Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 6. 6Flexibility Providefurnitureandtechnologythat ispracticalyetadaptive.Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 7. 7Moving in a StrategicDirectionProvide aProvide andlibrary spacepromotefor teens that materials thatreflects the support the educationalcommunity in and leisurewhich they live. needs of teens. Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 8. 8Youth Mission Statement The Langley-Adams Library provides a safe andwelcoming environment for children and teensto develop a lifelong interest in andappreciation for reading and learning. The Library provides a variety of programs andservices that bring families in the communitytogether and foster a love of reading. TheLibrary also provides a relevant collection ofprint and non-print materials that meet thedevelopmental needs of the young people ofGroveland.Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 9. 9Ensure the teen space has appropriateacceptable use and age policies tomake teens feel welcome and safe. Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 10. 10Advocacy-Building SupportDeb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012 11. 11YALSAs National Teen SpaceGuidelines1. Solicit teen feedback and input in the design and creation of the teen space.2. Provide a library environment that encourages emotional, social and intellectual development of teens.3. Provide a library space for teens that reflects the community in which they live.4. Provide and promote materials that support the educational and leisure needs of teens.5. Ensure the teen space has appropriate acceptable use and age policies to make teens feel welcome and safe.6. Provide furniture and technology that is practical yet adaptive.Deb Hoadley, Teen Summit 2012