tekla global bim awards 2015

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2015 Jury session, Thursday 26 November Presentor´s name [Date] 1

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Tekla Global BIM Awards 2015

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2015Jury session, Thursday 26 November

Presentors name[Date]1

Jury membersDr Arto KiviniemiProfessor of Digital Architectural Design, University of Liverpool

Vladimir TalapovProfessor of International Academy of Architecture Moscow, member buildingSMART Russia chapter

Richard PetrieChief Executive,BuildingSMART International

2Anne KempDirector, BIM Strategy and DevelopmentAtkins

Dr Parvathy SubhadraManager Publishing,Roof and Facade Pte Ltd Singapore

Risto RtyExecutive VP, Deputy CEO of Tekla and General Manager, Trimble Buildings Structures Division


Tekla hosts

Marcus LindhEngineering ConsultantTekla Corporation

Simon HobsonSenioir Techical Consultant, SteelTekla UK

Harri NiemiProduct Specialist, PrecastTekla Corporation

Sanna MelinEditor, Tekla Corporation


Tommi LiusApplication Specialist, CIPTekla Corporation

Toni KamulaMarketing Manager, PrecastTekla Corporation

Anne NiemeijerManager, PRTekla Corporation



Tekla Global BIM Awards are an annual global competition to showcase many of worlds most impressive structural designs modeled by Tekla software. We introduce a variety of building and construction projects from industrial projects to top-of-the-world towers.51 models were submitted to the Tekla Global BIM Awards as local Tekla BIM Awards winners from 15 countries and regions.View all the entries at Tekla Global BIM Awards websitehttp://www.tekla.com/bim-awards

Jury decides the winners among the 12 finalists





Evaluating criteriaConstructability Level of information, details (LOD)Multimaterial aspect more types of material the betterComplexity - How complex is the geometry of the structure? What is the combined complexity and level of detail of the modeling?Innovative use of Tekla Cover the basics (drawings, BOM)Challenges faced and overcomeNew ways to make use of BIM


Evaluating criteria Collaboration / BIM AspectHow collaboration and coordination were present in the project?Model life cycle multiple phases (DBO)Number of participants using Tekla or other reference modelsUse of IFC?Use of open BIM benefits of the reference model from Tekla/open BIM point of viewMiscellaneousCool" factorPR valueImpressiveness of the structure


Commercial projectsA building that is used for commercial use. Building project types: Office buildings, residential complex, hotels, shopping malls (other mercantile buildings), client utility buildings



PTDC Logistic Center, FinlandSubmitted by Skanska Talonrakennus Oy and Lemminkinen Talo Oy (Freeway Consortium), SOK Kiinteisttoiminnot Oy, Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy, Betonimestarit Oy & Lujabetoni OyLarge scale project with very massive structures190.000 m2, 4.300.000 m3, free height ~25mPrecast concrete structural frame 16,373 precast units, the largest of them with weight of 50 tonsSteel secondary structures, light weight SW exterior wall panelsGround supported CIP concrete foundations except for its west end (piles)Fully modeled projectArchitect Engineering, Detailing for fabrication (concrete & steel)MEP




PTDC Logistic Center, Finland10

ConstructabilityAll Tekla Structures models detailed for fabricationPrecast with rebar, steel, CIP with rebarCombined MEP- and structural modelsEnsure constructability and prevent clashesInnovative use of TeklaAll basics coveredFabrication and erection drawings (precast & steel)BOM, bar bending schedules Model snapshots for fabrication and erectionMEP void reservation information exchangestructural engineer, MEP designer, precast detailer and contractorJobsite logistic planning and temp. fall protection planning according progress



PTDC Logistic Center, FinlandCollaborationModeling workshops to ensure flawless designAll modeling parties and main contractorPrecast supply chain managementStatus management for detailing, production, delivery and erectionExchange information with factorys ERP softwareVisualizations for weekly coordination meetingsModel used on site with Field3DCombined model with 50-60 users at site and increasingMiscellaneousMost advanced and automatic logistic center in EuropeWith the own geo-thermal heat production, its actually largest geo-thermal plant in Finland




Wilshire Grand Hotel, LA, USA



Submitted by BDS VirconConstructabilityThis project was erected on a very small site with no long term lay down area. The fabrication was scheduled for just in time delivery enabling erection straight from the truck bed.The main structure has complex bracing weighing 16 tonnes each 13Wilshire Grand Hotel, LA, USA

CollaborationThe Tekla model was used in the design assist models between the concrete and steel fabricators.


Innovative use of Tekla RFIs were supplemented with instructions taken directly from the model.Miscellaneous There is a 7 floor parking garage below the floor levelThe atrium roof structure has a complex tubular design which in 2D would have been extremely difficult to create.

14Wilshire Grand Hotel, LA, USA


Public projectsBuilding project types: Healthcare facilities, airports, hospitals, educational facilities, research centers, government buildings



Aurinkokivi (Sun-stone), FinlandSubmitted by City of Vantaa, Fira, Playa Architects, Optiplan, Engineering Office Laaturakenne, Engineering Office Sormunen & Timonen, Sweco, Projectus Team, Stacon, RM-Hitsaamo, ParmaConstructabilityPrecast with reinforcement and steel structures fully modeled for fabricationCombined MEP- and different structural modelsEnsure constructability and prevent clashesInnovative use of Tekla Parallel work in same model by modeling parties and factories using Tekla Model SharingAll basics coveredFabrication and erection drawings (precast & steel)BOMIllustrating and instructing the challenging structural and MEP installations through modelsQtys from Tekla to Vico for schedule planningTekla model for precast delivery and erection planningCombined models used on mobile devices with Tekla Field3D on siteVisual reports from model used to communicate different project phases, statuses, element weights etc.



Aurinkokivi (Sun-stone), Finland17


Collaboration / BIM aspectAdvanced BIM-use between all main project partiesParallel work in same model by design and detailing offices and precast factories using Tekla Model SharingCombined different structural and MEP-modelsMain project schedule with Vico based on model quantities from Tekla. Visualization of individual element specific schedule in erection phase with Tekla using information from Vico MiscellaneousModels used in city of Vantaas virtual model of their citystrategy to completely digitalize, information-manage, 3D-visualize and model city of VantaaSeveral Trimble BIM tools in useTekla Structures, SketchUP, Vico Schedule Planner, Tekla Field3D, Tekla Model Sharing


18International Airport, Abu Dhabi



Submitted by China State Constructions Engineering Corporation - Middle EastConstructabilityThe Central Processor Area Roof is composed of 18 curved steel arches, with the biggest span of a single arch up to 180 meters, with 50 meters in height and self-weights around 800 tonsNo repetition of curves could be used as the arches progressively get smaller throughout the roof

19International Airport, Abu Dhabi



International airport, Abu DhabiCollaborationIFC files from other disciplines were utilised for concrete, MEP, cladding and facade etc. Rhino3D model used for secondary steelwork setting out.BIM implementation played a leading role to reduce the project time and increased the productivity in overall terms. 3D BIM files received from other trades like Concrete, MEP, Roof Cladding, Faade & BMU were imported into Tekla and checked against the physical clashes in the model. Prevented many issues that might have happened on the siteInnovative use of TeklaBespoke tool for creating a unique ID for exported files




Industrial projectsThe design and construction of buildings are serving industry. Building project types: factory, power plant, mill, drilling rig, warehouse



Porvoo Oil Refinery, Finland


Porvoo Oil Refinery, FinlandSubmitted by A-Insinrit OyConstructabilityThis model has steel, concrete and reinforcement, the transition of the connection between the Steel and Concrete is detailed to enable site construction. CollaborationMany reference models have been used, the main aspect being the old structure which was imported to coordinate the building and connection with the new. Topographical models were also imported to coordinate with site works for clearing the groundThe piping and equipment were also imported for clash detection as well as structural layout coordination.23


Porvoo Oil Refinery, FinlandInnovative use of Tekla Plans, elevation drawings created from the Tekla modelAll fabrication data for steel and precast were taken from the model for accurate and JIT (just in time) construction


Miscellaneous This project is a true reflection on how BIM should be utilised, the Industrial construction companies have been using a BIM methodology for many years. This project shows how all disciplines can combine models for coordination and follow that through into the fabrication and construction. Thus saving time and money with no lengthy drawing approval times slowing the process.


Amager Bakke (Hill) - DenmarkSubmitted by MOE A/SWaste-to-energy power plant85 meter high ski slope, with green spaces and running paths and rock-climbing wallHeat for 160 000 householdsElectricity for 62500 residencesCast in place core, steel frame, precast elementsTekla used byEngineering office MOEGeneral Contractor NCCSteel Detailer & Fabricator Zblin SthalbauPrecast Detailer &Fabricator SpaencomBIM also used by architect BIG, MEP designer Rambolland boiler design by B&W Volund25



Amager Bakke (Hill) - DenmarkConstructabilityMOE Engineering responsible for general designMost connections modelled in 3D at general design stage!Rebar modelled to ensure constructability in congested areas, including post tensioning.LOD300/350 at general design phase, LOD400/500 at fabrication/erection stageTekla used from early concept phase, through out design, detailing, fabrication to on site for erection planning26


Amager Bakke (Hill) - DenmarkInnovative use of TeklaGrashopper used for layout of precast elements on double sloped roofDetailed design in general design stage to reduce RFIs and save timeEngineering Detailing workflow model basedErection sequence visualized in Tekla to ensure constructability and scheduleTekla used as base for the design meetings with other disciplines



Amager Bakke (Hill) - DenmarkCollaborationWith GC NCC: native model, IFC and drawingsZublin received an updated Tekla model every week. Zublins Tekla model used for comparison and workshop drawing reviewTekla model on site for sequence planning, erection and status visualizationSpaencom received native Tekla model, used Tekla for detailing and fabrication of precast elementsOver 100 reference files was used for coordination with MEP design (Ramboll) Coordination with BIG architects was BIM based.MiscellaneousReleases a giant smoke ring each time one ton of carbon dioxide emittedContractor used Tekla for accurate BOM and construction planningAmager Bakke will be a new high profile landmark in Copenhagen



Infrastructure projectsBasic physical structure needed for the operation of a society. Building project types: bridges, tunnels and other non-occupied structures.[Date]Presentors name29

TP 30 - Railway Bridge, Denmark30


TP 30 - Railway Bridge, DenmarkSubmitted by 3DSD and CN3 DenmarkConstructability BIM model (LOD 500) containing steel and concrete geometry, reinforcement, cast in embeds and temporary structuresComplex composite structureInnovative use of Tekla Innovative construction documents5D interface to follow economic impact of design choicesDirect data transfer to cut and bend machineryRebar cages were pre-assembled at factory using Tekla BIMsight visualizations31


TP 30 - Railway Bridge, DenmarkCollaboration / BIM AspectClose collaboration between 3DSD (steel design) and CN3 (concrete design)Model was created in detailing phase and utilized in fabrication and construction MiscellaneousAll steel shop drawings were produced with Tekla Structures32


Isois Bridge Finland 33Submitted by Isois bridge project groupConstructabilityObjective has been to utilize the building information model instead of drawings in the procurement and construction of the projectAll steel and concrete structures were modeled, including reinforcing bars and similar details

The contractor used the model to maintain the construction schedule up-to-date, including steel structure design, fabrication and assembly, as well as general project timetable as well as quality objectives



Isois Bridge Finland Collaboration / BIM AspectBIM-based data transfer has been maximized and the amount of paper documents minimized during constructionDuring estimation, an accurate and realistic model enabled model-based bidding requests.All quantities were extracted from the model so that the project owner was able to commit based on correct informationSteel fabrication drawings were produced directly from the already detailed model delivered by the structural designer without further input data in drawing format34



Isois Bridge Finland Innovative use of Tekla The architects geometry model created by the functioned as the source data for structural designSteel structure was modeled containing the coordinate points for elevationThe team also modeled earthworks, temporary excavations and landfills, street infrastructure and piping, and the wells of the area in Inframodel format


When scaffoldings were modelled the conflicts with actual structure was noticed. These conflicts had not been noticed at the draft stage



Isois Bridge Finland MiscellaneousA combined shared model was published based on the design model and street model and it was available to use by the designer, project owner and contractorIn all, using the model data in the project has been a great benefit, reducing surprises and contradictions as well as enhancing the accuracy of quantity and length measurements as the project progresses. This was realized as significant cost savings in the project36



Sport and RecreationalThe design and construction of buildings are serving sport or recreational. Project types: stadium, sprot track, sport centre or other sport related.37


Daytona Rising, Florida, USA38


~15 000 tons of steel~50 000 m3 of concrete Winner


Submitted by Barton Malow, Pinnacle, McGill Engineering Inc (MEI), GPLA, Compusteel Detailing, etc.Constructability Scope of works was to leave the facility operational whilst the upgrade construction took placeFollowing trades were modelled in Tekla with constructible level of detailCast-in-place concrete including rebar detailing Structural steel including connections Aluminium grandstandsMiscellaneous metalsEven the signage was modeledInnovative use of TeklaLaser scanningModel based layoutProject logisticsSupply chain managementMetal stud wall panel and curtain wall prefabrication

Daytona Rising, Florida, USA39



Daytona Rising, Florida, USACollaboration / BIM Aspect~15 partners helped to create constructible project modelBIM enabled collaboration between site and design office that located far awayIFC was utilized massively (325 IFC files)MiscellaneousRebars from Tekla to fabricationSteel shop drawing from Tekla to fabricatorClash checkingSafetyTekla BIMsight as primary coordination tool40



The Opera house at Downtown Dubai


Submitted by Eversendai Engineering LLCConstructabilityThe main roof has complex design in the way the architectural surface was formed, whilst minimizing the number of trusses and bracing, to allow sufficient roof lighting and to accommodate the MEP ventilation louvres.The design is incorporating Dubais maritime history with an Arabian dhow becoming the inspiration behind the architecture of the building.

42The Opera house at Downtown Dubai

CollaborationUtilising BIM models for reference from other disciplines allowed the fabricators overcome the 3D curvature of the roof structure, to allow for the connections and also the supplementary elements such as gutters, facade supports, cladding soffits etc.


Innovative Use of TeklaThe Tekla model was used to send information to the Acoustic engineering company who were able to advise on the maintenance structures for the running of the venue.


The Opera house at Downtown Dubai

Small projectsA project that is small but complex or innovative. Not restricted by building types.



Mutant Trees, Canada45



Submitted by Apex Structural DesignConstructabilityWithout use of a 3D model this project would have been extremely difficult to fabricate, the model allows the fabricators to measure from all critical pointsCollaborationSketchUp files imported to Tekla for clarification of bought in parts for liftingThe project was supplied without drawings, a 3D model was the design intentThis project was unique in the sense that the client did not supply drawings. Instead we were provided with artist renderings and a BIM model from the studios design team. This model consisted of only the exterior surface but allowed us to easily locate and model the hundreds of work points required to layout the surface plates.

Mutant Trees, Canada46



Mutant Trees, CanadaInnovative use of TeklaUse of the Tekla API to develop a tool to pick up work points Tool created for handling the surface plates Although the total number of fabricated parts was less than 650 it took over 6000 objects to complete the model detailing.MiscellaneousThis project did not start from 2D drawings, a 3D model was supplied and the modelling team had to build the internal structure from the exterior surface.8 50ft trees in total planted within a woodland, with LED lighting to show the trees structure



Cantina Podera La Chiesa, Italy48


Cantina Podera La Chiesa, Italy49

Submitted by Exa Engineering srlConstructability:Multi-material model detailed for fabricationCIP concrete structures with reinforcementSteel frame for opening structureInnovative use of TeklaEnsure flawless design and constructability with modelFabrication and layout drawings, bar bending schedules from model


Special recognitionSpecial recognition: a project with high marketing value but not the winner in any category50


Porvoo Oil Refinery, FinlandThe team utilized building information models, the digital assets of the existing structure, and process equipment, and managed to design, plan and execute in a very tight scheduleValue of BIM beyond the construction phase of a projectSee slides 23-25 for more information51