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Introduction Telekinesis is the ability to move or bend objects with the power of the mind. The various things that can be included under telekinesis are: moving, vibrating, bending, lifting, spinning, and breaking of objects using mental powers. Theory We all are made up of the same basic matter - energy. Therefore, it is straightforward to assume that energy can be manipulated. Thus, objects can be moved or bent using the power of the mind. These are abilities that are present in a nascent form within all of us. We all can learn how to get in touch with these capabilities and to use them. All it takes is some amount of concentration and practice. Here are some exercises for you to try out so as to learn how to get in touch with and develop your psychokinetic abilities: Bending a Metal Spoon For this exercise you will need a metal spoon. Wash your hands and sit down in a chair which is near a table. Make sure that you are sitting straight and your feet are firmly on the floor. Hold the spoon in your hand and visualize that the energy of the spoon and your energy is melding into one another. Then visualize that the spoon is bending because you are asking it to bend for you. Always make a request, don't force it - either physically or mentally. Don't worry if it doesn't happen right away. Spend about ten to fifteen minutes everyday doing this exercise and see what happens. Creative Visualization Technique for ESP This is a very interesting exercise to learn and develop your extra sensory perception abilities. We all know, more or less, what we are going to be doing the next day. We are going to take advantage of this for this particular exercise. Sit down comfortably and relax. Close your eyes and imagine that there is a blank movie screen in front of your eyes. Soon, you are going to see yourself going through various things and events (which you know you are going to do the next day). Visualize your self doing those things, and going to those places and meeting

those people. Focus on the sights, the sounds, smells, colors and the dialog. Do this for about ten to fifteen minutes and relax and open your eyes. Write this down in a notebook. See what happens the next day. Observe this trend for a month or two - always comparing with your notes. See how your accuracy increases over a period of time. These exercises will surely help you with learning and developing your psychokinetic skills. This is more like developing your "psychic muscle". Don't get frustrated if you don't see results immediately, the results will also come with time. Meanwhile, if you are practicing any form of meditation, it is great. If you are not, then you could try doing that. Just don't get angry or frustrated while doing your exercises. Be polite with the forces you drive, and always ask instead of commanding. And, All The Best of Luck! Read more at Buzzle: Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, is the power to move things with your mind! Well, if you're either gaping with surprise or smirking sardonically, know this for a fact that the human psyche is an uncharted territory and just because you don't know about it or haven't seen it happen doesn't mean it does not exist! Yes, it is absolutely possible to make objects move with your mind, even distort objects with your mind. However, this is a very rare and unusual phenomenon and not everyone is gifted, but it has been proven by science that the powers of the brain can be amplified to astounding magnitudes, so much as to be able to even affect the physical plane! So let's get down to brass tacks and find out how things can be moved using the power of your psyche. First, let us try and understand the premises of telekinesis. Psychokinesis falls under the purview of parapsychology. Parapsychology, one of the most obtuse branches of psychology, is related to studying and researching the existence and causes behind psychic abilities and paranormal phenomenon, using rational logic and scientific methods. It seeks to investigate mysterious occurrences and unexplained phenomenon by steering clear of religion, faith or spiritual beliefs. Parapsychologists have been able to identify two primary types of measurable and observable telekinetic effects when conducting experimental laboratory research Micro Telekinesis and Macro Telekinesis. Micro Telekinesis deals with very small telekinetic effects such as maneuvering physical objects at a very minute level, i.e. Atomic or sub-atomic level. Such effect can be measured and proven only through the use of very sensitive and advanced scientific equipment. Macro telekinesis, on

the other hand, has to do with manipulating physical objects that are big enough to be seen with the naked eyes. As is the case with phenomenon falling under most obscure and pseudosciences, telekinesis has received mixed responses. However, there have been many recorded instances where people were able to affect physical objects with their mind! Miroslaw Magola, Nina Kuragina, Eusapia Palladino and Swami Rama are some of the famous people who have claimed and demonstrated telekinetic abilities. Now the question is can you move objects with your mind even if you are not a "special" or "gifted" person? The answer is, Yes! With some selfdiscipline, practice, patience and dedication, you can learn how to move things using your mind. All it takes is to tap the latent power of your mind and performing mental concentration and some meditative exercises. Knowing How to Move Things With Your Mind Although a good deal of concentration and psychic ability is needed for the mind to be able to affect the material plane, it can be acquired gradually through training the mind and awakening the dormant psychic powers. There are many asanas in Yoga that are designed to exercise the mind and are known to have been effective in enhancing mental capacity and unlocking several hidden doors of the mysterious human brain! Not just psychics, but individuals with average mental faculties can also develop this power using mind control techniques. Let us look at a few techniques that may be useful to know how to move things around with your mind. Believe: Start with believing in the powers of your subconscious mind. Believe that this phenomenon is true and that you can make it work. Don't care about what people say when you want to try training your mind for telekinesis. Believe in yourself and believe in your efforts. Rev Up Your Brain: An average human primarily uses only one side of his/her brain, that too, not to its full extent. If you're the left-brained type, give imagination a chance and try visualizing and using graphics and images more than statistics. Give a break to routine and pursue some creative hobby. If you are the right-brained one, start playing complex games that involve using logic and reasoning, start getting into details and plan your days in charted routines. This way, you can take advantage of both sides of the brain and make extensive use of your brain power! Doing brain exercises are also an effective and fun way to flex those gray muscles! Focus: Start with selecting the object that you want to move and make sure it is simple and not very heavy. Empty your mind of everything else and focus your entire attention on that object, as if it were your whole world and your sole reason for existence!

Identify With the Object: Imagine the object to be a part of your being and existence and let go of the sense that it exists apart from you. We all know that we can move any part of our body with the mere will to move it. Right now, I am moving my fingers to type these words because my mind wills me to type and my brain releases electrical/ chemical signals to my hands and fingers to move in a certain way to enable me to type. Visualize the Outcome: Visualize the movement of the object as often as possible. This will strengthen your resolve and patience and would enmesh the entity of the object in your subconscious mind. Will the Object to Move: As discussed above, once you become "one" with the object and start believing it to be a part of your being, you can "will" it to move the same way you will your limbs to move. It is very similar to the phenomenon of the Phantom Limb. Practice Makes Perfect: The more you practice the more you create chances of success for yourself. Practice as much as you can and train your mind as intensely as possible. Concentration comes with lots of practice and patience and exercising the "gray muscles" is all about fortifying your mind's concentration powers. Try out these tricks to your advantage and develop your telekinetic skills, even if you are unable to become a full-fledged Jean Gray, you can always use the above techniques to train your mind to concentrate and develop your brain's amazing faculties. As for me, I am gonna try to get to the bottom of this subject. Wanna know why? Well, my noisy neighbors need some serious lift-them-in-the-air-andlet-them-fall-hard treatment ... get my point? (Wink! Read more at Buzzle:

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Psychokinesis (from the Greek , "psyche", meaning mind, soul, spirit, heart, or breath; and , "kinesis", meaning motion, movement; literally "mindmovement"),[1][2] also referred to as telekinesis[3] (Greek + , literally "distant-

movement") with respect to strictly describing mental movement or motion of solid matter, abbreviated as PK and TK respectively, is a term coined by publisher Henry Holt[4] to refer to the direct influence of mind on a physical system that cannot be entirely accounted for by the mediation of any known ph


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