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  1. 1. TELEMATICS EVANGELIST CONCEPT Joel Andrew Hoffmann Hoffmann Group Consulting March 2008
    • Background
    • Non-negotiable Automaker Requirements
    • Transparent Solution Required Not A Bag Of Parts
    06/06/09 HOFFMANN GROUP 2008
    • Expanded value chain from automotive model
    • Solution oriented application framework needed
    • Partnerships neededbetweenkey providers not traditional buy-sell relationship
    • Cost distribution agreement required across partners leads to consumer pricing
  3. 3. SOLUTION
    • A New Role Regional Evangelist
    • Global Evangelist
    • Charting Global Waters
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Corporate Competency Center
      • Collect market information
      • Target cross cutting customers
      • Align and promote all relevant materials for business development teams
      • Span information globally
    • Central Staff with Strong Field Representation
      • Drive workshops and exhibitions
      • Aligning stakeholders in the market plan
      • Coordination with Marketing and Sales
    • Future Direction And Growth Into Additional Markets
    • Global Geographies Compete
      • Differing requirements affect perception of global innovation
      • Automaker demographics and design activity vary
      • Common solution elements can be evangelized
    • Geo Specialization Can Be Managed
      • Japan leads in embedded platforms and availability of services
      • Europe rich personal services and navigation devices, innovation
      • North America focused on safety applications and common nationwide services, slow to adopt
    06/06/09 HOFFMANN GROUP 2008