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How to create your own storybook using

FIRSTWrite your story in powerpoint presentationBe sure to include pictures to make your story interestingSave your file in pdf format

SECONDGo to, create an account, and login.

THIRDYou can choose any one of the available templates or Click CREATE. For both options, you can upload your pdf files and edit it.

To upload, click Upload Files to flipsnack.

You will see this window.

Look for your pdf files and click OPEN. Then click OK.

Go to PUBLISH and you will see PUBLIC, click it. Fill in all the required information and click OK

You will see this page. Highlight and copy the address and Go to Epembelajaran site.

Click Tell Us A Story, then click the Number in the Replies column.

Click Reply and paste the link in the column provided. Then highlight the link and the click on the LINK BUTTON

You will see this window. Paste the same link in the Link URL and Title and click Insert. You will then go to the earlier page, click Post to forum.

And youre done!