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PREDICTING PREDICTING You make informed guesses You make informed guesses about the text. about the text.

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Tempest Plans and notes


  • 1. PREDICTING You make informed guesses about the text.

2. When someonemakes apoint that isnt obviousand you have to read betweenthe lines to find themeaningINFERRING 3. LO: To predict ideas about theplay of The TempestTHINKING:What does predict mean? 4. I predict... 5. Memory Test! 10 characters. Prospero Sebastian Miranda Gonzalo Caliban Trinculo Alonso Stephano Antonio Boatswain 6. Would could happen in a play,with these ingredients? A storm magic Slaves father, daughterking Fairy spirit Clown jester the sea an island 7. The Tempest by William ShakespeareWorking with your learning partner arrange the images you havebeen given, to create a story. (5mins) 8. Working independentlyUse your images to help you write a prediction for yourstory using no more than 40 words. (10 mins) 9. Mini Plenary: Feedback their ideas to the rest of the class 10. The Tempest by William ShakespeareThe play begins when King Alonso of Naples and his entourage sailhome for Italy after attending his daughters wedding in Africa.They encounter a violent storm, or Tempest.Everyone jumps overboard and are washed ashore on a strangeisland inhabited by the magician Prospero who has deliberatelyconjured up the storm.Prospero and Miranda live in a cave on the island which is alsoinhabited by Ariel, a sprite who carries out the bidding ofProspero, and the ugly, half human Caliban.Various plots against the main characters fail thanks to the magicof Prospero. The play ends with all the plotters repenting theTempest is calmed. 11. Plenary: Compare your story with the abridged version of the play and make note of the similarities and differences.My story Abridged Version 12. Read through the Abridged version of the play 13. Homework Due Imagine you are a director of The tempest movie, pick which film actors you might cast to play each character from the play. 14. The following characters are on their way toItaly for the wedding of Alonsos daughter:-StephanoKing Alonso Trinculo AntonioGonzaloBoatswainFerdinand 15. These characters areon board a ship thatis being battered bya storm - or tempest.The ships crew arehard at work tryingto stop the ship fromsinking. 16. Some passengers go up on deck.Alonso, the King of NaplesSebastian, Alonsos brotherAntonio, brother of Prospero (a magician, whoappears later)Ferdinand, Alonsos sonGonzalo, a servant of AlonsoThey think they are going to drown.Only Botswain has no fear. 17. 1.Prospero and his daughter,Miranda, look out to sea andsee the shipwreck.2. Miranda is worried by thestorm. 18. 1. Prospero tells Miranda not to worry as he planned the storm.2. Prospero tells his daughter about how he was once the Duke of Milan and she was a princess, before his brother Antonio made plans against him and they had to escape to the island. Propspero makes Miranda fall asleep. 19. 1. Ariel, the servant of Prospero, tells Prospero that she created the storm as he asked.2. Ariel tells Prospero how she led Prosperos brotherAntonio and the others to the island. Ariel says howthe people left on the boat thought that they haddied and returned to Italy. Ariel made sure thepeople from the boat were spread all over the island. 20. Prospero thanks Ariel for her service. Ariel tells Prospero she wants her freedom. Prospero says she can have it in 2 days time.Prospero sends Ariel to check on the people who have beenwashed up around the island.Miranda wakes up. 21. Prospero tells Miranda that they are going to visit Caliban.Prospero and Miranda do not like Caliban. Miranda calls him a villainthat she does not care to look upon. Prospero does not like Calibanbecause he once attacked his daughter. After Prospero and Calibanarguing, Caliban sends him away to get firewood. 22. Ariel sings a song. She leads Ferdinand to Prospero and Miranda.Ferdinand thinks he is the only survivor on the island. 23. Miranda has never seen another human on the island.She instantly falls in love with Ferdinand. Miranda thinksFerdinand is a spirit and he thinks Miranda is a goddess.Prospero is not happy and makes Ferdinand his prisoner.. 24. ShakespeareTHE TEMPESTMATHMATICIAN 25. What is the name of Prosperos two servants? A: Caliban +FerdinandB:Ariel +SebastianC:Ariel+ FlounderD: Caliban + Ariel 26. What is the name of Mirandas father ?A: FerdinandB:ProsperoC: AntonioD:Gonzalo 27. What of the following do you think Caliban would live in?A:skyscraper B:caveC: VillaD: house 28. Prospero puts this character in prison?A: Alonso B:GonzaloC: AntonioD: Ferdinand 29. Which of the following characters is the King of Naples?A: GonzaloB:AntonioC:AlonsoD: Boatswain 30. Congratulations !!!! Youve won 1,000 31. Arrival ActivityImagine that you have a magical servant who canchange shape, become invisible, control theweather and create hypnotic music.Make a list of things you would tell your servant todo. 32. CalibanLearning ObjectivesTo explore the relationship between key characters 33. Trading Insultshttp://www.pangloss.com/seidel/Shaker/ ABC simperingmad-headeddog wretched lily-liveredwhore-son insolent iron-witted noisem-aker bawlinglanguagelessslave blasphemousstretch-mouthed filth poisonousglass-gazingfoot-licker abominable frosty-spirited hag-seed slovenly foul-spoken boil 34. Prospero: Awake, dear heart; well visit Caliban.Miranda: (Waking) One, sir, I do not love to lookon.Prospero: He fetches our wood, and serves inoffices That profit us. (Calling) What, ho! slave!Caliban!Got by the devil himself upon they dam!Come forth, I say! Theres business for thee!(Enter Caliban.) Caliban: A wicked dew drop and blisteryou all oer!(Miranda recoils in fear.)Prospero: For this, be sure, tonight thou shalthave cramps! 35. Caliban: This islands mine, by Sycorax, my mother. When thou camest first thou made much of me,And I showed thee all the qualities of th isle.Cursed be I that did so! For now am I Your subject, which first was mine own king. Prospero: I used thee, lying filth, with human care, Till thou didst seek to violate my child!Caliban: (Roaring with laughter) O ho! O ho! Wouldt had been done!I had peopled else this isle with Calibans!(Miranda buries her head in her fathers cloak. He comforts her.) Prospero: I took pains to make thee speak!Caliban: And now I know how to curse. (Spitting) The red plague rid you!Prospero: Hag-seed, hence! Fetch us in fuel, and be quick! 36. Prospero and Caliban What do you learn abouttheir relationship? How do they speak toeach other? Caliban is stronger thanProspero, why doesnt hefight him? 37. http://www.petelevin.comhttp://www.museangel.nhttp://www.pangloss.com 38. Imagine you are putting on a stage production of TheTempest at school. Which of the images is closest to how you would portray Caliban, and why? Rank the pictures from most to least! 39. Imagine you are putting on a stage production of TheTempest at school. Which of the images is closest to how you would portray Caliban, and why? Rank the pictures from most to least! 40. 4. Calibans Complaint, 1.2 330-435 Read Calibans speech around the class,stopping when you reach a punctuation mark forthe next person to take over. (Pass if you wouldrather not but you may only have one word!) Now read it in pairs as follow:Sit back to back. A has the script, B does not. Areads the first sentence or phrase with a blankvoice no expression. B repeats it, addingexpression. Continue to the end. Swap roles so that A repeats B. This time, Ashould sound as angry as possible. 41. Using the Shakespeare insults write a spell for Caliban to cast on Prospero 42. Learning Objective: To understand how charactersare connected to each other. 43. Characters Pick two of the characters from the book. Read the description of them. Draw the character and label the picture with their personality & character information. 44. Pupil Teacher Share your character descriptions with theperson next to you. Teach them about the characters youhave described. 45. Imagine you are a director of the new The Tempest movie, pick which film actors you might cast to play each part. 46. Prospero He has been living on a remote island with his daughter for 12 years after he fled from Italy. He was the Duke of Milan but his evil brother was working with the King to get rid of Prospero. Prospero has worked really hard on his magic which gives him the power he needs to punish and forgive his enemies. 47. ProsperoNicolas CageSid Owen Ralph FiennesPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 48. Miranda She is a young, innocent and nave teenage girl who has lived with her father on a remote island since she was a baby. Her father is fiercely over-protective. Miranda is unfamiliar with the real world. 49. MirandaAnn HathawayMiley CyrusPatsy PalmerPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actresse.g. I have chosen....because.... 50. Ariel A mysterious spirit, neither male or female, who has magical abilities to fly and become invisible. Ariel feels trapped on the island and longs to be free. However, Ariel is also loyal and obedient if you could offer the opportunity of freedom from the island. 51. Ariel Daniel RadcliffeElijah WoodAlisonHanniganPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actor/actresse.g. I have chosen................because.... 52. Caliban A native of an island, sometimes described as a fish, and at other times as a monster.It is rumoured that his father is the devil himself. He is full of foul language, but will work hard for you if you can tame him! 53. Caliban ShrekDanny DeVitoEddie MurphyPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 54. Alonso Alonso is a king who has recently attended the wedding of his daughter. He fears that his son has been drowned and is at risk from political plots against him. 55. King AlonsoSamuel L Jackson Russell Crowe Robert DeNiroPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 56. Ferdinand He is a good looking teenage prince, who has recently lost contact with his father, the King Alonso. Ferdinand is very romantic, and prone to falling in love quite easily. 57. Ferdinand Tom WellingEdward CullenZacEfronPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 58. Antonio He is a Duke, who gained his title by dishonest means. Antonio is selfish and likes to bully and intimidate others. He is friends with Sebastian, King Alonsos brother. 59. Antonio Sean BeanSimon CowellJoePesciPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 60. Sebastian Sebastian is King Alonsos brother. He sometimes envies his brothers position, and can be cruel and unkind. He is also easily led by Antonio. 61. SebastianDr Evil Ben Stiller Daniel CraigPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 62. Trinculo Trinculo is a clown who likes to keep people entertained. He is also a coward, and likes to drink too much alcohol. 63. Trinculo Johnny Depp Dick or Dom (BBC)JackieChanPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 64. Gonzalo He is an honest old man with very idealistic views about the world. Gonzalo is a loyal friend and companion who always looks on the bright side of life. He can be a little nave. 65. Gonzalo Sean Connery Sir Alan SugarMorganFreemanPick one and write your reasons why you havechosen this particular actore.g. I have chosen................because.... 66. Who am I? 67. Learning Objective: To develop an understanding ofShakespeares language. 68. You or Thou?Thou was used instead of you + verb Thou art = you are Thou hast = you have Thou dost = you doRe-write into modern English:Thou art swiftThou hast beautiful eyesThou dost sing well! 69. Asking quesTions????? As in modern English, we ask questions like this:Are you? Have you? Did you? Would you? In Shakespeares day it would have been:Art thou? Hast thou? Dost thou? Wouldstthou? Re-write these sentences into Elizabethan English:Who are you?What do you do?Too easy????? Write one of your own. 70. Thee Thee was used when the person was the object of the sentence- you:I give thee an apple. I defy thee. I lovethee. Re-write these sentencesI hate youI want you to be quietToo easy????? Write one of your own. 71. ThY And Thine Thy means yourThis is thy doing. I wish thy heart weremine. It is thy love I want. Thine used in the same sense as mine. This apple is now thine; All I have is thine; Re- write these sentences- It is your money I want This is your car This phone is mine That house is mine! 72. Modern Language Try to re-write this scene into modern English. Egeus Full of vexation come I, with complaintagainst my child, my daughter Hermia. Egeus I am very angryand I have a complaintagainst my daughterHermia. 73. Title: Tempest Characters LO: 74. WHO? 75. WHO? 76. WHO? 77. WHO? 78. WHO? 79. WHO? 80. Learning Objective: To understand how charactersdevelop and action is created. 81. Translate the BardWrite out these phrases in modernEnglish What age art thou? Which football team dost thee support? What place dost thou visit for thy holidays? 82. Egeuss Speech Egeus has asked the Duke to help him persuade Hermia to marry Demetrius. 83. Egeuss SpeechAnswer the questions remember touse a quote. Why is Egeus angry? What does Egeus want Theseus to do? What does Egeus say that Lysander has been doing? 84. Learning Objective: Tounderstand the characters andmain events of the play. 85. Remember Write down three things you remember about the play. E.g. A character name or something that happens. 86. Learning objective: Tounderstand how to select and usequotes that show how charactersemotions are communicatedthrough speech. 87. Who are the fourlovers?(work out the anagrams) 88. The language of love (or hate) Shakespeare uses language to show how thelovers feel about each other. Hermia: I frown upon him, yet he loves me still. This tells us that Demetrius is in love with Hermia,even though she is horrible to him. Find two other quotes that tells the audience howHermia treats Demetrius. 89. Love Connections? What does Helena thinkabout Demetrius? Find and write down at leastthree quotes. What does Demetrius thinkabout Helena? Find and write down at leastthree quotes.Write your answers in full sentences.Use PEE chains. 90. Learning Objective: To be ableto empathise with characters. 91. Empathy Write down what the word means. If youre not sure look in the dictionary. 92. Hermia LysanderDemetriu Helenas 93. Love Map!Demetrius Create your own version of the love map.Helena Show how and whyLysander the characters fall in and out of love during the story.Hermia 94. Facebook Status Pick one of the four lovers. Imagine they are updating their Facebookstatus during their night on the island. Write what their entries might be duringthe course of the night.Alonzois in lost on the island. 95. Learning Objective: Tounderstand the effect of fairieson the play. 96. What are fairies? Write a short explanation of what you think fairies are. 97. Fairy Characters Shakespeare included a number of fairy characters in the play. Remember and write down the names of fairy characters from the play. E.g. Peaseblossom. 98. Oberons Speech Write a summary of Oberons speech. Where is he describing? Who will be sleeping there? What does he want to do to Titania? What is he asking Puck to do to thelovers? When does he want to meet Puck? 99. Learning Objective: To be able tounderstand and explain a writersmain idea. 100. The Mechanicals Write down anything you can remember about the Mechanicals. E.g. Names. Jobs. Parts played. 101. Act 3 Scene 1 Bottom. Quince. Snout. Starveling. Snug. Flute. Puck. 102. Character Descriptions Pick one of themechanicals. Draw what you think theywould look like. Describe their character. Find any quotes you canto back up yourdescription. 103. The Audience How did Shakespeare want the audienceto react to the mechanicals? Are they supposed to be seriouscharacters or funny ones? Explain howyou know this. ConsiderNamesJobs What they do in the play. 104. Learning Objective: Tounderstand how match a piece ofwriting to its purpose. 105. Whos Who in THE TEMPEST 106. What is a review? Write a brief description of what a review is (e.g a play review). Explain what the purpose of a review is. (Inform? Entertain? Describe?) 107. Film Review Imaginative language. Show a clear opinion. Be detailed but dont give away theending. Use the notes you made to structure your Rememberreview one paragraph for each heading. Capital LettersFull Stops Punctuation commas, etc..Paragraphs.Spelling. 108. Learning Objective Tounderstand why a piece of writing is structured in aparticular way. 109. Newspapers What is the purpose of newspapers? Think about why people buy newspapers 110. Newspaper Layout Look at the covers of two different newspapers. Make a list of all the common features E.g. Pictures. 111. Masthead Sub-headline Text inPhotographs columnsHeadlineCaption 112. What Should Your NewspaperHave? Headline article A story that appears on the front page of the newspaper. It needs to be of real interest to a lot of readers, something that is going to make them want to buy the newspaper. 113. What Should Your NewspaperHave? News articles Stories that are aboutcurrent events that will inform, educateand entertain many readers. Entertainment section Reviews ofrecently released books, films, plays. 114. Plan Your Newspaper Layout Think of a name for your newspaper. E.g. The Daily Athenian. Remember to include all the Plan your articles elements of a newspaper. One article on the lovers. One article on the fairies. One article on the workmens play. 115. Job AdvertYou will be assessed using writing AF4, AF1 and AF2. 116. TASK You are a director of a theatre company. Youare going to put on a production of TheTempest. You need an actor to play one of thekey characters (Ariel, Prospero, Miranda orCaliban). Your job is to create an advert to attract thebest possible candidates. 117. Paragraphs and Cohesion (AF3/4) *Make sure your writing has a clear beginning,middle and end *Organise your writing into paragraphs(remember the TIPTOP clues for changingparagraphs) *Use topic sentences to start each paragraph totell your reader what youre writing about *Use some connectives in your paragraphs tolink the sentences together (e.g. also, however, 118. on Imagination & Appropriateness (AF1/2) Level 3-4 *Try to include extra description in your writingusing adjectives & adverbs *Ensure that you maintain the point of view of asingle writer *Choose features of the style of writing you aretrying to use 119. AF1 Imaginative texts I can write using relevant ideas and Idevelop my material with someimaginative detail. I develop my ideas appropriately andestablish a clear viewpoint and add detailwhere possible. 120. AF2 Audience and purpose I can write so that the main purpose ofmy writing is clear and consistentlymaintained. I can write using the correct form andfeatures of specific types of writing andthis appropriate style keeps my readerinterested. 121. Theatre ProgrammeYou will be assessed using writingAF7, AF8 and AF5. 122. TASK A front cover design, with title, productiondetails and a relevant picture associated with theplay. A cast list including all of the characters andsome information about who they are. A synopsis of the plot (without giving theending away). 123. AF7 Ambitious Vocabulary I choose my vocabulary to have an effecton my reader. I use a reasonably wide vocabulary Try to use the most ambitious wordpossible 124. AF8 Spelling I can identify the main purpose of a text, oftenthrough a general overview, e.g. the writer isstrongly against war and wants to persuade thereader to agree. I can identify the viewpoint in texts, with some,often limited, explanation I have a general awareness of the effect on thereader, with some, often limited, explanation. 125. AF5 Variety of sentence types I can use simple and complex sentences inmy writing to make my ideas clear. I regularly use connectives in my work toshow the relationship between my ideas,eg. although, on the other hand,meanwhile etc. I can also add in extra detail and changethe word order of my sentences for effect.