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  • Tequipment Cayenne Accessories for the new Cayenne model range

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    Design drawing of the 21-inch Cayenne SportEdition wheel painted in black (high-gloss)

    21-inch Cayenne SportEdition wheel painted in black (high-gloss) in the “ZWARP” test (two-axis test rig)

    Cayenne S with 21-inch Cayenne SportEdition wheels painted in black (high-gloss) on the Porsche Test Track in Weissach

    has enabled us to achieve the

    best possible com bination of

    performance and everyday

    practicality. Its lightweight

    construction reduces unsprung

    masses and improves dynamic

    performance, and its large contact

    patch optimizes traction. Material

    and surface quality, agility,

    and behavior under permanent

    loads have all been analyzed

    on test rigs, in the laboratory,

    and out on the racetrack. The

    result? 100-percent Porsche.

    Whichever Tequipment products

    you ask your authorized

    Porsche dealer to fit, one

    thing remains unchanged: your

    original vehicle warranty.

    You can find out more about

    the Porsche Tequipment

    range at porsche.com.

    Porsche Tequipment is all about sports-car

    technology, efficiency, dynamics, and design.

    And you.

    Versatility combined with

    impressive performance and

    extraordinary handling. These are

    the characteristics of every

    Cayenne model. And the new

    Cayenne models have been

    improved further still. Using the

    Porsche Intelligent Performance

    philosophy, we have made the

    Cayenne models lighter, safer,

    more economical, more dynamic,

    and more comfortable. We also

    developed the new Cayenne S

    Hybrid as an addition to the

    Cayenne model lineup.

    There is only one thing missing:

    a personal touch. Something

    that will turn any Porsche into

    something unmistakable—your

    Porsche. We gave this personal

    touch a name: Tequipment.

    All the model-specific products in

    the Tequipment range have been

    developed, tested, and formulated

    with the complete vehicle in

    mind. By the same Porsche

    engineers and designers who

    create the cars. Each component

    has to be visually appealing

    and technically compatible. All

    this takes place primarily at the

    Porsche Development Center

    in Weissach, Germany—from

    design through to approval.

    Every product undergoes

    exhaustive testing throughout its

    development to ensure optimal

    performance and durability.

    This is because they have to

    meet the highest standards of

    Porsche quality and functionality.

    One of the highlights is the 21-

    inch Cayenne SportEdition wheel

    painted in black (high-gloss)—

    a one-piece alloy wheel with

    a multispoke design for the

    Cayenne. Not only does it look

    good—it remains faithful to an

    important Porsche philosophy:

    Form follows function, not

    the other way around. This

  • Exterior 7

    From the air-intake grilles painted

    in black (high-gloss) to optional

    alloy wheels. Whatever you

    choose, your decision will be a

    reflection of your sporty style.

    Interior 21

    Personalize the interior.

    Classic, pure, or sporty.

    Let your taste decide.

    Audio and communication 29

    A range of products to turn

    your Cayenne into a mobile

    communications center.

    Transport and car care 33

    Here you will find intelligent

    transport solutions, Porsche

    child seats, and care products

    for your car.

    Service 45

    This page provides a brief

    insight into the world of Porsche.

    Index 47

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    The possibilities are endless.

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    The new Cayenne. With Porsche

    Tequipment, you can make

    it look even sportier, and

    even more dynamic.

    You can select from a range

    of exterior options painted in

    black (high-gloss). How about

    a decorative side logo? The

    choice is yours. Everything has

    been designed to meet your

    expectations. On the following

    pages we will show you all the

    person alization options available

    from Porsche Tequipment.

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    Decorative side logo

    Air-intake grilles painted in

    black (high-gloss)

    A first impression can be

    decisive. Just as it is with your

    Cayenne. With the air-intake

    grilles (left, center, right) painted

    in black (high-gloss), it gives

    more than just a striking and

    lasting impression—it has a

    winning smile.

    Part no. 958 044 800 03

    Vehicles w/ACC 958 044 800 04

    Turbo 958 044 800 05

    Turbo w/ACC 958 044 800 06

    Decorative side logo

    Decorative side logos on Porsche

    cars are legendary. Just like the

    cars privileged enough to display

    them. Why not make your vehicle

    part of the legend?


    Part no. 958 044 801 10

    Cayenne Turbo

    Part no. 958 044 801 12

    Cayenne S Hybrid

    Part no. 958 044 801 15

    Cayenne S

    Part no. 958 044 801 11

    Roof-spoiler separation edge

    painted in black (high-gloss)

    The separation edge of the roof

    spoiler painted in black (high-

    gloss) will give your Cayenne an

    even more imposing look.

    Part no. 958 044 800 00

    Exterior mirrors painted in

    black (high-gloss)

    Like you, we pay maximum

    attention to every detail. Details

    such as the exterior mirror

    Air-intake grilles painted in black (high-gloss)

    lower trim, including the front

    surround and mirror base,

    painted in black (high-gloss).

    Part no. 955 044 800 07

    Vehicles with surrounding

    field light and/or driver

    memory package.

    Part no. 955 044 800 08

    Exterior mirrors painted in black (high-gloss)

    Roof-spoiler separation edge painted in black (high-gloss)

    See your authorized Porsche dealer for specific part numbers for your vehicle.

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    Wheels provide a direct

    connection with the road. Our

    wheels have been developed

    using the same principle by which

    we develop our vehicles: Form

    follows function. All the wheels

    for the new Cayenne models have

    undergone a restyling. We’ve

    also further improved our tires

    for better driving performance

    and handling, reduced rolling

    resistance, and weight. In this

    way, they can provide the

    necessary basis for improved

    fuel economy and, of course,

    increased driving pleasure.

    21-inch Cayenne SportEdition

    wheels with summer tires

    The 21-inch Cayenne

    SportEdition cast-alloy wheel

    with a multispoke design has a

    dynamic and powerful look. With

    a width of 10 inches (254 mm)

    at the front and rear, the resulting

    large contact area will give your

    vehicle a sporty appearance and

    optimize dynamic performance.

    21-inch Cayenne SportEdition

    wheels painted in black (high-

    gloss) with summer tires

    These one-piece, multispoke

    alloy wheels for the Cayenne are

    as imposing as they are sporty.

    The center spokes have a black-

    painted finish, and wheel centers

    in black with a full-color

    Porsche Crest are included.

    21-inch 911 Turbo II wheels

    with summer tires

    This set of wheels with summer

    tires is both athletic and agile.

    The elegant design of the

    forged alloy wheels with a

    two-tone finish is the epitome

    of individuality on the road.

    20-inch RS Spyder Design

    wheels with summer