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<ul><li><p>015</p></li><li><p>DesignPrecious</p></li><li><p>Index</p><p>144 Angel Falls072 Anish096 Argent020 Atlantis228 Bobino182 Bond130 Calle090 Core080 Doodle064 Etoile150 Frame206 Glamour192 G.r.a224 Hook236 Hugo160 Iceberg106 I Lucci Argentati200 Magdalena118 Mizu164 Ortenzia 056 Sea Urchin140 Shar Pei044 Soscik034 Stream050 Tresor220 Untitled010 Volver216 Wabi232 Zig-Zag</p></li><li><p> PreciousDesign</p><p>Terzanis Precious Design Concept is luxury evolved. Each piece in this new lighting collection breaks the staid boundaries of traditional luxury, and incorporates stunningly modern design, cutting-edge technology, artisan craftsmanship and precious materials. The result are sculptures of light whose illumination transforms spaces through dynamic lighting and shadow effects. They create a new visual language of what luxury is, one that reflects both todays aesthetics, architecture and design traditions yet also pushes towards the future.</p></li><li><p>Volver, Breath of new Light.</p><p>At Terzani, we are fortunate to work with some of the brightest young stars in Italian design. For Volver, designer Diego Bassetti and architect Andrea Panzieri of Studio 14, protegs of Bruno Rainaldi, applied their multidisciplinary approach to create Terzanis first LED suspension light. This geometric design combines thin nickel chains with the latest in LED technology to create a light that is both elegant and modern. A breath of new light, Volver melds technology and art to achieve a new level of luxury. Design Studio 14. preciousdesign 11</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 13</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 15</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 17</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 19</p><p>NICKEL BLACK NICKEL goLD BRoNZE</p><p>78cm - 30.7</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>30cm</p><p> - 11</p><p>.8</p><p>132cm - 52</p><p>L60S</p><p>230v</p><p> / 1</p><p>20v</p><p>L62S</p><p>20X4.5W</p><p>L61S</p><p>10X4.5W</p><p>L60S</p><p>10X4.5W</p><p>LED BOARD3000 KCRI 90 </p><p>L63S</p><p>7X4.5W</p><p>73cm - 28.7</p><p>80cm - 31.5</p><p>L61S</p><p>78cm - 30.7</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>30cm</p><p> - 11</p><p>.8</p><p>183cm - 72</p><p>L62S</p><p>78cm - 30.7</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>30cm</p><p> - 11</p><p>.8</p><p>70cm - 27.6</p><p>L63S</p><p>2700</p><p>K -</p><p> CR</p><p>I 90 </p><p> LE</p><p>D B</p><p>OA</p><p>RD</p><p> A</p><p>VA</p><p>ILA</p><p>BLE</p><p> On</p><p> R</p><p>Eq</p><p>uE</p><p>st</p></li><li><p>Seemingly alive, Atlantis shimmering light creates a vibrant source of energy. Its mesmerizing, organic effect is created by hundreds of illuminated lengths of draped, nickel chain. Like water in the ocean, Atlantis chains appear liquid, cascading over its gloss nickel bands and falling down towards the abyss before turning back into itself. Atlantis is composed of almost three miles of chain, meticulously hand-crafted by master Italian artisans. Design Barlas Baylar.</p><p>preciousdesign 21</p><p>Atlantis,a Precious Wave.</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 23</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 25</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 27</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 29</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 31</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 33</p><p>A15S</p><p>A16S</p><p>J01S</p><p>90cm - 35.4</p><p>73cm</p><p> - 28</p><p>.7120cm - 47.2</p><p>110cm - 43.3</p><p>95cm - 37.4</p><p>A14S</p><p>A17S</p><p>J06S J03A J04A</p><p>65cm - 25.6</p><p>50cm</p><p> - 19</p><p>.7 120cm - 47.2</p><p>79cm - 31.1</p><p>68cm - 26.8</p><p>A13S</p><p>A18S</p><p>50cm</p><p> - 19</p><p>.7</p><p>50cm - 19.7</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>76cm - 29.9</p><p>55cm - 21.7</p><p>110cm - 43.3</p><p>80cm</p><p> - 31</p><p>.5</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>70cm - 27.6</p><p>40cm - 15.7</p><p>90cm - 35.4</p><p>70cm</p><p> - 27</p><p>.6</p><p>13cm</p><p> - 5.1</p><p>11cm</p><p> - 4.3</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>60cm - 27.6</p><p>40cm - 15.7</p><p>45cm</p><p> - 17</p><p>.7</p><p>250cm - 98.4</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>60cm - 23.6</p><p>50cm - 19.7</p><p>36cm</p><p> - 14</p><p>.2</p><p>200cm - 78.7</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>48cm - 18.9</p><p>40 cm- 15.7</p><p>30cm</p><p> - 11</p><p>.8</p><p>150cm - 59.1</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>40cm - 15.7</p><p>33cm - 13</p><p>53cm - 20.8</p><p>51cm - 20</p><p>36cm - 14.1</p><p>21cm - 8.3</p><p>NICKEL BLACK NICKEL goLD BRoNZE</p><p>A13S</p><p>6X42W (=6x60W)</p><p>6X60W </p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>A15S</p><p>8X42W (=8x60W)</p><p> 8X60W </p><p>A14S</p><p>8X42W (=8x60W)</p><p> 8X60W </p><p>A18S</p><p> 8X42W (=8x60W)</p><p> 8X60W </p><p>J06S</p><p>8X42W (=8x60W)</p><p>8X60W </p><p>J03A</p><p> 4X28W (=4x40W)</p><p> 4X40W </p><p>J04A</p><p>2X42W (=2x60W)</p><p>2X60W </p><p>A16S</p><p> 10X42W (=10x60W)</p><p> 10X60W </p><p>A17S</p><p> 10X42W (=10x60W)</p><p> 10X60W </p><p>J01S</p><p> 8X42W (=8x60W)</p><p> 8X60W LE</p><p>D L</p><p>Igh</p><p>t B</p><p>uLB</p><p>s m</p><p>Ay B</p><p>E u</p><p>sED</p><p>hALOgEnEs E14</p><p>FLAmECA 10 E12</p></li><li><p>stream,Iridescent Light.</p><p>A stunning design from Christian Lava, Stream is an impressive presence in any room. Streams design exploits the physical characteristics of the materials used to envelop a room in a unique, immersive light. Here, an elegant thin metal chain appear to flow down from the undulating, nickel-plated frame. These cascading tiers project a streaking, yet tranquil, shadow throughout the room. Design Christian Lava.</p><p>preciousdesign 35</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 37</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 39</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 41</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 43</p><p>NICKEL</p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>J65P</p><p>36cm - 14.2</p><p>175cm - 68.9</p><p>J60A</p><p>20cm - 7.9</p><p>54cm - 21.213c</p><p>m - 5</p><p>.1</p><p>J51S</p><p>J54S</p><p>80cm - 31.5</p><p>30cm - 11.8</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>115cm - 45.3</p><p>75cm - 29.5</p><p>J50S</p><p>110cm - 43.3</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>140cm - 55.1</p><p>J70L</p><p>60cm - 23.6</p><p>60cm - 23.6</p><p>J52S</p><p>140cm - 55</p><p>75cm - 29.5</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>45cm</p><p> - 17</p><p>.7</p><p>hALOgEnEs E14</p><p>+</p><p>FLAmECA 10</p><p>+</p><p>J50S</p><p>20X28W E14(=20x40W)+35W gu10</p><p>20X40W E12+35W gu10</p><p>J51S</p><p>18X28W E14(=18x40W)+35W gu10</p><p>18X40W E12+35W gu10</p><p> hALOgEngu10</p><p>hALOgEnmR20 gu10</p><p>+hALOgEnEs g9</p><p>+ </p><p> hALOgEnJCD g9</p><p>J52S</p><p>12X33W g9(=12X40W)+3X35W gu10</p><p>12X35W g9+ 3X35W gu10</p><p>J54S</p><p>4X33W g9(=4X40W)+35W gu10</p><p>4X35W g9+ 35W gu10</p><p>J70L</p><p>8X33W g9(=8X40W)+35W gu10 </p><p> 8X35W g9+35W gu10</p><p> hALOgEngu10</p><p>hALOgEnmR20 gu10</p><p>J60A</p><p>2X42W(=2x60W)</p><p> 2X60W </p><p>J65P</p><p>6X28W (=6x40W)</p><p> 6X40W </p><p>hALOgEnEs E14</p><p>FLAmECA 10 LE</p><p>D L</p><p>Igh</p><p>t B</p><p>uLB</p><p>s m</p><p>Ay B</p><p>E u</p><p>sED</p></li><li><p>Reinventing the classics. With Soscik, Terzani combines traditional, artisan techniques with cutting edge technology to give the traditional chandelier a modern update. over the plated frame, Soscik creates a dramatic and romantic effect, while still being able to compliment todays modern luxury. Available as a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, Soscik proves that modern design does not have to sacrifice luxury. Design Nicolas Terzani.</p><p>preciousdesign 45</p><p>soscik,Classic form, Modern look.</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 47</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 49</p><p>G57S</p><p>G62L</p><p>145cm - 57.1</p><p>180cm - 70.9</p><p>120cm - 47.2</p><p>60cm - 23.6</p><p>145cm - 57.1</p><p>NICKEL BRoNZE</p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>G56S</p><p>G61L</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>125cm - 49.2</p><p>125cm - 49.2</p><p>45cm - 17.7</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>G55S</p><p>G60L</p><p>72cm - 28.3</p><p>90cm - 35.4</p><p>100cm - 39.4</p><p>35cm - 13.8</p><p>72cm - 28.3</p><p>hALOgEnEs g9</p><p> hALOgEnJCD g9</p><p>G55S</p><p>8X33W(=8X40W)</p><p>8X50W </p><p>G57S</p><p>14X33W (=14X40W)</p><p>14X35W </p><p>G56S</p><p>12X33W (=12X40W)</p><p>12X35W </p><p>G62L</p><p>12X33W (=12X40W)</p><p>12X35W </p><p>G61L</p><p>10X33W (=10X40W)</p><p>10X35W </p><p>G60L</p><p>8X33W (=8X40W)</p><p>8X35W LED</p><p> LIg</p><p>ht </p><p>Bu</p><p>LBs </p><p>mAy</p><p> BE </p><p>usE</p><p>D</p></li><li><p>tresor, a Wealthof Light.</p><p>An impeccable addition to any space, Tresors hand-made design and precious metal coins create scintillating halos of light. Recalling discovered treasure, the layers of gold or silver leaf create a rich, luxurious light. Available in a range of sizes, including wall sconces and pendants, tresor has an elegance that is truly priceless. Design Jean Franois Crochet.</p><p>preciousdesign 51</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 53</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 55</p><p>80cm - 31.5</p><p>60cm - 23.6</p><p>N60S</p><p>N65L</p><p>200cm - 78.7</p><p>20cm</p><p> - 7.9</p><p>goLD LEAF SILVER LEAF</p><p>N60S</p><p>9X33W(=9X40W)</p><p> 9X35W </p><p>N63A</p><p>2X48W (=2X60W)</p><p>2X50W </p><p>N62A</p><p>48W (=60W)</p><p>50W </p><p>N66L</p><p>6X33W (=6X40W)</p><p> 6X35W </p><p>N65L</p><p>6X33W (=6X40W)</p><p> 6X35W </p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>45cm - 17.7</p><p>N63A</p><p>11cm</p><p> - 4.3</p><p>30cm - 11.8</p><p>N62A</p><p>6,5cm</p><p> - 2.6</p><p>45cm - 17.7</p><p>N66L</p><p>18cm</p><p> - 7.1</p><p>hALOgEnEs g9</p><p> hALOgEnJCD g9 LE</p><p>D L</p><p>Igh</p><p>t B</p><p>uLB</p><p>s m</p><p>Ay B</p><p>E u</p><p>sED</p></li><li><p>sea urchin,Dress your Light.</p><p>Pushing the boundaries of design and artistry; drawing from the haute couture designers unique universe, sea urchin features over 1500, translucent crystal pins seemingly suspended around the bulb, casting a dynamic shadow around the room. The perfect accessory for your well-curated home, sea urchin is available in different finishes in both round and oblong versions. Design Maurizio galante.</p><p>preciousdesign 57</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 59</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 61</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 63</p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>190cm - 74.8</p><p>42cm - 16.5</p><p>148cm - 58.3</p><p>60cm - 23.6</p><p>20cm - 7.9</p><p>P81S</p><p>P85S</p><p>P81S</p><p>70W (=100W)</p><p> 72W (=100W)</p><p>P80S</p><p>70W(=100W)</p><p> 72W (=100W)</p><p>190cm - 74.8</p><p>40cm - 15.7</p><p>P80S</p><p>NICKELSILVER WHITE</p><p>NICKELSILVERSILVER</p><p>NICKELSILVERSWARoVSKI</p><p>hALOgEnEs E27</p><p> hALOgEnECO A19 E26</p><p>P85S</p><p>42W (=60W)</p><p> 40W</p><p>hALOgEnEs E14</p><p>KX-2000t3 E12</p></li><li><p>Etoile, Twinkling in an indoor Sky.</p><p>Etoiles intricate network of intersecting nickel lines recalls constellations in a clear night sky. Strategically placed bulbs cast a starry light, twinkling as viewers move around the pendant. Through projecting these complex patterns throughout the room, Etoile casts a heavenly glow in any space. Design Christian Lava. </p><p>preciousdesign 65</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 67</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 69</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 71</p><p>P04S</p><p>8X20W</p><p>8X20W</p><p>P05S</p><p>20W</p><p>20W</p><p>P03A</p><p> 6X10W</p><p>6X10W</p><p>NICKEL</p><p>P01S</p><p>8X10W+8X20W</p><p>8X10W+8X20W</p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>200cm - 78.7 </p><p>20cm - 7.9</p><p>P04S</p><p>130cm - 51.2</p><p>20cm</p><p> - 7.9</p><p>200cm - 78.7 </p><p>25cm - 9.8</p><p>P01S</p><p>70cm - 27.6</p><p>190cm - 74.8 </p><p>P05S</p><p>16cm - 6.3</p><p>13cm</p><p> - 5.1</p><p>63cm - 24.8</p><p>P03A</p><p>12cm - 4.7</p><p>EtO</p><p>ILE</p><p> CA</p><p>n B</p><p>E </p><p>mA</p><p>nu</p><p>FAC</p><p>tuR</p><p>ED</p><p> tO</p><p> WO</p><p>RK</p><p> W</p><p>Ith</p><p> BI-</p><p>PIn</p><p> LE</p><p>D L</p><p>Igh</p><p>t s</p><p>Ou</p><p>RC</p><p>E O</p><p>n R</p><p>Eq</p><p>uE</p><p>st </p><p>hALOgEn12V g4 </p><p>XEnOn BI-PIn12V t3 g4</p></li><li><p>Anish, Playing Spoons.</p><p>A playful study of reflection, the idea for Anish was born when designer Dodo Arslan, while playing with his daughter, became fascinated by the almost infinite reflections spoons unleashed due to their concave and convex surfaces. Taking this idea to a larger scale, Dodo took inspiration from Italian flatware manufacturer Sambonet and created a pendant composed of a range of spoons from the smallest teaspoon to serving spoons which magnifies the reflective quality of this shape. The result is an installation that creates a galaxy effect of seemingly endless light. Design Dodo Arslan. </p><p>preciousdesign 73</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 75</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 77</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 79</p><p>NICKEL</p><p>230v</p><p> / 1</p><p>20v</p><p>63cm - 24.8</p><p>Q62S</p><p>44cm - 17.3</p><p>Q61S</p><p>190cm - 74.8190cm - 74.8</p><p>26cm - 10.238cm - 15</p><p>Q61S</p><p>6X4.5W</p><p>Q62S</p><p>6X4.5W</p><p>LED BOARD3000 KCRI 90 27</p><p>00K</p><p> - C</p><p>RI 9</p><p>0 </p><p>LED</p><p> BO</p><p>AR</p><p>D </p><p>AV</p><p>AIL</p><p>AB</p><p>LE O</p><p>n </p><p>RE</p><p>qu</p><p>Es</p><p>t</p></li><li><p>Doodle, Freehand Design.</p><p>We no longer march in a straight line. our lives are dynamic, intertwining collections of relationships,experiences and journeys. Reflecting the fluidity of our generation, designer Simone Micheli has created a new, contemporary light for Terzani, Doodle. Like us, each Doodle is unique, each pendant is handcrafted by artisans to resemble a randomised path. And, to give us control over the journey we want to take, each LED bulb can be placed anywhere on the light, not only reflecting the choices we make in life, but giving Doodle a special flexibility. Design Simone Micheli. </p><p>preciousdesign 81</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 83</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 85</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 87</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 89</p><p>NICKELBLACKAMETHYST</p><p>goLD</p><p>LED PhILIPs g4CAPsuLE LInECOD. LED1Wg427</p><p>J80S</p><p> 1.2W g4(=10W)23</p><p>0v /</p><p> 120</p><p>v</p><p>~ 30cm - 11.8</p><p>J80S</p><p>190cm - 74.8</p><p>~ 25</p><p>cm - </p><p>9.8</p></li><li><p>Core, Eruption of Light.</p><p>Core is reminiscent of the natural energy at the heart of our world. Like bright lava seeping through the earths crust, vibrant spheres of faceted crystal break through the iron surface of this pendant. Forcing light to pass through this metal structure results in a powerful, vibrant exchange of forces light and shadow erupt across the room, as the LED light pours through, as the light itself emits an organic radiance. Design Christian Lava. </p><p>preciousdesign 91</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 93</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 95</p><p>NICKELCLEAR</p><p>230v</p><p> / 1</p><p>20v</p><p>70cm - 27.5</p><p>P20S</p><p>200cm - 78.7</p><p>BLACK NICKELCLEAR</p><p>COB LED3000 KCRI 90</p><p>P20S</p><p>22W 2700</p><p>K -</p><p> CR</p><p>I 90</p><p>CO</p><p>B L</p><p>ED</p><p> A</p><p>VA</p><p>ILA</p><p>BLE</p><p> On</p><p> R</p><p>Eq</p><p>uE</p><p>st</p></li><li><p>Argent,a Silver Cloud.</p><p>With this suspension light, designer Dodo Arslan creates a shimmering, silver cloud. Argent consists of metal discs that have been meticulously joined by hand by Terzani craftsmen into clusters. once lit, the multiple, angled surfaces of the discs emanate a soft, shimmering, white glow. Design Dodo Arslan. </p><p>preciousdesign 97</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 99</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 101</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 103</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 105</p><p>STAINLESS STEEL</p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>190cm - 74.8 </p><p>30cm - 11.8</p><p>125cm - 49.2</p><p>190cm - 74.8 </p><p>60cm - 23.6</p><p>76cm - 29.9</p><p>35cm</p><p> - 13</p><p>.8</p><p>WHITE RECTANgULAR CANoPY</p><p>WHITE CIRCULAR CANoPY</p><p>190cm - 74.8 </p><p>30cm - 11.8</p><p>40cm - 15.7</p><p>35cm</p><p> - 13</p><p>.8</p><p>NICKEL CIRCULAR CANoPY</p><p>N90S</p><p>N92S</p><p>N91S</p><p>XEnOn BI-PIn12V t3 g4</p><p>hALOgEn12V g4 </p><p>N91S</p><p>12X20W </p><p>12X20W </p><p>N92S</p><p>12X20W </p><p>12X20W </p><p>N90S</p><p> 3X20W</p><p>3X20W AR</p><p>gE</p><p>nt </p><p>CA</p><p>n B</p><p>E </p><p>mA</p><p>nu</p><p>FAC</p><p>tuR</p><p>ED</p><p> tO</p><p> WO</p><p>RK</p><p> W</p><p>Ith</p><p> BI-</p><p>PIn</p><p> LE</p><p>D L</p><p>Igh</p><p>t s</p><p>Ou</p><p>RC</p><p>E O</p><p>n R</p><p>Eq</p><p>uE</p><p>st </p></li><li><p>I Lucci Argentati,School of Light.</p><p>I Lucci Argentati draws from nature to create a whimsical, yet modern light. Recalling a school of fish darting through freshwater, it creates a mesmerizing luminescence. Sets of sleek lights combine to form a stunning pendant with thin incisions along the bottom creating an understated, tranquil beauty. Thanks to its modular system, I Lucci Argentati is customizable and can be combined in many different configurations: from small to extra large; as a pendant or sconce; and finished either in brushed nickel or white. Design Dodo Arslan.</p><p>preciousdesign 107</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 109</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 111</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 113</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 115</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 117</p><p>BRUSHEDNICKEL</p><p>WHITE</p><p>14cm</p><p> - 5.5</p><p>14cm</p><p> - 5.5</p><p>N80SL</p><p>N82SL</p><p>265cm - 104</p><p>145cm - 57</p><p>37cm - 14.6</p><p>200cm - 78.7</p><p>200cm - 78.7</p><p>200cm - 78.7</p><p>200cm - 78.7</p><p>14cm</p><p> - 5.5</p><p>N85ALB87cm - 34</p><p>14cm - 5.5</p><p>14cm</p><p> - 5.5</p><p>N81SL220cm - 87</p><p>33cm - 13</p><p>33cm - 13</p><p>14cm</p><p> - 5.5</p><p>N83SL180cm - 71</p><p>30cm - 11.8</p><p>230v</p><p> / 1</p><p>20v</p><p>N83SL</p><p>8X4.5W</p><p>N82SL</p><p>7X4.5W</p><p>N81SL</p><p>10X4.5W</p><p>N80SL</p><p>10X4.5W</p><p>LED BOARD3000 KCRI 90 </p><p>N85SLB</p><p>2X4.5W 2700</p><p>K -</p><p> CR</p><p>I 90 </p><p> LE</p><p>D B</p><p>OA</p><p>RD</p><p> A</p><p>VA</p><p>ILA</p><p>BLE</p><p> On</p><p> R</p><p>Eq</p><p>uE</p><p>st</p></li><li><p>mizu, FlowingLight.</p><p>Inspired by the tranquil and mesmerizing light refractions created by water, Mizu is customizable pendant light from Terzani. Like water droplets, no two Mizu are alike, each crystal shape is unique and made meticulously by hand. Using only the clearest crystal (24% lead), Mizu perfectly emulates waters refraction of light, casing amazing patterns around the room, reminiscent of flowing water. Also available in gold leaf and silver dust. Design Nicolas Terzani.</p><p>preciousdesign 119</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 121</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 123</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 125</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 127</p></li><li><p>preciousdesign 129</p><p>230v</p><p>120v</p><p>R01S</p><p>R15SRWHITE</p><p>RECTANgULAR CANoPYWHITE </p><p>CIRCULAR CANoPYWHITE </p><p>SQUARE CANoPYWHITE </p><p>CIRCULAR CANoPY</p><p>R03S</p><p>R15ST</p><p>R05S</p><p>R26SQ</p><p>R07S</p><p>R26ST</p><p>BRUSHED NICKELCIRCULAR CANoPY</p><p>BRUSHED NICKELCIRCULAR CANoPY</p><p>BRUSHED NICKELCIRCULAR CANoPY</p><p>BRUSHED NICKELCIRCULAR CANoPY</p><p>190cm - 74.8</p><p>250cm - 98.4 250cm - 98.4 250cm - 98.4 250cm - 98.4</p><p>190cm - 74.8 190cm - 74.8 190cm - 74.8</p><p>11cm - 4.3 22cm - 8.7 28cm - 11 31cm - 12.2</p><p>10cm - 3.9 10cm - 3.9 10cm - 3.9 10cm - 3.9</p><p>76cm - 29.966cm - 2668cm - 26.8 80cm - 31.5</p><p>40cm</p><p> - 15</p><p>.7</p><p>76cm</p><p> - 29</p><p>.9</p><p>CRYSTAL SILVER DUST CRYSTALgoLD CRYSTAL</p><p>hALOgEn12V g4 </p><p>XEnOn BI-PIn12V t3 g4</p><p>R01S</p><p>10W</p><p>10W</p><p>R03S</p><p>3X10W</p><p>3X10W</p><p>R05S</p><p>5X10W </p><p>5X10W</p><p>R07S</p><p>7X10W</p><p>7X10W</p><p>R15SR</p><p>15X10W</p><p>15X10W</p><p>R15ST</p><p>15X10W</p><p>15X10W</p><p>R26SQ</p><p>26X10W</p><p>26X10W</p><p>R26ST</p><p>26X10W</p><p>26X10W mIZ</p><p>u C</p><p>An</p><p> BE</p><p> m</p><p>An</p><p>uFA</p><p>Ctu</p><p>RE</p><p>D t</p><p>O W</p><p>OR</p><p>K </p><p>WIt</p><p>h B</p><p>I-P</p><p>In L</p><p>ED</p><p> LIg</p><p>ht </p><p>sO</p><p>uR</p><p>CE</p><p> On</p><p> RE</p><p>qu</p><p>Es</p><p>t </p></li><li><p>Calle, PerennialElegance.</p><p>At Terzani, we spend countless days searching the globe for talented new designers, but sometimes they find us. Such is the case with the young designers Luca Martorano and Mattia Albicini who approached us with the design for Calle, a fantastic a new light we instantly fell