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<p>TESLA GENERATOR - See the Real Truth about Free Electricityby Majestic122 </p> <p>0 Comments Like 24</p> <p>Ranked #2,087 in Computers &amp; Electronics, #26,792 overall Ads by Google Turbine Generator Choose From 1M+ Verified Suppliers. Contact Directly &amp; Get Live Quotes! www.alibaba.com Permanent magnet generators from The Switch. 1-5MW and higher, with different drives. www.TheSwitch.com 3kWatt Small Wind Turbine Competitive Price AWEA Shortlisted Contact Us NOW! www.kestrelwind.co.za</p> <p>Tesla Generator Free Electricity Device</p> <p>What happened to the Tesla Generator blueprints? Had they really gone missing? And are they really available to the public nowadays? These are the questions that have revived the legend of Tesla's free energy generator. Just that more and more people say it is not a legend, but a fact: the Tesla blueprints have been rediscovered and can be used by anybody in order to create free energy and reduce energy costs by 100%.</p> <p>Tesla a former colleague of Thomas Edison is thought by many to have contributed far more to science than his co-scientist, sadly the two fell out at an early stage and never worked together again. For those who know little on the topic, Tesla was one of the leading electrical engineers and inventors of the world. He contributed to the inventions of thousands of devices and revolutionized physics with his break-through experiments and studies. One of Tesla's inventions has amazed the world, and it is still a controversial topic to date: Tesla's energy generator. This generator was meant to create high voltage power and high frequency alternative current. Furthermore, the experiments Tesla made with this incredible device were aimed at finding a way of transmitting energy wirelessly. The generator used the power of the sun to create high amounts of free energy that could replace the non-renewable, expensive energy people were using, and still are. When J. P. Morgan found out that Tesla's generator was meant to offer free energy to the people, and no financial gains were involved, he decided to stop financing Tesla's experiments and projects. But this is just the beginning of the story. How the Tesla generator blueprints suddenly went missing The interesting part of the story comes when Tesla loses his reputation and is pushed into the shadows. More than that, many of Tesla's researches, papers, schematics and diagrams disappear, and are nowhere to be found. Among those is the famous Tesla generator plan. People started talking about a government conspiracy to prevent people from using Tesla's ideas and create free energy in their homes. Tesla's followers talk about different commercial interests and explain the disappearance of the blueprints in terms of economic wins and losses. Tesla's generator was a solution for every individual that wanted to become energy independent. If a person had a Tesla generator at home, they would be able to generate enough energy so that they could cut themselves off from the electricity grid. People would save a lot of money and reduce their energy bills to zero. However, electricity suppliers would suffer severely if everybody started to produce energy independently and stopped paying bills. That is why Tesla's ideas were not very pleasing to gas and electricity companies. And that would be a pretty good reason for the Tesla generator schematics to go missing all of a sudden. However, other people dismiss this idea as being ridiculous. They think that the plans cannot be found because they have never existed, in the first place. The Tesla generator is nothing more than a scam, they say. But let's think for a second: who would have to gain from the fact that the generator doesn't work or cannot be created? Every normal individual is motivated at least to find out more about this incredible solution that might eliminate their energy costs, and search for proofs that it works. And so we go back to the story of commercial interests. Uncovering the generator blueprints Exciting and intriguing news is circulating the online medium lately. It seems like the blueprints that have been kept secret from the public have been found and are public for everyone to see.</p> <p>The documents were found in a patent office. The blueprints contain valuable diagrams and building instructions for the radiant energy generating device, a dynamo-electric machine and the Tesla coil. They include a circuit diagram, wiring diagrams and instructions on how to assemble the parts and components. The plans include detailed descriptions of every invention, exactly as Tesla wrote it for the patent office. The documents have Tesla's signature on them, so there is no doubt that there are truly his inventions. Everybody can download the Tesla generator blueprints for a very cheap price and use the diagrams in order to build the free electricity generator. Everything they need is a little scientific knowledge in the field, and some materials they can order on the internet or buy form a hardware store. The price for these materials is very affordable, and considering how much somebody could save on energy bills by generating their own electricity, the initial investment is unexpectedly low. The instructions are very detailed, so people will not have any problems understanding how to make the device. The generator is easy to build and can produce all the energy a household needs, and some extra. Tesla's generator is one of the most effective alternative energy solutions available today. It uses a renewable, unlimited source of energy, the sun. It is eco friendly, so besides offering free energy, it also helps you contribute to the protection of the environment. There are no gas emissions, and the generator does not consume any fossil fuels. Environmentally concerned individuals will love this invention, but you do not have to be an eco activist in order to love the idea of not having to pay any more energy bills for the rest of your life. The excitement produced by this discovery continues to increase day by day. The number of people who have downloaded the blueprints and used them to create a Tesla energy generator has grown, because of the huge success the device has. You can find a lot of testimonials on the internet that have been written by ordinary people who managed to become energy independent with the help of the Tesla generator. They say that the instructions are easy to follow and that the machine produces a lot more energy than they could have ever imagined. All this, thanks to the genius of electricity, Nikola Tesla. Tesla was probably one of the most controversial figures of engineering, being considered by many a "mad scientist". However, his work is certainly not the one of a mad person. The Tesla generator blueprints prove that he was a genius, a visionary, and a pioneer in the field of electricity.</p> <p>Tesla GeneratorTesla Generator Free Electricity DeviceTesla Generator plans are again surfacing on the internet, Nicola Teslas secret electricity device is now available again. powered by Youtube</p> <p>Guides to Free Power</p> <p>1. Tesla Generator 2. Teslas Radiant Energy 3. Main Tesla Generator Website 4. Free Energy Generator 5. Green Energy is Vital 6. Tesla Experiments Plans %u2013 A Huge Step for Mankind 7. Teslas Generator Scam 8. Teslas Generator Blueprints 9. Tesla Experiment Plans 10. Tesla Generator Scam 11. A Mystery Still Unsolved 12. The Best Free Power invention ever? 13. Plans for a Brighter Future 14. No Cost Electricity 15. Hoax Clains Dismissed 16. Secret Green Tesla Energy</p> <p>Teslas Radiant EnergySecret Electricity GenerationTesla's work regarding what he called radiant energy has sparked up controversies throughout the past century, making numerous scientists wonder about the various possibilities that his theories would involve. You may never have heard of this type of energy before, simply because today it is known by different names - electromagnetic wave energy, scalar waves or electrostatic energy. What many don't know, however, is that there have also been numerous intrigues in history revolving around this discovery. Eventually, with the help Tesla's determination and his incredible genius, the creation of a generator that could tap into this form of energy has become possible, and many are now devising new ways of modifying Tesla's initial models (that he thought of over 100 years ago) to provide free sustainable, green energy. The History behind Tesla's Radiant Energy Work We can better understand what Tesla meant with the term "radiant electricity" (or energy) by looking into the history of the concept itself. James Clerk Maxwell was the first one to discover the various types of electric disturbances that can occur in nature. Through his mathematical equations, Maxwell concluded that there are two of these types of energies or waves: one is a type of longitudinal wave, which involved alternating rarefied or densified electromagnetic field pulsations which move along a single vector - being mainly known as scalar wave today - and a transverse electromagnetic wave which was detectable at large distances, and involved quick alterations of electric fields.</p> <p>Maxwell was more inclined to believe in the existence of this latter type of energy and encouraged scientists to explore this possibility. Heinrich Hertz, a German scientist was intrigued by this idea and started experiments with what he thought were actual electromagnetic waves. Tesla, however, discovered an interesting flaw in the experiments that Hertz conducted, having noticed that the German scientist failed to take into account the presence of air. As a result, what he thought were actual electromagnetic waves, were proven by Tesla to be various electrostatic inductions or shockwaves. This was later to become one of Tesla's greatest discoveries. While replicating Hertz's experiment, Tesla worked with abrupt DC discharges, and noticed that there were some anomalies involving blue colored sparks that radiated along the axis of the power lines that weren't caused by the electrons in the circuitry. Instead, when the electrons moved along the wire, the phenomena seemed to diminish and disappear altogether. The first time Tesla discussed the concept of "radiant energy" was in a paper he published called "The Dissipation of Energy". He had realized the numerous practical applications that his discovery would bring, and continued to work relentlessly on his experimentation with various devices that would be able to exploit this unusual type of energy. The numerous practical applications that Tesla had in mind caused him to be highly enthusiastic about his work in further discovering the many mysteries of this new form of energy, and eventually lead him to understanding what is known today as the electrosphere of the Earth. He then went on to put together the plans for exploiting this newly found energy source, claiming that everyone had the power to harness its immense potential, and use it for creating a renewable power source that would never be exhausted. Tesla's Brilliant Radiant Energy Discoveries The initial work that Tesla had done on his radiant electricity generator proved how easy it was to transform the power of the electrosphere into a viable energy source. Unfortunately, without proper funding, he had to abandon many of his plans which lead to many of his projects being abandoned. Nevertheless, the Tesla generators later became known as some of the simplest, most intriguing applications to provide free energy that the world had ever seen. Today, after more than 100 years, people are starting to understand the generator's full potential, building numerous different versions of Tesla's initial designs that attest to the genius of the inventor. It is still not totally clear where the energy actually comes from. Following his numerous studies, Tesla believed that radiant power was the result of an abrupt disruption in the balance of what he and many of his contemporaries called "the ether". There has been much controversy regarding whether or not this illusive energy source actually existed, and after Einstein's theory of relativity was published in 1905, the ether theory was largely considered to be unfounded, and research was abandoned even by those who initially believed in its existence.</p> <p>Tesla was not backing out, however, and continued his research, despite the sarcasm that he had been forced to endure. His research actually proved to be fruitful, and his radiant electricity applications were indeed working. An additional, and until quite recently, ignored aspect of the practical applications of radiant electricity was the profound effect that the energy had on human consciousness. Tesla and many others have discovered that the energy had the power to improve cognition and mental abilities to a great extent. The numerous therapeutic and energy related innovations that could have been discovered 100 years before their time, however, were cut short because of the lack of insight and genuine dedication of the scientific society in those days which eventually caused Tesla's research to be put on hold, since he could no longer receive the kind of funding that would help him promote his findings and share them with the world. Now, over a century after Tesla's amazing discoveries, his plans are at last out in the open so that people can better understand and benefit from the profound potential of their applications. It is clear that the world was not yet ready for many of Tesla's discoveries at that time; however, today's scientific community is far more advanced and able to understand the numerous advanced ideas brought about by the brilliant inventor. With the new Tesla generator innovations present in the world today, and the many blueprints available for free on the internet, virtually everyone can learn to use radiant electricity to complement their electric power needs. Without a doubt, Tesla's work on radiant energy will not be forgotten, as the discoveries made by the illustrious scientist make more sense than ever in this day and age, and may eventually lead humanity into a new era of technological advancements.</p> <p>Main Tesla Generator Website Free Energy GeneratorSecret Energy TechnologyDoes the free energy generator many people are talking about really exist? Yes, it does. The generator has been invented by the greatest electrical engineer of all times, Nikola Tesla, a century ago. The generator uses a free source of energy and produces environmentally friendly power for zero costs. Is it a scam? No, it is not; it is a scientific invention of a genius who was ahead of his time. The generator might be one of the most impressive inventions of Tesla. His lifelong dream was to create fuelless energy that can be used by every individual for free. He spent many years designing and testing alternative energy generating devices in order to create a revolutionary machine that would cha...</p>


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