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Test Prep Tuesday. Analyzing the Structure of a Poem. Analyzing the Structure of a Poem. A poem is a little like a photograph. It captures an important moment, or expresses a strong feeling. Analyzing the Structure of a Poem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Test Prep Tuesday

Test Prep TuesdayAnalyzing the Structure of a PoemAnalyzing the Structure of a PoemA poem is a little like a photograph.

It captures an important moment, or expresses a strong feeling.

Analyzing the Structure of a PoemTo get the most out of a poem, it helps to know that poems have a special structure (type of organization).

Structure can refer to how the lines or ideas of a poem are organized.Analyzing the Structure of a Poem

Poems are made up of lines and stanzas.Analyzing the Structure of a Poem

You need to put together the meaning of all the individual lines to find the theme (central message) that the poem is trying to convey.Analyzing the Structure of a PoemMake the following chart in your folder.StanzaMain Idea123A boat beneath a sunny sky,Lingering onward dreamilyIn an evening of July-

Children three that nestle near,Eager eye and willing ear,Pleased a simple tale to hear-Long has paled that sunny sky:Echoes fade and memories die:Autumn frosts have slain July.

How is the poem organized?

What is the poems message?StanzaMain Idea1A boat drifts peacefully one evening in July2Children gather happily to enjoy a story3Cold fall weather has destroyed summer fun

Each line of a poem contributes to the overall theme of the poem. Look again at the main ideas in the chart. Taken together, they convey the message of.Create the following chart in your folder.StanzaMain IdeaTheme1Being relaxed and getting along with people is the key to life.2

Read the following poem. The speaker talks about music, or jive, and about other things he or she digs, or likes.Motto by Langston HughesI play it cooland dig all jive.Thats the reasonI stay alive.My motto,As I live and learn,is:Dig And Be DugIn Return.

What did you notice about the structure, or organization, of this poem?Poems are often organized into stanzas.

A stanza is a group of lines that form a unit in a poem.

Like a paragraph, each stanza has its own main idea. Taken together, these main ideas develop the poems theme.StanzaMain IdeaTheme12

The Heart of a WomanBy Georgia Douglas JohnsonThe heart of a woman goes forth with the dawn,As a lone bird, soft winging, so restlessly on,Afar oer lifes turrets and vales does it roamIn the wake of those echoes the heart calls home.The heart of a woman falls back with the night,And enters some alien cage in its plight,And tries to forget it has dreamed of the starsWhile it breaks, breaks, breaks on the sheltering bars.Which of the following best describes a theme, or central message, of the poem?A. The heart of a woman is strong and can never be broken.B. The heart of a woman is restless and often feels trapped.C. The heart of a woman is happy and free to dream of the stars.D. The heart of a woman is dark and dreary like the night sky.Answers to QuestionsWebb: 107A. Incorrect. First sentence does not mention winterB. Correct; first sentence expresses the speakers desire to imagine that the trees are bent from a boy's swinging on themC. Incorrect; first sentence sets up a contrast showing trees bent from the weight of ice, but B better describes how the sentence fits the poems overall structureD. Incorrect; the first sentence does not mention summerA. Incorrect; speaker describes how ice-covered branches change when the ice melts, but does not explain the other changesB. Correct; the speaker uses swinging on birch trees to develop the ideas about escaping the reality of lifeC. Incorrect; not supported by details of poemD. Incorrect; the speaker talks about swinging throughout the poemA, B, & C. Incorrect; they do not relate to life in general and therefore do not describe the themeD. Correct; poems theme deals with improving adult life by imagining a simpler time. When the speakers adult life gets hard, like a pathless wood, he dreams of going back to his youth