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Social Media Strategiesfor Beginners

2011 TFEA Conference & Trade ShowAnchors Aweigh!July 8, 2011

About Me

Im Sarah Page and I work for the Lower Colorado River Authority providing tourism and economic development assistance to the communities and organizations in our service area. And what XX didnt tell you is .



About Me

Im a geek. Who other than a geek would get their Twitter handle on a t-shirt? I love social media. I use it every day. But I also live in the real world. So Im going to show you some things that will hopefully make using social media much easier for you.


Today Well Cover

Social media reviewCommon social media platformsWhat to sayBest Practices

We have a lot of ground to cover today. There will be plenty of time for Q&A at the end, but Im also happy to field questions during the presentation if youve got something that just cant wait.


Good-bye, Broadcast. Hello, Conversation. Shel IsraelCo-Author of Naked Conversations

Social Media Review

Its Not Just for Little Susie

The ROI of Social Media

Benefits of Social Media

Its FREE!Builds deeper relationshipsIncreases brand awareness Broadens your networkHelps SEOIncreases website trafficCan help reach journalists/mediaEmpowers fans to be viral ambassadors for your brand

Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros

Can help reach a different demographic one that doesnt respond to traditional advertising (no newspapers can get news on your phone)

SEO = getting found online

Viral = now people will tell friends in a more public way


Bring the best of your authentic self to every opportunity. John Jantsch Author of Duct Tape Marketing

Common Social Media Platforms

Facebook & Twitter

What Is Facebook?

Social networking service that allows users to connect to friends and businessesShare content, links, photos, and videosComment on others activityRemember: Personal profiles are for people, not businesses. Develop a fan page instead.

Facebook Stats

Over 500 million active usersFastest growing demographic is women 55 years old and up Average user is connected to 80 pages, groups, or events50% of active users log onto Facebook daily250 million+ users access Facebook from a mobile deviceThis group is 2x as active as those who dont


What Is Facebook?


Facebook Benefits

Low costEngage with fans of your pageFans receive your updates and can upload comments, photos, and videoWhen fans engage you on your page, their activity shows up in their friends streamsThis can prompt others to check out your page and your organization!

Facebook Benefits

Can incorporate content from other social media platformsEx: blog posts, updates from Twitter, pictures from Flickr, videos from YouTube, location-based apps (FourSquare & Gowalla), etc.Targeted advertising opportunities (cheap too!)

What Is Twitter?

Free social networking and micro-blogging site that allows users to send and read messages known as tweetsTweets can have no more than 140 characters & are delivered to the authors subscribers, known as followers

Handout:Ways to Use Twitter


Twitter Stats

200+ million users500,000 new users sign up daily37% of active users use their mobile phone to tweetTwitter users are 3x more likely to follow a brand on Twitter than any other social networking site


Handout:Ways to Use Twitter


What Is Twitter?

Twitter Benefits

Low costSpeed of feedbackPotential reach of messageCustomer engagement/serviceTrack what people are saying about your organizationCreate buzz around upcoming eventsPromote your organization and other content you create

Twitter is not a technology. Its a conversation. And its happening with or without you. Charlene LiCo-Author of Groundswell

So What Do I Say?

So What Do I Say?

FAQsUpdates on festival events and activitiesHighlight performers or artistsUnique food and drinkContent you want to promoteContent from partnersObservationsWhat youre reading or watching

I like to think of it this way: what would you tell someone who walked up to you at the Information Booth?


Rules of Engagement

Listen more than you talkRemember: Its about them, not you.Provide value far beyond your particular site or service

Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros

There are some unwritten rules of the road in social media.

Sure you want to promote your event. But you want to do it in a way thats helpful to your attendees.Provide value >>> that way, youre not always marketing TO them, youre being helpful.


Formula for Success

70 20 10

Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros

How do you do that? If youre someone who likes formulas, you follow the 70-20-10 Rule. This is a great rule of thumb to use at first. After a while it will become second nature to you.


Formula for Success

70% of content = value-added, audience-based & not about you at all20% of content = spontaneous interaction with followers, fans, or friends10% of content = unabashed self-promotion

70 20 10

Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros

70% = whatever news or information your followers/customers most want to hear about. It can be links to articles or blog posts, tips, info on national trends, etc. Its sharing information that benefits them, not you.

20% = is the back and forth conversation: answering questions, asking questions, or just chatting about topics of mutual interest. This is the part where you show youre listening and can respond as a human being, not as big company. For a good example of this, look at how well Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) does this on Twitter.

10% = After all the great interaction and sharing of information, you deserve to toot your own horn a little bit. Go ahead, youve earned it! Plus, you wont come across as being spammy or entirely self-promotional. Talk about your business, recent accolades, links to articles about you, promote an event or a blog post, etc.


The biggest mistake we see companies make when they first hit Twitter is to think about it as a channel to push out information. Tim OReilly & Sara MilsteinCo-Authors of The Twitter Book

Best Practices

Share Helpful Information

Share information with your fans and follower about things that will affect their experience in your destination.


Make Exclusive Offers

Many businesses and organizations have caught on to this. Festivals and events can too. One of the main reasons that people like a business page or follow them on Twitter, is for the exclusive offers they get. It keeps them coming back for more.


Make Exclusive Offers


Make Exclusive Offers

Heres another example.


Polls and Contests

An excellent way to engage fans and followers is to put up a poll question or hold a small contest. Its one of the best ways to get fans to interact with you online.


Be the Concierge

Be helpful. Let fans and followers know they can rely on you to provide timely and accurate information. But dont offer this unless you plan to monitor the questions and are prepared to respond. Some CVBs are now using Twisitor Centers to be even more helpful. They announce a hashtag like #inPDX and tell people to ask questions about the destination, adding the hashtag at the end. The CVBs track the hashtag and answer the questions as they come in. The Abilene CVB is doing this too.

Are there any festivals using hashtags? How?


Ask & Answer Questions

Theres a reason they call it SOCIAL media. You can ask your fans and followers their opinions on any number of topics. Theyre usually happy to provide the feedback. Youd be amazed at the response youll get. Think of the possibilities for an informal post-event survey


Ask & Answer Questions

Theres also no harm in asking your fans to interact with you. It still blows my mind every time I do this. Just the simple act of asking a fan to click the like button works wonders for getting some interaction going on your page.


Have a Compelling Bio

Tell potential fans and followers something about yourself. Make it clear who you are and what they can expect. Many people me included dont follow anyone that doesnt have a bio.


Link To Everything

Let people know what social networks youre using. Make it easy for them to connect with you. Put it on websites, e-newsletters, on a sign in your store/office


on Everything

in your email signature. Make sure the icons are hyperlinked to the sites they represent so that when people click on the icons, they are taken to that specific social network.


Create Terms of Use

This is another way to let people know what they can expect to find on your page and what youll tolerate. It may not hold up in court, but it gives you political cover to delete posts that are inappropriate in any way.

You can do it old school like I did here on my Colorado River Trail page I just put it under the Info tab. Or


Create Terms of Use

you can design a custom tab for your terms and conditions like the Austin CVB did.


Create G