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  • 1. Personal LearningEnvironments - a conceptbased on Web 2 .0 andsocial software

2. The reform and reshapingof social systems andinstitutions has tended tolag behind in periods ofrapid technologicalchange 3. for example the virtual classroom or theVirtual Learning Environment 4. It also recognizes the role of theindividual in organizing their ownlearning 5. PLNs can help in therecognition of informallearning 6. Thank youSteve WheelerFaculty of EducationUniversity of PlymouthW: steve-wheeler.blogspot.comccSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2009 7. Connect to ideas and knowledge 8. Confused about all the social networks?Image from Tina Vega viaFlickr 9. Lecture 4 - Social Bookmarking andPersonal Learning NetworksFrances Bell, used under Creative Commons License from Edans 10. Agenda Social Bookmarking Getting Started in Delicious Comparison with Categories and Search Tagging and Folksonomy Practical Networking for Finding andSharing Resources Summary of Block 1 Assessed Task 1 11. How does your personal network influencefinding and sharing behaviours?FindinglinksSaving/sharinglinksNetwork influencesvolumeNetwork influencesimpact2 virtuous circles iffinding/sharingStrength is in overlapDeliciousTwitter 12. So how does a network helpme? 13. Malinka Ivanova, Technical University Sofia,BulgariaThe 5th International Scientific ConferenceeLSE - eLearning and Software for Education,BUCHAREST, April 09-10, 2009From Personal Learning EnvironmentBuilding to Professional Learning NetworkFormingFrom Personal Learning EnvironmentBuilding to Professional Learning NetworkForming 14. From Personal Learning Environment Buildingto Professional Learning Network FormingAimForminglearningnetwork forcompetencedevelopmentProfessionalnetworkorganizingThe meaningof social andprofessionalnetworks foreducationBuilding PLEon startpagesConclusion 15. Social network sites can be defined as web-based services thatallow individuals to:(1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a boundedsystem(2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share aconnection(3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made byothers within the system.Danah Boyd, School of Information, University of California-BerkeleyNicole Ellison, Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, andMedia, Michigan State UniversitySocial-oriented applications andprofessional networks - new opportunitiesfor learners and educatorsSocial Networks 16. A learning network is a group ofpersonswho create, share, support and studylearning resources (units of learning)in a specific knowledge domain.Rob Koper, Open University of the NetherlandsSocial-oriented applications andprofessional networks - new opportunitiesfor learners and educatorsSpecial-formed learningnetworks for life-long learners 17. Some advanced students during the PLE building self-orient and arrange content, knowledge and contacts intwo different networks: personal and professionalThe transition from PLE to PfLN passes through a middle step of PLN set upThis process is dynamic and continuouslyadapted to the present students interestsIn some cases the boarders between PLN and PfLN are blurred, becauseof coincidence of personal and professional interestsPLE can be presented as a core fornetworks expandingThe PLE building supports students in socialization and networkprocesses set upProfessional Network Organizing 18. The Future of Online Learningand Personal LearningEnvironmentsStephen Downes April 18,2007 19. Online Learning Has been around since 1995 or so Really grew with the World WideWeb Has advanced tremendouslyMany positive developments inthe last few years worthsharing 20. Open Source Applications Learning Management Systemssuch as Moodle, Sakai, Bodington, ATutor Development and CommunityToolssuch as LAMS, Connexions, ELGG, Drupal,WordPress Supporting Softwaresuch as Firefox, Thunderbird,OpenOffice, Audacity 21. Access One-to-one computingsuch as the Maine laptop project,now spreading rapidly One Laptop per Childhas launched computers in Nigeria Wireless access3G networks, WLAN 22. The Idea of the PLE 23. The way networks learn is the way peoplelearn 24. PersonalLearningNetworksConnect, Collaborate,Collect, ContributeSteven KnightED554 A2Marymount UniversityJuly 2011 25. 26. Creating PersonalLearning Networks Deirdre Bonnycastle Clinical Teaching Development College of Medicine University of Saskatchewan 27. Reflection- guided reflection- forms-based input- presentations and seminars- journaling- blogs, wikis- communities- discussion, sharingThe question is, how canwe assist people to seethemselves, their practice,in a mirror? 28. Definitions PLE Personal Learning Environment PLN Personal Learning Networks 29. Quotes @redstarvip: Give away everything you know,and more will come back to you @peasandqs PLNs end the isolation felt in smallschool divisions. I am part of a greater "whole". 30. Quotes @redstarvip: Give away everything you know,and more will come back to you @peasandqs PLNs end the isolation felt in smallschool divisions. I am part of a greater "whole". 31. Reference Bell, F. (n.d.). Social book marking and personal learningnetworks. Bonnycastle, D. (n.d.). Creating Personal Learning Networks. University of Saskatchewan. Downes, S. (2007). The futere of online learning andpersonal learning environment . Ivanova, M. (2009). From personal learning environmentbuilding to professilal network forming. The 5th InternationalScientific Conference . BUCHAREST: Technical University . Knight, S. (2011). Personal learning networks . MarymountUniversity. Wheeler, S. (2009). 03 14, 2013, from