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  • 1. Thanksgiving DinnerGood morning! Is anyone as full as I am this morning? Thanksgiving is the morepopular holiday in my family, even over Christmas. Thanksgiving is the holiday weall aim to get together because Christmas is too busy with shopping for gifts,wrapping them, religious ceremonies at midnight, and the undertaking ofcombining several families under one roof.Thanksgiving is the holiday wevechosen that is predominantly one that consists of our immediate family ofbrothers, sisters, our mother (my father passed away 14 years ago, though he iswith us in spirit and food!), and children.This year was truly a culinary inspiration.My sisters and sisters-in-law made some spectacular food creations that were sodelicious I couldnt not indulge them. Homemade fudges (butterscotch fudge andchocolate fudge), of course, pumpkin pie, the usual turkey and all the otheredibles were stunning! And I feel like a stuffed pig this morning!At the dinnertable, conversation flows as rapidly as the wine from the decanter and if it isntabout politics and religion, it is about food. I particularly enjoyed the foodconversation because I introduced my family to chicken restaurant chains. Theywere impressed and the fact that I had made the Almond Galette with RedFruits for one of the desserts was the perfect intro for me to

2. open up the world of GourmetRecipe to them. The Almond Galette with RedRaspberries was superb! I highly recommend making it for one of your nextgatherings, or even just for yourself. Its delicious!After dinner, my sisters and Iwent onto Marys computer and I took them to cajunchicken fast food. Well,theyve a new world of recipes to dive into now, and they will, believe me!I hopeeveryone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and now, were onto Christmas,full speed ahead! Christmas is the more crowded of the holidays in my family, andthat means a lot more food! Im anxious to introduce more recipes and beautifulcreations to my friends and family.Culinary creations are the best part of theholidays. Gifts are wonderful, true, but the gift of food really is the mostmemorable part of any celebration.Enjoy!


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