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Take a shot at our easy and effective strategies to not just fight the flu,but to boost your immune system so it's up for the daily battles of life.Knock the following pages off your to-do list, before something has thechance to knock you off your feet. It’s not medical advice, just our common sense and experience!


The Get Well, Stay Well GuideTake a shot at our easy and effective strategies to not just fight the flu, but to boost your immune system so it's up for the daily battles of life. Knock the following pages off your to-do list, before something has the chance to knock you off your feet. Its not medical advice, just our common sense and experience!Content, product testing and layout by Borden Communications + Design

Dear Want-To-Stay-Healthy Readers, I don't want to (nor am I qualified to) give medical advice, although I'm asked constantly what I do for myself and my kids. So, what's a flu-fearing, germ-wary, busy person supposed to do during cold and flu season? As always, eat well and eat real, exercise and take good care, plus of course, consider all we have compiled and created over the following pages in this guide . They are all things that I incorporate into my life, so know they are tried, tested and true. And remember, if you are hit with the flu, this too shall pass. In good health,

Wash Your Hands. Properly.Washing your hands before eating, before AND after going to the bathroom, coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose will decrease your likelihood of spreading a virus. The 3 crucial components to a good hand washing: warm water, soap, and friction (nothing beats this!). Wet your hands with warm water, lather well by rubbing hands together (be sure you don't miss in between your fingers) while you sing the ABCs (in your head if you are tone deaf). Rinse thoroughly, dry well, and repeat often!

Wash this! We waste up to 10% of our personal care products because we don't use every ounce. If you use a bar instead of liquid soap, you can use every last bit which means less waste and less packaging. Using 100% natural and organic soap means you arent drying out your skin, and you're not washing your hands with the same toxins that you are trying to remove.Try Consonant Organic Body Soap - No animal by-products, synthetic colour or fragrance so its safe for the entire family to use but still extremely effective. Bonus? Each bar comes with a loofah to hold the soap so no more sticky sinks or dirty soap dishes in the bathroom.

Dry off! Cotton is considered the world's 'dirtiest' crop due to its insane use and overuse of insecticides, hazardous to both human and animal health. Just think about those not-so-snuggly conventional cotton hand towels we rub our clean hands and face on. Choosing organic cotton or other eco happy fibre towels are best (and safest) for our skin and our world.Try drying your hands with a Coyuchi organic hand towel. And when you update your towels (for obvious reasons) its the perfect time to update your linens too! Its amazing how widely available organic cotton options are now, and you no longer have to break the bank to get the quality you deserve.

Be AntiAnti-BacterialMany sicknesses are viral, not bacterial, so plain old soap and water will get you just as clean as any anti-bacterial product claims to do. Really. Our culture is germ-obsessed and our obsession has encouraged the flood of products on store shelves to make claims that may not be true. Watch out for chemicals in our sanitizers, soaps, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics, deodorant, and other personal care items. Dont forget, they could also be hiding in products like clothes, socks, shoes, and underwear, too! Ick!

Spray on! For when soap and water arent readily available, use something that is safe AND effective. Many anti-bacterial soaps not only remove the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria that helps defend our body from the truly harmful ones. Rather than spray something that leaves you feeling like you just doused yourself in harsh chemicals, opt for something with safe, effective ingredients that will rid germs safely.Try spritzing Graydons lightly-scented, multi-purpose, antimicrobial mist on your hands and the air around you. The formulation is completely free of alcohol and other nasty chems and it purifies, refreshes and keeps hands feeling moisturized.

Read well. No one sets out to clean their hands with toxic chemicals, or spray toxic mists on or around them. The best way you can arm yourself is to educate yourself - you can and will become your own best expert. Information is everywhere these days so Google, watch videos or pick up an informative book and find out what youre putting in, on, and around your body (you didnt sign up to be a test tube, did you?).Pick up Slow Death by Rubber Duck - the brilliance of this book is not simply that Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie experiment on themselves to show us how everyday toxins impact our well being, its that they are able to deliver easy solutions, knowledgeable information and a hopeful message.

Duck and Take CoverStay home when you are sick. It's the right thing to do for you and also for your friends, family and colleagues, because when your immunity is low, you can pick up other germs more easily...its simply not the time to share! Steep some tea, pour a bowl of soup, curl up on your couch and allow your body to rest and heal. Don't let stress undermine a quick recovery and try to enjoy your forced time out (we know it's not that easy!)

Lay on this! Besides having to cope with a runny nose, fever, or sore throat, we are also left with achy muscles and stiff joints. The benefits of acupuncture are truly amazing - it helps with headaches, soreness, muscle pain and even serious injuries - its relief without swallowing a single pill. Not all of us have our own acupuncturist on call (or are willing to leave our bed to find one), so have something on hand that can help relieve pain at home , its efficient and useful.Try the Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat (the luxury of acupuncture in the comfort of your home). Lay down, close your eyes and let the mat do the rest. The mats spikes increase blood circulation, boosts energy levels, releases muscle tension, heals joint pain, and induces deeper sleep for a happier, feel better, you!

Sleep Easy! It makes sense that everything around you should be as healthy as possible, so you can be your healthiest! Think about the pillow you place under your head. If it's made with synthetic materials, you could be sleeping with toluene, formaldehyde, and other nasty chems. As Annie Leonard from The Story of Stuff exclaims there's got to be a better way to stop your head from catching on fire while you sleep than dousing your pillow in flame retardants!Try Googling organic wool or organic rubber pillows and find out where you can get your hands on one (and your head, too!). Its always challenging when replacing your fave pillow, but choosing a healthy one will be a change for the better (did we mention that theyll be hypo-allergenic too?)

Warm UpIf you believe in keeping a well stocked medicine cabinet, then a well stocked selection of organic tea should be included! Tea is filled with powerful antioxidant properties that actually help in healing many ailments and keeps you healthy and feeling good day-to-day. Drinking hot tea specifically, raises your body temperature and helps you sweat out the toxins that probably got you sick in the first place. Do some natural healing from the inside out and drink yourself to health.


Heat it up. You know by now that skipping the lineup (and the trip to the bank) for your tea and making your own looseleaf at home is healthier for you, and much quicker than waiting in a long line up (say goodbye to bleached bags and staples). Want to go the distance? Compost those used tea leaves too! Its eco-intelligent and healthy for all!Try For Life Designs Bell Glass Tea pot. Equipped with a stainless steel basket infuser , it leaves plenty of room for your tea to expand while the extra fine holes will keep small leaves in place. The pushon colourful stainless and silicone lid allows you to remove the infuser at optimal time so you can enjoy your tea at its finest.

Fight back. The average adult experiences 2 - 3 colds per year while the average child averages 8 - 12 colds per year. Throw in the occasional flu and an array of viruses and our immune systems are vastly overworked! Fight back with loose leaf teas that not only help sooth our colds, but that actually help improve our immune systems to make us healthy and keep us feeling good.Try organic loose leaf teas like Rootalives Wellness tea and St. Francis Herbs Cold and Flu tea. Both teas contain pure organic ingredients that will not only help you fight cold and flu-like symptoms, but will help strengthen your immune system - who needs a pill when you can drink natural wellness? &

Cool DownStaying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Remember, your best defence against the flu is doing everything you can to beat it in the first place, so make sure you pack in your daily dose of nutrients any way you can. Drink lots and lots of water and bring it with you everywhere (but remember, no sharing!). If you are constantly revitalizing and replenishing, you'll kick what you have quicker, and kick start your health.

Mix it in. Health Canada recommends that we consume between 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily to obtain our daily intake of antioxidants (not that we always listen to what they say). A great way to pack in the produce is with smoothies - throw in your fresh or frozen faves or superfoods known to have a host of health promoting benefits and you have a full nutritious meal in a glass.Throw in a scoop of Bioflavias organic red wine grape seed powder (no, not alcoholic!) or AppleBoosts Organic Dried Apple Peel Powder. Bursting with antioxidants, these superfood boos