the 2016 presidential election memorial coloring book (sample)

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  • Copyright 2016 @ Derek Murphy

  • Stressed out about the 2016 presidential election? Then this 2016 election memorial coloring book is for you!

    Vote with your colored markers!

    You can give flowers and gold stars to your favorite candidates, or draw beards

    and horns on the ones you can't stand. If you feel you need to, you can frame

    one and set up a home altar with candles and incense.

    Itll calm you down.

    And in the 2016 presidential election,

    staying calm might be increasingly difficult.

  • Like this idea? This is just half of the total project; wed like to finish and make it available so

    you can order the full 2016 Presidential Election Memorial Coloring Book. You

    can make that happenjust share this SlideShare with your friends. When it

    gets enough shares, well put the book on Amazon.

    PS: If you want to print these out and color them, take a picture and share

    them on social media. Tag me @creativindie for a chance to win a free coloring