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Eating right is vital if you're trying to prevent or control diabetes. No special foods or complicated diets are necessary. However, you need to pay attention to some of your food choices, most importantly carbohydrates or "carbs". This Pantry Makeover will When you eat carbs your body turns the carbs into glucose (sugar). This can make your blood sugar skyrocket, and lead you to experience typical diabetes symptoms. Now, you don't have to eliminate carbs, but you do have to reduce serving sizes and replace "bad carbs" with "good carbs". This Pantry Makeover will show you how to replace the "bad carbs" in your pantry and refrigerator with the "good carbs", and suggestions on how to create delicious diabetes-healthy meals so that you won't feel so bad having that occasional piece of cake! It's all about getting Fit 4 Life!


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2. Eating right is vital if youre trying toprevent or control diabetes.No special foods or complicateddiets are necessary.But, you to need to pay more attentionto some of your food choices,most importantly 3. When you eat your bodyturns the carbs into glucose(sugar).Bad PancreasWhen your doesnt produceenough insulin to transfer the sugarfrom your blood stream intosurrounding cells, the sugar staysin your blood stream andyour Blood Sugar skyrockets! 4. This can make you experience thetypical diabetes symptoms 5. Now, you dont have to eliminatebut you do have to reduce servingsizes and replacewithBADGOOD 6. are not just breads, rice andpasta. These are alsoNuts & Seeds Fruits & Vegetables Milk & DairyJuice & Soda Candy & Desserts 7. BAD GOODVSAre COMPLEXAre SIMPLEIn their natural state or veryclose to it. Our bodies work harderto digest them and energy isreleased over a longer time.Generally processed foodsstripped of their fiber. They aredigested quickly and energy isstored as glycogen converting tofat if not used immediately.Why are they BAD? Why are they GOOD? Low in Fiber and Nutrients Empty Calories Converted to Fat High Blood Glucose Levels Leave you Feeling Tired High in Fiber and Nutrients Help you Feel Full with FewerCalories Naturally Stimulates Metabolism 8. So Back to thePanty andFridge..(and eating out) 9. Instead of these Try these high-fiber alternativesWhite rice Brown orWild riceWhite potatoes and their variations Sweet Potatoes and Yams and their variationsRegular pasta Whole-wheat pasta1 10. Instead of these Try these high-fiber alternativesWhite bread Whole-wheat or whole-grain breadSugary breakfast cereal High-fiber breakfast cerealInstant oatmeal Steel-cut oats or Rolled oats2 11. Instead of these Try these high-fiber alternativesCrackers, Chips and Pretzels Kale Chips and All Kinds of Nuts!Sweetened and Low Fat Yogurt Plain Yogurt and Fresh BerriesMilk, Canned Milk andCottage CheeseSoy and Almond Milk andReal Cheese3 12. Instead of these Try these high-fiber alternativesLentils, Beans, Chickpeas and Sweet Peas Brussels Sprouts, Green Beans and Snow PeasBeets, Corn and Carrots Asparagus, Broccoli and ZucchiniWinter Squashes Cabbage, Spinach and Eggplant4 13. Instead of these Try these alternativesTropical Fruits Berries, Apples, Pears and PeachesSugar, Syrup, Honey and Molasses Natural Sugar SubstitutesSoda, Fruit Juices &Sports DrinksWater, Carbonated Water, Tea &Low-Glucose Drinks5 14. Now that you have the pantry basics, why notadd some good cook books that put all thegood carbs together intodelicious meals..So you wont feel so badhaving that occasionalpiece of cake! 15. My name is Taylore Caldwell, and I amthe Fit4Life Diabetes Coach.Conducting In-Home Pantry Makeoversis just one of the additional servicesthat I bring to my Fit4Life DiabeticCoaching Programs.If you would like to find out more, visit meonline at www.Fit4lifediabetescoach.comor on Facebook, Fit4Life Diabetes Coaching